Sewing, Baking, Napping and More

Lots going on around here lately. My husband has finally decided he is ‘done’ renovating our little house in Downieville and it is listed for sale. We bought it some years ago after I saw it for sale during a quilting retreat up in the mountains. We have enjoyed many weekends up there and Ray has really outdone himself with updating it. I suspect it will sell easily and make someone very happy.

A “Before” photo

This is a shot of the living room when we were first looking at the house.

The same angle with Ray’s updates!

Want to see more? Here is the kitchen when we toured it the first time.

The “Before” shot of the kitchen.
And the kitchen as it looks now. I love it!

In some ways we are sad to give this little house up but we are also ready to be responsible for just one house again. Life is always changing!

I did bits of sewing here and there over the past week but mostly I was napping and dealing with a long migraine cycle. Ugh, that is so frustrating. Started Sunday night and here it is Friday and I am not so sure it is over yet. Such a waste of time – dragging around and not accomplishing a whole lot. I am so fortunate that reading does not bother me when I am sick – many migraineur’s cannot read because of strong sensitivity with their eyes. I have a hard time looking at the computer, I think it is because of that little bit of movement that one’s eyes track while looking at a screen. But the T V and books are ok. Anyway, lots of napping and I am crossing my fingers it is over with soon. I did my second monthly injection of Ajovy yesterday. My neurologist said some people experience a benefit right away and it can take others 3 or 4 months to notice a difference. Maybe this month will be better!

The sewing I did do was mainly working on my friend Susie’s memory quilt. I got it basted (Julia helped me crawl around on the floor for that!) I quilted straight lines through the sashing and have been thread sketching an echo of sorts around the two plaid hearts. I think it lends a rustic simple look which is perfect for the mood of this quilt. Next, I plan to work on the short sashing strips between the four patch blocks. Then I need to decide what I want to do with the four patch blocks. I am just taking it easy and enjoying the process.

Julia has asked me to make her a new purse. The last one was made in fall of 2017 and it is looking a bit worn. I love her fabric choices! The blue and gray fabric just arrived last week and I am happy to cut into it and give it a try. It is called Harmony with Nature and was designed by Norman Wyatt. She chose the Mystic Gray (an Art Gallery Fabrics Pure Solid) for the lining.

Sam’s Jersey Quilt; November 2017

My sister asked me (a LONG time ago) to make a hanging sleeve for a quilt I made for my nephew. Remember his baseball and football jersey quilt? She wants to hang it on a wall in his room. I finally cut a few strips of this gray dot and will get that off to her in the mail.

Today is my husband’s birthday. I just finished making him a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. To keep it dairy free, I used coconut cream instead of butter for the icing – it is yummy and I was licking my fingers the whole time I frosted the cake! I used coffee for the liquid instead of milk or cream because the coconut is fairly sweet and I thought the coffee might cut that a bit. He requested enchiladas from our local Mexican restaurant which is a treat for me. No cooking!! Then we eat cake. Probably way too many calories after a week of napping but such is life.

Hoping all of you are enjoying summer. Have a wonderful weekend and if it is hot outside (it is in the high 90’s here!) now is the time to enjoy the cool of your sewing room and make something!!

20 thoughts on “Sewing, Baking, Napping and More

  1. Wendy Tuma

    The little house is just delightful, and I’m sure it will sell quickly. While I’m sure it’s hard to see it go, I can imagine the upkeep of two houses is a lot of work. Love the fabric Julia chose! It had me thinking improv 🙂
    Happy Birthday to Ray! Celebrate, and don’t worry about the calories — life is too short for that! Hope you get through the migraine haze soon; so sorry you have to deal with that!

    1. Bernie Post author

      Since Ray has had the brunt of the work on his shoulders, I think selling it is the right thing. There is enough going on with maintaining our property and home. It has been fun but it is time to move on! Hoping to sew Julia’s purse today. It is going to be a pretty one. I’ll post pics later on. Have a great weekend Wendy. 🙂

  2. Jinger

    It looks like you were still getting a lot done Bernie! I’m right there with you still. I did find out that I have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever contracted on the 12th, so that’s kept me more down and out than usual.
    Congratulations on getting your little retreat home on the market. It is a lot to keep up with when you’re caring for an additional home.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    1. Bernie Post author

      Oh Jinger, that is awful! I hope you caught it early? Are you taking antibiotics? That is miserable. Get better soon.

  3. Katherine

    The little house is lovely. Should sell like a chocolate, coconut, coffee, cake!!
    Yum. Pass some of that cake this way!!
    Happy birthday to your hubby. I agree with Wendy. Enjoy the cake. Life is much to short to be concerned. 😉❤️
    I also love the fabric Julia chose. Please post pictures when you’re done. What pattern are you using?
    I have been on a pouch/bag sewing binge the last two weeks! But. It’s time to get back to the “Drummer Boy Dresden” quilt!!
    Too many “irons in the fire!” But oh so fun!!
    And, yes, even though you’ve felt bad, you sure got a lot done!!
    I hope you feel better soon! ❤️

    1. Bernie Post author

      So many people are working on the Drummer Boy Dresden. It has been really fun to watch everyone’s progress. I love Dresden blocks. Julia chose a simple pattern – so it will come together easily – I will definitely post pictures. As for the calories, I indulged and the cake was wonderful!!

  4. Lisa

    I hope you are feeling better soon and can enjoy the birthday with your husband. I hope that cute little house sells soon as well. The new kitchen is wonderful. It looks like you have a lot to keep you busy Bernie over the next little while.

    1. Bernie Post author

      Thank you Lisa. We had a nice evening – Mexican food and cake – It was great!
      There are always many projects to keep us busy. Hoping to work on Julia’s purse today. Take care and enjoy the weekend Lisa.

  5. Juanita Colehower

    Yay for Downieville, it looks ready to sell! And Hooray for Sam’s quilt hanger, I can’t wait to get it on the wall!!!

  6. Louise

    OK, now you’ve got me craving Mexican food with coconut chocolate cake for dessert! Your DH deserves such a fine meal after finishing up all those renovations. I love the soft gray/taupes on your cabinets. So clean and modern. I hope your migraine passes quickly. I woke with one today myself. I’m very lucky that it responded to Motrin within an hour. I know many sufferers need prescription meds and lots more time.

  7. Pam

    Lovely little house and birthday wishes! Because you mentioned monthly regarding the migraine, mine were monthly; gynecologist figured it out and put me on a med called Amerge, taken as soon as I felt it coming on. Worked miracles! Good luck on the sale.

  8. FlourishingPalms

    I cannot imagine living with a migraine, as you have. I had one only once, in the early weeks of pregnancy. It sent me to bed in a dark room where I was miserable. I can only guess how difficult it is to have one go on for days. Dreadful! Your charming get-away mountain home looks like it was a worthwhile place to own for a while. Phases of life, right? I’m glad you enjoyed it, improved it, and hopefully make $$$ on it as you move on to another life phase. Feel better soon!

    1. Bernie Post author

      The little house has been a great getaway. Now it is time to move on to the next thing. Hopefully someone will love it and enjoy it as their own. Thank you for your sympathy with the whole migraine thing. It a way, a person sort of gets used to it. It has been like this for so long, I don’t have much choice but to just figure out how to deal with it. Everyone has their thing and so many have it MUCH worse than I. Take care and hope you are sewing, sewing, sewing!! (I am sure you are!)

  9. jean fletcher

    You may already know that many people get migraines from foods that they have some kind of allergy to. Have you been tested to see what you might be allergic to so you know what to avoid? Hope you are feeling much better soon. So glad you both are agreed on letting go of the extra property tax on that cute place in the mountains. It looks SO much better now.

    1. Bernie Post author

      Thank you Jean. I have gone to the allergist and had a series of those scratch tests they do. Nothing! Zip!
      But I appreciate the suggestion. Hope all is well with you. 🙂

  10. B2

    I hope your house sells quickly! I remember so fondly us visiting there with you and your parents; Ray was there working on it! And your migraines; I know you don’t like to dwell on or talk about them, and I greatly admire that! I do hope you’re feeling better by now.

    Much love💕💕

  11. Kaholly

    Good luck selling your little house. It’s as cute as a button! I can commiserate with you, Bernie, I had a migraine that just wouldn’t end, too, waking up day after day with it. It passed its usual 3 day cycle and just kept going. One of my favorite things is waking up headache free! Check that little job of attaching a hanging sleeve off your list! You’re like me… get to it eventually! Can’t wait to see Julia’s new bag! I love her fabric choices!

    1. Bernie Post author

      I know you get it Karen. Ugh. Soooo annoying. Mostly I am tired of being tired, right??
      I got the hanging sleeve done and the purse is just about there. Hooray! Then I will get to quilting the memory quilt.
      Feel better soon. At least for a couple of days!


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