Contributions for the Annual Safelight Project

More than a year has flown by and it is once again time to sew for the Safelight Project. Hosted each year by Carole of From My Carolina Home, this project provides support to people in the domestic violence shelter that Carole advocates for. Just in case you are not familiar with Carole and her work, she is one incredibly kind soul. She has spent the better part of the last year working hard to gather hundreds of quilts for victims of the Carolina hurricane. Carole also is a very active blogger with all sorts of quilt alongs, fun tablescape ideas, upcycling and thrifting posts, as well as great recipes. Check out her blog as it is lots of fun.

The Safelight Project is one I have contributed to before. People escaping domestic violence need all the support possible. I love the idea of these gift totes filled with little necessities because so many times the person leaves with just the clothes they are wearing and not much more.

Making a cometic bag and sunglasses case takes little time and not a whole lot of fabric. The instructions are so simple (and available here). Each one just requires a bit of batting and a strip of velcro.

Carole collects many sets and includes them in the tote bags she fills with other sundries. It must be so gratifying to see these pouring into her mail each year.

You know I have a thing for fabric with birds. This looks like a quail to me and I love it!! At first glance it looks like a paisley print but then this sweet bird shows through.

A bit of inspirational fabric made a sweet lining for this pouch.

Have to say, I was a bit disappointed when I realized I cut the triangles going opposite directions for each of the cases. Ooops!

Both sets are in the mail today heading for Carole. Thanks so much to Carole for coordinating this wonderful event each year.

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15 thoughts on “Contributions for the Annual Safelight Project

  1. Diann Bottrell

    Thanks for reminding us about this project, Bernie! I’ve been meaning to make some of these for Carole and kept forgetting. So I’ve just been in my sewing room working on them!

    1. Bernie Post author

      Happy to be the reminder! Hard to remember everything we want to get done sometimes. These are fun to make so enjoy. 🙂

  2. Barbara Bennett

    I think the triangles going different ways on the two pieces makes them more fun. They go together but aren’t the same.

  3. jean fletcher

    Thank you for the link to the patterns. Will consider doing something like that, perhaps next year, for my old home towns women’s shelter.

    1. Bernie Post author

      It is a great idea Jean. There are tons of details and suggestions on Carole’s blog. You might want to check that out if you choose to do this.

  4. Rebecca Grace

    Bernie, you have a beautiful heart. That Faith, Hope, Love, and Friends fabric is the perfect lining for these bags — what a great way to remind someone who is stepping out of darkness that there is still goodness and light in the world.

    1. Bernie Post author

      Thanks so much – that fabric was given to me quite a while ago and this was the perfect use for it. What a horrible situation these people are in – It must be terribly bleak at the beginning. So, offering a tiny bit of support where we can is important.


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