Love this New Purse!

This is the second purse I have made for Julia. When she asked me to make her a new purse, she said she wanted the same pattern as the first one. This was fine with me because I really love the pattern. It is a free tutorial found over at Very Purple Person. The intention is to make a reversible bag but Julia wanted an interior pocket so this one isn’t truly reversible.

It is a great looking hobo style bag. Very casual and soft. Julia didn’t want any sort of batting or interfacing in it so it hangs with a cute slouchy look.

I did put the pocket on the interior. The corners are a bit puckered though so not my best pocket ever. It is nice and deep which means it will hold plenty of the small items that end up at the bottom of the purse.

The first purse didn’t have any sort of closure so this time, I added a fabric loop and a nice big button. She also likes longer straps than the pattern calls for so with both purses, I added a 15 inch strip to the straps.

What makes the bag though is Julia’s fabric choice, Harmony with Nature. I really love this print. It has a great watery look to it. The gray circles have this taupe color in the middles looks like wet sand. The lining is called Mystic Gray and is a Pure Solid by Art Gallery Fabric.

I am thinking I will make a bag for me. This pattern is simple and shows off fabric nicely. I think it took about an hour to sew (other than cutting pieces out) so it is a quick finish. It would be fun to have a new bag for fall.

Shop Update

Just a little news about my shop! I have changed my shipping policy a bit and wanted to share that with you. Orders that are $35 and more will ship free in the USA! Orders less than $35 still ship for a flat rate of $6.99. Also, many items ship free regardless. Examples are most notions and the quilt patterns I stock. Hope you will check this out! Makes your online shopping really economical. 🙂

OK – that’s it for now. Hope you are working on a fun project or two. Have a great week all!

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14 thoughts on “Love this New Purse!

  1. Wendy

    Julia’s bag came out really nice! I like all the little additions. I would add length to the strap too. I’m still searching for a bag for me. I’m so fussy! I think I’ve found it though, maybe. Haha! The fabrics for her bag are so pretty (and it will hide dirt and other junk our purses pick up). Nice finish, Bernie!

    1. Bernie Post author

      I am not all that fussy with bags because I love to have a selection and I switch them out all the time. Hope you find just the right thing Wendy. 🙂

  2. Katherine

    It’s a beautiful bag. Love the fabric and the additions you made. ❤️
    Turns out that I’ve made that exact bag a few years ago. It’s a nice easy pattern. I think I will lengthen the straps next time and put a hidden pocket like you did. I put an inside and outside patch pocket on mine. This bag could easily be made reversible.
    I think Julia likes by that smile on her face. ❤️

    1. Bernie Post author

      Patch pockets would look cute and then the purse could still be reversible. Great idea! She does like the bag – it looks great on her.

    1. Bernie Post author

      Thanks Karen. The pattern is fun because it doesn’t require a lot of fabric (or much time for that matter!). Enjoy!

  3. Mari

    What a great purse, and Julia makes a great model. Definitely make yourself one! I would want longer straps, too. And great fabric choices!

    1. Bernie Post author

      I am going to. I have some linen blend that was a gift to me and I want to use that. I will lengthen the straps tho not 15″ – Julia is a bit taller than me. (Lucky girl!)


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