Vintage Heaven

It’s finished! The bed in my sewing room is currently sporting a gorgeous quilt made of vintage sheets that I have collected, thrifted and received as gifts over the past two years. I love it and the springlike, feminine look it brings to the sewing room. I am calling this one “Romantical” which is how one loyal reader described it when I posted last week. What a cute word.

yellow picture edited

Quilting this  went so fast since I did straight line quilting on both diagonals of the quilt. Because I was stitching across seven inch squares, it was not a problem to just eyeball it. No marking made for very fast stitching. For a short time I considered quilting only one of the diagonals. But it was finished so fast and quickly became evident that it really wanted to be quilted in both directions.
After receiving such helpful input on selecting the binding via comments on last week’s post, I went with the pink striped binding. I debated cutting the binding strips on the bias since I had enough fabric to do so. But that would have created some waste so I decided against it. Look at it though! It looks great, especially next to the squares of the same fabric. I had another one of those fortunate occurrences when the fabrics line up just so, as though I worked diligently to make it happen. But you and I both know me better than that. Happy coincidence!

yellow 2


Do you see the sweet backing I used? It was a queen size flat sheet that was brand new. The little floral is so pretty and works well with the binding too.

yellow 3
My quilt model and I went outside to take some photos. It was mid-afternoon and the sun was a bit too bright. The pictures are fun even though the colors of the quilt look a bit washed out.


My model was in rare form so I took advantage.


This was such a simple and satisfying project. Having a quick finish like this has left me in the mood to tackle something that takes a bit more thought. My nephew is getting married in September so I think a quilt is in order for him and his bride. I have a couple of months to work on it which is plenty of time. I have two stacks of fabric pulled and I keep deliberating between them. I’ll show you the pull once I make some decisions.

Thanks to all who left comments on yesterday’s post about social media. It made for good discussion. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Linking today with my favorites, Amanda Jean over at Crazy Mom Quilts and Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. Links to both can be found at the top of the page, under Link Ups.

24 thoughts on “Vintage Heaven

  1. Rosemary Bolton

    This is adorable, Bernie.
    I HAVE THAT EXACT SHEET you used for your backing!
    It used to be on MY BED when I was a kid. So cool. I have a lot of vintage sheets and one day,…. well,
    it is true, these sheets make a beautiful quilt when the design is simple and really shows the individual sweetness
    Yes!! Romantical

    1. Bernie Post author

      Oh, that was such a good reminder. I just updated the post to show the name of the quilt! So sweet.
      Hope you get around to using some of your vintage stash one of these days!

  2. Diane

    I love the way the vintage quilt turned out. I do a lot of flea markets and shops so I will keep an eye out for sheets. Again wonderful job.

    1. Bernie Post author

      Thank you. It does give the sheets a new purpose. I always try to buy flat sheets. The fitted sheets are usually worn thin. If I do buy fitted sheets, I will try to use the portion around the edges as they aren’t as worn. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Bernie Post author

      Thank you! It really dressed up the room. Now if only I can be more disciplined and not load the bed down with sewing projects. Oftentimes, I can’t even see the bed for all of the quilting projects that are stacked on it. Maybe having such a pretty quilt on the bed will remind me to put things away. 🙂

  3. Celia

    Great job! I love how soft it looks. The stripe binding is perfect. I wish I had saved my Mom’s floral sheets. They were just right for a summer coverlet, and soft, and cool to lay on.

    1. Bernie Post author

      It is wonderful how smooth and cool these sheets feel. It is a lovely quilt to lay on. Thanks for stopping by Celia!

  4. Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl

    Romantical is such a great name for the quilt! And the binding really is perfection. I love it when happy coincidences line up like the binding with the same print block matching – it was meant to be!

  5. Tish

    Love this quilt! It reminds me of a quilt a friend of mine had on her bed when we were growing up. Lot’s of late night gabbing sessions, nervously calling boys and hanging up because we were chicken (before caller ID days) and just goofy teenage fun. And it looks like your model was having fun with this quilt too 🙂

  6. JanineMarie

    Oh. So sweet. It’s just perfect for your sewing room. And the striped pillow cases and coordinating pillows make this look like it belongs in a decorating magazine. And I love how Julia is modeling it. (If it ever goes missing, you might check her room for the quilt.) I really like the binding cut straight. I once tried to do a binding on the bias. Even though I liked the look of bias binding on other quilts, I had trouble getting mine on without stretching it and having it ripple. So straight binding is my preference now. You know, if you had tried to match that pattern, it would never have happened. : )

    1. Bernie Post author

      Thanks. I am really enjoying it- so much so that I have kept my sewing project mess off the bed all week!! We shall see how long that lasts tho. ?


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