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I am so excited to tell you that I have a tutorial posted over at Sew Mama Sew today! I hope you will go over and check it out. This tutorial is so timely – at least for the West Coast. We are sweltering this week with temps ranging in the high 90’s. This is the season where I wash clothes in the early morning and hang them on the line. Running the drier only heats up the house and it is hot enough as it is.

IMG_3454 (1)

I have made a number of these bags and they come together quickly. I love using upcycled denim with a bright summery fabric for the lining.


There are tons of printed twills that work well too.


Upcycled burlap, lined with a fun print and embellished with trim, is adorable as well.

img_20160517_5168 I hope you take a look at the tutorial and give this a try. In celebration of summer and this tutorial, I have a giveaway for you today. I know, I know – two giveaways within the week! If you haven’t yet entered, check the first one out here!

Today’s giveaway is a generous one provided by Sheryl, my sponsor at Brewstitched. Enter the giveaway and you could win a $20.00 gift certificate to her Etsy shop.

brewstitched button

I have written about my partnership with Brewstitched before – you might check out an earlier post here. Sheryl has done some fabric shopping lately and stocked her shop with some gorgeous new fabrics, such as this Art Gallery collection, Pastel Thrift.

pastel thrift

Soon, Brewstitched will also have the Dear Stella line, Foxtail Forest in stock. It is just gorgeous -but then you already know that I have a Dear Stella addiction. You can preorder yours now and Sheryl will ship it asap when the fabric arrives!

foxtail collection


OK – here is how you enter, leave me a comment and tell me what you do to keep your house cool this time of year. For a second entry, let me know how you follow Needle and Foot (Bloglovin, Instagram, Facebook).  Want a third try? Just follow Brewstitched on Instagram and let me know that you did. The giveaway will stay open until Saturday, June 11th with the winner announced on Sunday, June 12th. Good luck!!  Giveaway is now closed.




All through the month of June Craftsy is having a Mystery Box Giveaway – one for you and one for a friend! Go and enter to win. Good luck!!

(Note: I am a Craftsy affiliate and if purchases are made by clicking on the link I provide, I will be paid a small commission.)

64 thoughts on “Clothespin Bag Tutorial & Giveaway

  1. Kathy E.

    Here in Iowa, we are just experiencing Spring and it’s finally warming up! This coming weekend, though, temps are supposed to reach into the 90’s. When it gets that warm, I do everything I can to avoid the oven. We use the grill and the crockpot often. Sometimes I even set the crockpot in the garage since that gives off heat too! I am a hanger-outer too, so will be looking up your clothespin tutorial! Oh, and Foxtail Forest is a beauty!

  2. LINDA

    HI, drink icy teas+ades; cook out doors; enjoy summer evenings they wont last long!

  3. Gloria Cotten

    I am in North Carolina and it gets really HOT in the summer. I grew up in the south and am familiar with trying to stay cool. Air conditioning is the answer!

  4. carol n

    We live in an 100 year old house, so it is very well built. We close all windows and doors, and turn on the window AC. It works, then just after dark we open up, and have fresh air overnight.

  5. Lori Morton

    I am in Ohio…& we live in the country. Sooo….due to having huge trees round here..and being on a hill & in a house built in 1830……we get real nice breezes thru open windows! Very nice! & when it is humid hot…we use fans.

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! 😀

  6. Sue

    We have lots of shade trees around our house. Closing it up in late morning and opening it up for cool night air usually makes it possible to avoid air conditioning, which I do not like.

  7. Melody Lutz

    I let the electric company power my a/c, and take aqua zumba classes at the local city park.

  8. Julie

    Wonderful bag! Can’t wait to make on e for my aunt. I keep my condo open by just keeping the two sets of French doors open. On the fourth floor that’s enough! And Canada, that’s definitely enough! LOL!

  9. Sarah J

    I cheat and use AC when it gets that hot. My kids both get super grumpy in high temps so it’s worth it. My other trick is to close windows during the heat of the day and open them after it gets cooler in the evening.

  10. Sarah J

    Now following on Brewstitched on IG– they have such a lovely selection thanks for letting me know about them!

  11. Kathy h

    We have an attic fan that we use in the evening to help cool the house. Thanks for the instructions for the clothespin bag. I need to make a new one.

  12. Rosemary Bolton

    I blast the air conditioning. well…. 72º if I am lucky
    I love air conditioning. I do not like heat and humidity
    I love sunshine though

  13. Katy M

    I wish I had a good answer as I sit here feeding my baby and sweltering! Thanks for a great tutorial ?

  14. Rosemary Bolton

    I follow you by email and Instagrammmmm babeeee 😀 haha I love your blog
    I want to make this adorable bag, maybe a bunch of them for all sorts of things
    So cute!!

  15. Pam

    Your clothespin bags are beautiful, and handy! Here is the midwest its getting hot, and we will be puttng in our window air conditioners soon, so at least we will have two cool rooms!

  16. Tami

    Hi Bernie!

    Cute bags. I wish I had a clothseline! I’ve wanted one for years, but my husband doesn’t want to mow around it. Whatevs. We keep cool with afternoon trips to the swimming pond. It’s quite the social networking site for my 13 year old! I also spend a good deal of time tutoring at the local library in the summer. My girls go along and read in the comfy chairs, and we all enjoy the AC. We have just a few hours of school tomorrow then we’re done! Yaaaay!

  17. Tami

    I follow you on Bloglovin, Instagram, and with Feedly. I follow Brewstitched on instagram, too. That Fox tale Forest is soo yummy!

  18. JanineMarie

    Bernie, these bags are adorable. I think I need to put up a clothesline just so I can use one. There is nothing like the smell of line-dried laundry. How do we keep the house cool? We open the windows and let the breeze blow through. It usually gets cool enough at night this time of year to keep things cool enough during the day. I also spend a lot of time tipping blinds to just the right angle when it does warm up. And then when we can’t stand the heat anymore, we put the AC on (but not that often).

  19. Chris

    I like the hot but that said my husband doesn’t. Run the dryer, oven etc in the early morning or night or never. Pull the shades in the afternoon, wear less clothes in the house, shorts and a tank top are fine. I have ceiling fans everywhere.

  20. Claire Ross

    No air condoning here so it’s windows and doors open from morning when we are home xx

  21. Lee

    I do some grilling outside and keep my blinds shut to keep out the sun in the afternoon so the house stays cool!

  22. Patti

    Without central air it’s tough to stay cool. We open the windows and door and turn on the attic fans and room fans. The kitchen is the only room with a window unit!

  23. Maye

    Moved to Scotland a few years ago so it never gets very hot here.When I lived in a warmer climate I used to keep the sun pot and open the windows in the evening. Loved your tutorial on Sew Mama Sew. Love hanging out the washing so this will be something on my to do list

  24. Amy

    We live in the PNW, as well (Eastern Oregon), and it is HOT HOT HOT right now! Our house only has one small window AC unit, so to keep it cool, we open all the windows at night and then close them and all the blinds during the day.

  25. Jeri Niksich

    I love in South Texas so for us it’s always about staying cool as much as possible. Luckily & unlucky I don’t have very many windows in my house, I keep the blinds closed and make heavy curtains to add extra protection from the sun. We try to find time to also go camping along the Frio River, staying in the shade of the beautiful trees as well as tubing on the Trio River. There are ways to staying cool even outside with the help of trees, the beach & our lakes & rivers.

  26. Nancy Ridder

    We live in a stone farmhouse that is over 100 years old with lots of trees. It takes a long time for it to heat up. Then we start the ceiling fans. When it is hot and humid (it is the humidity that gets us) we finally turn on the airconditioner.
    thanks for the giveaway and the tutorial

  27. Brenda Ackerman

    I live in Southern Oregon and we have been facing the high 90’s and over the 100’s even for the past week, so many of us, like us, use an air conditioner to help keep our homes cooler. Especially since our home is an older, actually ancient, rented mobile home. So without the air conditioner our home would be about 110 when it is 90 outside. LOL.

    I have also been thinking about making a new clothspin bag for quite awhile, your tutorial came at the perfect time and I will definitely be making one of them. Thank you so much for sharing and also the wonderful giveaway. Have a fantastic creative day!

  28. Jonquil

    I’m in the second floor apartment of a building. Currently, opening all Of the windows for cross ventilation plus a floor fan is working to keep us cool.

  29. Donna MENDENHALL

    I keep my house cool by closing up before 9:00 and pull all my drapes and shades.

  30. Cynthia Brunz

    My AC went out during our recent heat wave! Just got it fixed today so of course temps are dropping now and we might get some rain. It will be great to finally get some sleep tonight. Love your clothespin bag. I wish I had a clothesline.

  31. Carole

    We have big trees to keep things shady and cool and we keep our curtains closed until the sun shifts, then we open all the windows and put big fans on the sills during the night to pull in all that lovely sweet cool air.

  32. Merrilee

    Super cute tutorial! And thanks for giveaway opp! We stay pretty cool in the mountains of PA, but if it’s REALLY hot we camp on the deck. Fun to see the stars! Hoping to make my clothespin bag this weekend!

  33. Diana @ Red Delicious Life

    Oh how I miss putting clothes outside on the line to dry in the breeze. At my old house in Ohio I did it all summer long. Now that we live in Florida, it’s just so humid and sticky that things just don’t dry. And then there’s the daily downpour – you never know when it’ll happen. We don’t really do much to keep our house cool other than air conditioning. I can’t stand living in a dark house so we don’t use heavy drapes. It’s the sunshine state so we just embrace it.

  34. Peggy Gibbs

    Since we live in Florida, we drink lots of ice water or tea and have the air conditioner on.

  35. Cindy

    Here in southern Illinois, temperatures have been above normal with high humidity. We set our ac at 74 and use fans to circulate the air. I also try not to use the oven, and pull my electric skillet out more often.
    Love that Foxtail Forest line!

  36. Cindy

    I follow you by e-mail. Don’t have Instagram yet. Debating whether I really need something else to check each day!

    Thank you for your great clothespin bag tutorial. I really need to start hanging clothes out again!


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