Turquoise or Aqua, Scrappy Projects

The RSC16 color for June (according to Angela over at So Scrappy) is aqua. She suggested adding a pop of lime green but I am pretending I didn’t hear that part. 😉  I love the aqua part though. My blue scrap bin is overflowing and the lid no longer closes (literally) so I was happy to use a few scraps up.

This week I finished up the turquoise gemstones and they look so pretty. Turquoise, as in the actual gem, isn’t one of my favorites. But these blocks are. What do you think?


Now that I have so many blocks done, it is becoming difficult to lay them all out. (My design wall is not huge and the light in the sewing room makes for terrible photos.) But here is a sampling of them to give you an idea. I like this more and more with each month! I will have to find another way to lay them out. I suppose I will be crawling around on the floor with them next month!


After working on the Gemstone blocks (the pattern for which was designed by Cynthia Brunz and published in an issues of McCall’s Quilt magazine), I played with more aqua scraps to create some scrappy HST’s. These are so much fun to make. The process is very relaxing.


I have added these four HST’s to the pile which now consists of 24 eight inch blocks. As before, it is really fun to play with different layouts. This is a favorite of mine.


I am drawn to this configuration. Next month when July’s blocks are added to the pile, I will crawl around and arrange all of the HST’s and see where I am at that point. But this arrangement is high on my list! We will see after I add a few more rows to it.

IMG_6250There you have it! The scrappy updates for my June RSC16 projects. I am kind of hoping that July will be some shade of red. We haven’t done that this year and I want to create some ruby gemstone blocks.

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unnamed (2)

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17 thoughts on “Turquoise or Aqua, Scrappy Projects

  1. Tish

    I am in love with those scrappy HST’s. Do you piece together scraps until you a a square and then make the HST’s that way?

    1. Bernie Post author

      Thank you Megan. I am having such a good time with this project. It has been fun to squeeze in a couple of blocks each month. By November or so, I will have an entire rainbow of scrappy HST’S!

  2. Gemini Jen NZ

    Oh I do like what you are doing with the HSTs, what a great way to use up scraps – I am still building up a big enough pile of scraps to actually do anything with!

    1. Bernie Post author

      I haven’t been seriously quilting for too many years. But all of a sudden, my scrap bins overflow. It is so worth saving the scraps. They are almost as fun to make with as brand new fabric!

  3. Paula Budinger

    You finally showed up here, so glad. Your scrappy HSTs are just great. Thanks for mentioning in reply that they are 9-inch blocks cut in half. That is so easy and colorful.

  4. Kristi

    I love how the scrappy HST’s are coming out! What a great way to use the ‘made fabric’! The background fabric of dark grey is perfect for the ‘rainbow’!

  5. Diann Bottrell

    I love those gemstones blocks more and more each month! What is the color of your background fabric? And your HSTs with the made fabric are great, too! I need to give that a try.

    1. Bernie Post author

      The background fabric is a solid by Kaffe Fassett. It is called ‘Ecru’ but in reality, the color is a very pale green. Kind of a sage green. Thanks for stopping by Diann!

  6. gayle

    Those HSTs look like they’re more fun than Legos!
    Your gemstones are nicely sparkly – I love when people lay out all their rainbow blocks!


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