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Just dropping in to share this cozy quilt! I finished it up last week which is fairly quick considering I started it just a couple of months ago. I posted that I was battling a ridiculously lengthy virus and, out of boredom, started stitching 3 1/2″ prints with alternate blue chambray squares. Then I got distracted with the leftover squares and made a matching baby quilt. Well, now I have a set!

The lap size version is so soft, drapes wonderfully and makes me happy! (Really, what more does one need)?

I quilted it just like the baby quilt with a straight line running through each chambray square.

The backing is a soft flannel I found at a thrift shop a month back. I think someone may have donated it because it somehow got a few spots of what looks like rust (?) on the fabric. Since it was close enough to the edges I was able to work around them nicely. Along with the flannel backing, I also used a light weight batting. This ended up giving the quilt just the right weight and drape.

This is the sort of quilt I love when I am watching tv or reading a good book.

After taking pictures the other day, I brought the quilt upstairs to the sewing room. I got an urge to free motion quilt a few designs in some of the print squares. I had pink Glide thread in the machine so I chose a variety of the pink squares and stitched a flower on them or a little swirl. I may do a few more today. I know I won’t quilt all of the print squares but it was satisfying to do a few here and there. It looks cute. Sorry, no pictures available. Maybe at some point?? This doesn’t change the overall look of the quilt anyway. It was just something I did for fun.

That is it for today. It is going to be a gorgeous day out. How about you? Are you enjoying some pretty spring weather?

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17 thoughts on “Friday Finish to Share

  1. Wendy

    Soft and drapey, a perfect quilt in my opinion! I agree, this one just calls for a cup of coffee/tea and a good book! I bet it feels good to have it done, too!

  2. Tracie

    I live simple quilts like this and chambray + flannel are two favorites. You’re so inspiring when I read about your little bits of free motion. Maybe something like this would get me to give it another go.

    Our weather is cool and sunny today. My husband is busy planting perennials in our new shade garden. My niece and I plan to sew a pillow cover today. Enjoy your day!

    1. Bernie Post author

      Hi Tracie – Doing a bit of FMQ here and there is fun. Let go of any expectations of the outcome. Do you know what I mean? If it isn’t perfect, that is just fine. Try it on hot pads or just small amounts interspersed with straight line quilting.
      Hope you had fun making the pillow cover with your niece. I love seeing the pictures of your sewing projects with her.

  3. CarolE

    A lot of times I make a quilt with a lot of little pieces and then I see a beautiful quilt like this one you have made and want to make one too. It looks so soft and cuddly. Our weather has been dreary all week. We call it June gloom, but we are getting it early.

    1. Bernie Post author

      June Gloom – that doesn’t sound very pleasant. Where are you located?
      Hope you get some sunshine today!

      1. Carol

        I live in Camarillo, CA, about halfway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbar and not far inland. The sun is trying to come out this afternoon.

  4. Elana

    I love how this quilt came out. It really does look so cozy. You deserve it and a hot drink and gripping book to curl up in a corner.

  5. Bernie

    Sewing machine dust covered for the summer but got all my projects finished. Love your quilts. 3 1/2″ seems so small!!! Well done. Bernie

  6. Rebecca Grace

    This is so pretty, Bernie! I love your navy chambray as a background fabric. I just picked up some Tilda fat eighth chambrays that I’m planning to mix into my scrappy Halo project — I feel like I need some more calm fabric to quiet down the wild rumpus of competing prints that is happening on my design wall right now! Glad you’re finally feeling better and can enjoy the Spring weather.


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