Fussy Cutters Club, Book Review and Giveaway!

Today is my day to post a review and host a giveaway of a fun new quilt book.  If you are here for the first time via the blog hop, welcome!  The book of the day is Angie Wilson’s Fussy Cutter’s Club published by C&T Publishing.  You may know Angie as she is the queen of online quilt alongs and swaps. She thrives on leading large groups of quilters through complicated projects such as her current QAL making Jen Kingwell’s Gypsy Wife Quilt – not for the faint of heart for sure.  For more info on the events she is currently leading and has done in the past, click here.

It was about two months ago when I was invited by C&T Pubs to review Angie’s upcoming book.  Right away I was intrigued by the title of the book and the gorgeous cover.  I know we aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover, but come on.  Look at this cover!  It just pulls the reader in at the get go.  Angie’s reputation for mad skills with fabric play and use of color assured me the book would be worth the time to read, review and create with.

The premise of the book is to learn to look at your stash with a new perspective – Angie teaches the reader to use your fabric by cutting into it and emphasizing the bits you love the most.  The book is well written and the instructions for each of the 14 projects are precise and easy to understand.  Angie takes the reader through the design process, how to best use your fabrics, color theory and more, prior to introducing projects. She really did a great job with this book.  The projects range from the very simple to quite complex (again, look at the cover!)

For my project, I chose to make the tote bag.  Angie rated it as an Intermediate project but with her clearly written instructions, I didn’t have any trouble. Following Angie’s thoughts on color for this project, I chose a limited palette.

My bag is built around a piece of vintage fabric I have from the 1950’s.  It is  a kitschy print featuring red, brown and black kitchen appliances, clocks and coffee cups.  I loved the idea of using vinyl for the bottom of the bag (looks great and gives durability) and found this textured vinyl at Ben Franklin.  Once I had my focus fabric and the vinyl, the rest of the fabric was pulled from my scrap bins.

Since the red coffee cup was the primary focus, I decided to use mainly black, brown and white with the occasional pop of red. Most of my fabrics had a vintage look to them except the coffee themed text prints.  Those are clearly current and modern but I liked the idea of including the coffee text with the other fabrics, to further the coffee theme of the bag.   The main fabrics I fussy cut were the coffee cups and saucers, the text prints, and the tiny black coffee pots on the vintage fabric.

Making the slabs for the outside of the bag was really fun – I have improv pieced in the past, but it has been a long while.  Putting these scraps together was very satisfying.  I did reduce the size of the bag by a few inches in width and length. I am fairly short and the bag seemed like it would be too big for me at the original size but breaking it down to reduce it was easy.

The two main slabs and the vinyl bottom are assembled here

I learned quite a bit about fussy cutting.  Like anything, the more you do it, the better it becomes. Looking back, I feel I should have trimmed the bits I fussy cut closer in. I left too much peripheral pattern and that detracts from the focal point.  Note the cup and saucer below.  I think if I would have trimmed it down a bit and removed the little bits of coffee pots, it would have been much cleaner. In the picture above, take a look at the text print.  Were I to do this again, I would not allow the other words to appear. I really only wanted the word “coffee” to be the focus.  But live and learn (or sew and learn?).  Next time I will remember these bits and pieces that really make a difference in a project.


When assembling the bag, Angie’s instructions called for me to line the outer pieces with fusible interfacing and then to apply fusible batting.  I was skeptical at first but it really makes the structure of the bag a nice combination of crisp and soft (does that make sense?)  The addition of the fusible interfacing gave it a nice shape. Once I had those layers assembled, I used simple straight line quilting to hold all three pieces in place.

Her pattern calls for fabric straps but I had plenty of the vinyl so I decided to make the straps with that instead. I like the look of it and was pleasantly surprised that my machine had no issue stitching through several layers of vinyl. (I did use a heavy duty jeans needle.)

My model shows just how cute this tote bag is!

Overall, it was a great project and I felt the book was a great inspiration  to look at my fabric with a different perspective.  The tote is really fun (as you can see with my always available bag model.) It traveled with me to Vermont last week and when combined with the cross body bag I made, it was the perfect set up.

This is just one example of the projects that Angie designed for her book.  There are thirteen others though, including pillows, coasters, minis and zip pouches. To take a look at some of the projects, here is a list of the bloggers celebrating this new book.  Check them out for lots of inspiration as well as several chances to win a copy of the Fussy Cutters Club book!  As with most book giveaways, if the winner is international, an e-book will be provided.  If in the states, you will receive a hard copy of the book.

To enter to win, please leave a comment telling me your current go-to quilt book (I guarantee if you purchase or receive this book, it will be right up there on the list!) I will leave the giveaway open through Saturday, October 28th and will announce a winner on Sunday.


Linking up with lots of my favorites – most are listed at the top of the page, under Link Ups.  Also linking to Elm Street Quilts annual Bag It event.  Check that out here!

62 thoughts on “Fussy Cutters Club, Book Review and Giveaway!

  1. Hannah W

    Currently I want to make every project in “Quilt Petite” so that is a favorite of the moment:) Your tote is wonderful, love your fabric choices!

  2. Lodi

    Great tote! (I can relate-being a child of the 50’s.) I don’t have a quilt book, so this would be my favorite!

  3. Pam Ralston

    What a perfect blend of vintage and modern in your bag! I just love it. The book I keep going back to is Precut Bonanza by Kimberly Einmo. I rarely use precuts but the book is full of classic blocks in several sizes,as well as lots of quilting tips rather than projects. I find I can apply these over and over! I would love to win this ! Thanks!

  4. Wendy

    I love the bag, Bernie! I’ve never sewn with vinyl, but I can see where that would be beneficial for the bottom of the bag. I don’t really have a go-to book because I have so many. The latest book I’m enjoying is No Scrap Left Behind by Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts.

  5. Lecluyse Kate

    Thanks for the chance,
    My current go to quilt book is dare to be square, Boo Davis, great patterns for charity quilts,
    Btw. I also love the cover of the give away book!

  6. Nanc Ekiert

    My current fav is by Noriko Endo, confetti quilting. But a new book to spark my creativity would be great!

  7. Linda Williamson

    I have Flying Geese and New York Beauties and have made a few pillows and collecting fabric for a quilt. Your tote turned out wonderful, it has a improv feel to it. Thanks for the giveaway. grinnie1961 at gmail dot com

  8. Susan Spiers

    I love your tote – very nice! I really don’t have a go-to quilt book, but I do have several of them that I look through to get ideas & search for blocks or quilts that show me the construction & quilting! Thank you, Susan

  9. Kathy E.

    I have so many fabrics waiting in line for fussy cutting, so this book is just what I need! My current favorite quilting book is Sew Illustrated by Minki Kim and Kristin Esser. I want to make most of the projects in that book!

  10. Diann Bottrell

    I bought Kacquie Gering’s Walk earlier this year, and have learned a lot from it! I really like your tote bag – this book looks like it would be a lot of fun! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. carolyn montgomery

    when i try to fussy cut i never get my motifs centered; this book could help me with that issue.

  12. Ann D

    I sort of bounce around between books depending on what project I am working on but I frequently refer to Lori Kennedy’s book ‘Free Motion Quilting 1,2,3’ for design ideas.

  13. Angela J Short

    I love the tote bag. Looks like an awesome book. I can’t pick just one book because there’s so many I’d like to collect. Enjoy your day! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  14. Kathleen

    I have to say the “Walk” book by Jackie Gering (spelling not certain) which I find to be a very comprehensive, well written book on quilting with a walking foot.

  15. Allison

    Lovely looking tote – your model looks very happy with it!!!! I have one quilt book with color wheels that I love looking at to get inpiratin for my combinations of colors ! I bought it years and years ago but I still love looking at the photos!

  16. Purplejen

    What an amazing tote I love it! My current favourite book is the creative pattern book by Judy Martin. I have so many beautiful fabrics waiting to be fussy cutter in my stash.

  17. Sandy McCarty

    My current go-to book is Addicted to Scraps by Bonnie Hunter. No matter how many scrap quilts I make the scraps never seem to run out! Love the tote, especially the idea of using vinyl of the bottom!

  18. Elana Goldberg

    My current go-to book is Irish Chain Quilts: Contemporary Twists on a Classic Design by Melissa Corry. Although I haven’t made any of the quilt designs yet, she has me thinking about doing my own version of the cover quilt. In addition, I am looking online and reading magazines for postage stamp and nine patch ideas as well. I’ve cut many of my tinier scraps into 1.5″ squares and now i’m starting to use them. It’s more fun than I thought it would be!

  19. Donna

    Piece and Quilt with Pre Cuts by a Christa a Watson. Love to fabric on you bag, love bags
    Thanks for giveaway.

  20. Jayne P

    I have a magazine from the 1990’s which is full of Christmas Projects and I get inspiration from it every year

  21. Beth T.

    The Quilt Block Cookbook by Amy Gibson is my current go-to.

    Regarding your fussy cutting, I know your opinion is the one that counts most, but I think the way you cut the cup, with the pots showing, gives the block some energy and vibrance that might be missing if you had zoomed in. I like the way it turned out!

  22. Helen G

    My go-to is The Quilter’s Complete Guide by Fons and Porter. Really old but a great book. Use it for reference all the time! Would enjoy trying to fussy cut method for sure. I have so many novelty prints that would be perfect for this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Susan Stanton

    There are so many wonderful quilt books to choose from. I want them all! Currently, I’m using All In a Row by Moda. Such cutness!

  24. Nancy

    My favorite go to quilt book right now is Angela Walters Shape by Shape II. I like to do a lot of machine quilting and it’s nice having such a nice selection of quilting motifs to choose from. Your tote turned out cute and the model makes the photo! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Jan N.

    My favorite go to quilt book is Happy Endings by Mimi Dietrich. I have both the first version published in 1987 and her current version published in 2013.

  26. Barb K.

    I have several books by MLiss Rae Hawley and have referred to one in particular that has a tote bag pattern in it–also have Jenny Doan’s “Block” books and some from Fons and Porter.

  27. Anna

    I don’t have a go to book but I enjoy bonnie hunters page,blog,and missour star youtube videos. ..And of corse all my old magazine s…. Or I go under the fabric brand and see what they have for free quilt ideas… AND BLOG HOPS are big on my list of idea geting…. [email protected]

  28. Sue

    I purchased the first 4 volumes of Harriet Hargrave “Quilt Academy Books”- I refer to them frequently. I learned a lot and feel my quilting skill improved because of them. Money well spent!

  29. Pam S

    I’ve been making bags lately, and my current go-to book is Sara Lawson’s Windy City Bags. And I agree with you, Fussy Cutter’s Club will be a favorite too! Thanks for the chance to win, and for sharing your great bag!

  30. Maryanna

    I’ve been ogling Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s Double Wedding Ring Quilts book. I haven’t yet braved starting one of her designs, but I think maybe my next project will come from it. Of course, some fussy cut pieces in a DWR design would be even more smashing! Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. Anita Jackson

    My current Favorite To Go To is Learn to Machine Quilt with Pat Sloan. It is an older book but is providing lots of tips for some new sewing skills. I am excited to hear about this fussy cut book! I need to make that coffee bag just Like yours. Loving my coffee!

  32. JanineMarie

    Fun tote! I love that the bottom is vinyl. I will have to remember what you said about using both fusible interfacing and batting. I’m always looking for the perfect combination of sturdy and soft. Your color scheme is just right for that vintage vibe. My go-to book is Piecing Workshop by Ruth B. McDowell, but I do look up a lot of stuff online.

  33. Sarah J

    I don’t really have a “go-to”, but I love quilting books! Right now I’m working on a projects from Amy Smart’s Fabulously Fast Quilts (can’t be fabulously fast!). This book looks amazing- I looooove fussy cutting!

  34. Christi

    I guess I don’t have a go to quilt book. I love Fons and Porter for basic instructions. There are a couple of wonderful border books out there. The A to Z is good and Nancy’s A to Z is really good.

  35. Lisa Marie

    My go-to book changes frequently. Lately I’m making lots of table runners so I’ve been using “The Trendy Table” from Heather Mulder Peterson. I love quilt books so I have many and look at them often.

  36. Diane Beavers

    Bernie, currently my fave book is Anna Graham’s ” Handmade Style” . I’ve stitched& quilted Many bags from it. Thank you for sharing your fussy cut experience. So cool to know it’s okay to cut into some print you’ve been holding onto. Your kitschy bag is just right! Thank you C&T for your sponsorship and inbtroducing ANgie Wilson. I do believe I need many boot camp lessons on fussy cutting, color play and look forward to obtaing the book .

  37. Christine N

    I’ve used the whole City Sampler by Tula Pink book! But I also love looking at Carolyn Friedlander’s Savor Every Stitch. Cute bag, Bernie!

  38. Debbie

    I have lots of books and try to make something from every one that I purchase but none are go to books. I go to magazines more often.

  39. Tammi Williams

    Cute tote! I don’t have a go to favorite book, more a genre. Scrap quilts! For inspiration I go to one of several books that feature scrap quilts.

  40. Patty

    What a fun bag – great fabric fussy cutting. (Sorry I missed the giveaway, I’d love to win this book.) Thanks for linking up as part of Elm Street Quilts Bag It! Please do add a link to the link-up at Elm Street Quilts to your post!

  41. Moira

    Haven’t been using any of my books in recent months because i’ve been too busy working on my own designs. I do love the idea behind this one though!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  42. Laura M

    Right now I’m focusing on walking foot quilting, so Jackie Gerings Walk is top of my pile. I also like to refer to Color and Design by Heather Thomas (which is not really a quilting book, persay). Thanks for the giveaway.


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