Dabbling with Dresdens

I have been playing with Dresden plates this week.  Never have done this because I thought it would require a patience level that I usually don’t have. I was happy to learn that this isn’t so.  Dresden’s look so precise but they are actually quite easy, time-consuming, but still easy.  There is a pattern in the most recent Love of Quilting magazine for a table runner with three dresdens placed on it. I made it exactly as the pattern instructs.

Cutting the petals takes a bit of time.  I am wondering if I need to purchase a smaller rotary cutter. I have just the one (45mm) but maybe I need the smaller one for finer piece work.  Does this ring true to any of you?  Let me know how many rotary cutters you use and the best size – or is there little difference??

dresden cutting

Learning something new is the greatest.  With this project I learned the dresden block as well as tried chain piecing for the first time.  What a timesaver.  Plus it saves on thread.  I don’t usually think about that part of it, but really, I am always buying thread.

dresden chain piece


It all came together really quickly.  So cute!!

dresden layoutThe pattern calls for borders that are 3 1/2 inches in width.  After attaching them, I think they are too wide. The runner will finish out at 45 x 20 inches. That is much bigger than I usually make for a table runner. I haven’t decided if I will leave it this large and hang it on the wall.  Or I will trim the borders and make it fit my table better.  Thoughts on this??

dresden with borders

The green polka dot print will be used as the backing as well.  That was a great thrift store find at only $4.00 for two yards.  Not sure what I will bind it with. I have been trying to decide how best to quilt this project.  I want to enhance the dresdens and do a light meandering on the white backing.  Looking through Flickr is always inspiring and I found this idea.

dresden sample quilting

It is perfect for the dresdens though it looks a bit intense for my skill level.  I may have to tone it down a bit.  It’s a good place to start though.

Hope you are all working on something fun!

Linking up with TGIFF, CrazyMomQuilts, and RichardandTanyaQuilt!  Happy Friday!

8 thoughts on “Dabbling with Dresdens

  1. Mari

    Love your Dresdens! Very happy-looking. I would bind it in either yellow or orange. That yellow fabric you used in the centers would be perfect. Just my opinion! And since you asked, the rotary cutter I use most is 60mm. I use a 45mm often as well. I have a 28mm but it is just too small and I almost never use it. The big one is my favorite. Hope that helps!

    1. Bernie Post author

      Hello Mari — So for cutting smaller pieces it doesn’t seem to matter if you are using a larger rotary cutter?
      I like the idea of binding it in yellow. I will lay some strips against it to see how it looks. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Izzy

    Very nice! I love dresdens but, like you, always thought they were really difficult. Thank you for sharing at TGIFF,

    1. Bernie Post author

      Izzy, if you haven’t tried a dresden yet, go for it. I was pleasantly surprised that these came together as easily as they did!

    1. Bernie Post author

      Thank you for hosting the link up. It is great fun to see what everyone is working on.
      Take care,


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