Super Cute, Super Simple Finish

You know how you set something aside for so long and then somehow your mind decides it is going to take forever to finish it and you don’t want to so you just leave it there? Yeah, me too. Last fall I pieced a cute strip quilt using a focus print from Pandalicious. I had yardage in the shop and thought it would be fun to make one and then make up some kits for others to make it.

Last September…….

So I made up the quilt top and got it basted. I started to free motion quilt each of the strips and all was going well. When I got to the large section of pandas in the middle, my tension got screwed up. Of course I didn’t know this and just kept going because the top side looked fine. Ugh. When I saw the back, I knew it all had to be unpicked.

Onward I went and got all the messy stitching ripped out. By then I developed some serious dislike of the project and set it aside? Why do this? It wasn’t the quilt’s fault. But I did anyway. Folded it up and put it on top of a pile of fabric.

Easy Peasy Finish!

This week I thought it was time to finish it. Of course, by now, the fabric is gone and I can’t make any kits. Sigh. Quilting the remaining sections (the pandas in the middle and both of the black and white sections on top and bottom) took no time at all. Like an afternoon of playing at the machine and it was done. So after sitting there for 9 months or so, it is done!

I attached the binding with machine stitching on front and back. It is adorable! I quilted the top and bottom sections with a meandering motif of interlocking squares. I am not sure what was going on, but there are some little tension issues on the back side. Not enough that I am going to fix it though. I suspect after being washed, it will all work out.

Sweetest pandas!

I did a very loose meander over the middle section going around the pandas. They are such happy little guys!

Shady evening sun.

I took the photos in the early evening so the sun was creating lots of shadows. But no matter, just look at how happy this little quilt is. What should I do with this one? I will likely donate it. It will be fun for some child to snuggle under.

Why does the color look so strange in this one?

Happy to cross this off the UFO list and wish I had done it long ago. Makes me happy to get it finished up.

Anyone have anything fun planned for the weekend? Hahaha…. sorry to be so ridiculous! I feel like each day (weekend or not) is so much the same due to the quarantine. Our town is loosening up just a bit but we are still very careful. So it will be the usual. Taking walks, a little bit of gardening, shipping orders and sewing, sewing, sewing!

Silly silly girl

Want to leave you with a smile. Isn’t this just a classic fun-in-the-bathtub picture?? This girl makes me laugh all the time. She is such a joyous kiddo. Enjoy the day everyone!!

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20 thoughts on “Super Cute, Super Simple Finish

    1. Laurie Lasala-Tuttle

      The pandas do look happy Bernie, and I like the quilting you did! I’m thrilled when I complete ANY type of project. Beautiful smile on a beautiful little girl!

    2. Bernie Post author

      Thank you! Both make me smile – finishing a long standing project and looking at my grand daughter’s happy face!

  1. Kathleen McCormick

    I totally love this. If you have other fabric in your shop that it works for, we should talk…

    1. Bernie Post author

      Thank you! It is a nice baby quilt and a fun quilt for beginners. Maybe a good one for a 4-H or Girl Scout’s project too.
      Happy to share my grand kids – we all need to see the sweetness in life right now. πŸ™‚

  2. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B

    Adorable quilt Bernie and you are correct – it will be the joy of some child to snuggle under it! Funny how we get with certain quilt tops. When that happens to me I just donate it to my sister’s senior center. The old girls love to finish up and sell UFO’s! And how on earth did that little girl become not so little? Adorable photo – one to save for the fiance for certain! Happy (if monotonous) weekend!

    1. Bernie Post author

      Oh my gosh Barb – these girls will be tortured with silly photos when they are older. My son is great with a camera. He also has a fun journal of all the crazy things that the older one says. It is just hilarious. There will be no mercy. Hahaha.

  3. tehachap

    I was all set to buy some of that panda fabric to make my niece a quilt as she loves pandas. I just bought her some panda bear socks! If you ever do come across that fabric again, I’ll take 2 yards, please!

  4. Mari

    Adorable! The quilt and the granddaughter both! I sometimes get that way over a project, too. Usually when I suck it up and actually finish it, I’m surprised by how little time it really took. I don’t know why that happens with some projects. This little quilt will be a lovely donation. Have a good weekend, Bernie.


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