Beneath Missouri Stars, from a Quilting Cozy Series

UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed. I have emailed the winner, Darlene H, to let her know. Thanks everyone for entering. I hope you will encourage your library to carry Carol’s books and/or head over to Amazon and get one for yourself!

I am not sure you remember but about two years ago, I reviewed a book called Tie Died which is the first book in a large series authored by Carol Dean Jones. At that time, it was my first experience with these cozy mysteries. I had a lot of fun participating in the blog hop promoting these books for Carol and CT Pubs. Even better, because of the event, Carol and I became acquainted and now enjoy a nice friendship.

Some months ago, I found out Carol would be publishing book 11 in her series this spring. Titled Beneath Missouri Stars, I hoped to review it. I contacted C&T and they agreed to provide me with a review copy of the book.

The book is really fun. If you aren’t familiar with cozy mystery novels, click here and read my first review where I explain what cozy mysteries are all about. There is some order to the Quilting Cozy series of books but I didn’t really have any problem reading number one and then jumping to number eleven. Lots had happened to the main characters (Sarah and Sophie) in between but the author does a wonderful job of telling you just enough so the reader can fill in the blanks.

In Beneath Missouri Stars, Sarah and Sophie are trying to solve a mystery (typical for these two best friends) which revolves around the murder of a young girl. The crime occurs when a popular country western singer is in town to perform. As Sarah and Sophie work to solve the mystery there is (as always) a sub plot involving a quilt or two. I love how the author (who is also a talented quilter) weaves the quilting tales into these books. There are quilt shops, club meetings at the local quilt shop, community service projects and more. Drawing on her career in geriatric social work, the author also touches on various issues that often arise with older people. This is done with sensitivity and sometimes a bit of humor. The book is well written with several twists and turns to keep the reader engaged.

When Sarah, the protagonist, decides to make a quilt emulating the night skies of Missouri, she ends up with the beautiful dark blue quilt featured on the cover of the book. Of course, behind the scenes, Carol (the author) actually designed and made the featured quilt using the traditional Missouri Star block. Looking at this quilt and the pattern for it (which is included in the book) I was quite taken with it. Two tone quilts (blue and white in this example) are a favorite of mine.

After reading the book, I emailed Carol and suggested we work on a kit for this quilt. The look of lap size (54″ x 72″ finished) quilt is dramatic, just like a starlit night sky. She agreed it would be fun so the two of us got to work. When Carol made her original version, she used squares from two layer cakes as well as a bit of extra yardage. I tried to emulate this and thought it might be nice to offer layer cakes in the kit. But it would have required two full layer cakes to have enough fabric which would have made the kit quite expensive.

Deciding against using layer cakes, we chose beautiful yardage from a PB Textiles line called Spring Blue and a very dark blue background from Terra by Norm Wyatt. It works so well together and while the quilt isn’t scrappy, the effect is much the same.

Included in the kit are three fabrics from Spring Blue, a light, medium and dark print. These work to make up the blocks and the setting triangles used to put the blocks on point. The medium blue print is also used as the binding.

Included with the fabric in the kit is a copy of the book which has been signed by the author. The Quilting Cozy books are a great deal considering you get a novel and a pattern for just a bit more than the price of many quilt patterns. The number of kits is limited so most likely they will not last long. If you want to see the details of the kit, you will find it here.

To celebrate the release of Carol’s 11th book in the series, I have a signed copy to offer as a giveaway prize!! I am excited to share this book with all of you and to send a copy to one lucky winner. Carol’s series is entertaining with fun characters and lots of quilting fun. How can you go wrong with that??

To enter to win the autographed copy of the book, please leave a comment and tell me if you have made a ‘two color’ quilt before. If so, what colors did you use? If not, what colors would you choose to make one with. I love blue and yellow, red and white and also blue and white. I think limiting the colors of a quilt creates a very dramatic look. The giveaway is open until Friday of this week. I will select a winner and notify the person by email. Make sure you are not a no-reply commenter.

Congratulations to Carol on the success of this fun series of cozy mysteries. I hope we haven’t heard the last about Sarah and Sophie!!

61 thoughts on “Beneath Missouri Stars, from a Quilting Cozy Series

  1. Susan Shamekh

    Beautiful quilt! I have blue and white blocks in a box waiting for me to complete the quilt, so hopefully I can then say Yes, I have made a 2 color quilt!

  2. Mary Ringer

    What a pretty quilt! I haven’t made a two-color quilt yet but would like to make a grey-yellow or grey-mustard quilt some day. Thanks for sharing about Carol’s book series.

  3. Samantha Linehan

    My first quilt was blue and white. I made six inch, nine patch blocks out of blue fabrics and sashed them with white. It lives on my guest bed now.

  4. Sherry V.

    That is a beautiful quilt.

    Years ago some friends and I got together to do a mystery quilt that called for a light and a dark fabric.

    I used purple and yellow….which shocked my friends because they all did much more subdued color schemes. It came out great and I was very happy with it.

    I love Cosby murder mysteries and would love to read a new author.

    Thank you.

  5. Nancy Lewis

    This is a must do for me! I love to read mysteries and quilt. I have made a black and white quilt and a blue and yellow quilt. Red and white are two colors that I am going to try next.

  6. Catherine Simmons

    My favorite two color quilt is red & white. Our guild had a red and white challenge for our last quilt show. The top eight were entered in the Guild Challenge category for the fall AQS show. I would love to win a signed copy of the book!

    Catherine Simmons in SW Indiana

  7. Judy

    Love cozy books, usually easy reading and fun. This sounds like a good series. I started out making two color quilts, usually a neutral and a print fabric. Now I combine lots of colors. One combination that I had not thought of was green and pink. One of the ladies in our group who helps with the finishing suggested the pink/green combination and it turned out beautifully.

  8. Debbie Olk

    Hi Bernie! What a great idea – a book and a pattern. I have made a cream and black table topper quilt and a teal and pink wall hanging. I think my next combo will be brown and turquoise.

  9. Linda Waldren

    Love that quilt behind Carol (or I presume It is Carol). Is it in one of the books? And if so which book? I am a quilter but not much of a book reader. This pattern really caught my eye. Would like to make it. Where can I get it.

    1. Carol Dean Jones

      Hi Linda. Bernie forwarded me your question and regretfully, I’m not able to refer you to a particular pattern. I made that quilt 20 years ago when i was into Doreen Speckmann and her Peaky & Spike template kit. The book I was using was Doreen’s Pattern Play (1995) which has been revised. But as I said, there wasn’t a particular pattern. I took pieces from several of her ideas in order to create this wall hanging. I would be happy to send you a picture of the entire wall hanging if you think you would like to draft your own pattern. If you want me to do that, drop me a line on [email protected].
      Best wishes,

  10. Susan Stanton

    Yes, I have made a two-toned quilt! Finished it this spring. It’s cream/white and gray/black and lap size. I just love it as it goes so well in different areas of my house.

  11. Kathleen Scargle McCormick

    I have made a blue and white quilt, which is rather faded and has gotten a lot of love on our bed. I love the kit you put together! I checked the website, what size does it finish at?

    1. Bernie Post author

      Thank you for asking Kathleen. I failed to put the size in so I just updated it. The quilt is lap size and finishes at 54″ x 72″. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂

  12. Mary Ellen Futch

    Thank you for the book review. Looks like I will be adding this series to my reading list. The quilt is beautiful.
    I’ve not made a two color quilt, but that’s on my wish list. A couple of years ago, I did find a pattern for a 2 color wall hanging. I haven’t made it, but did pull together white & red fabric to make it. I love the blues in this quilt. Thank you for this kit & give-away!

  13. Beth Stanfield

    I’ve never made a two- color quilt but if I did it would definitely be blues and yellows or blues and creams to go better in our home. Thanks for doing the giveaway. I’d love to start reading her books.

  14. Helen Tulip

    I love two colour quilts. I recently finished a double Irish Chain in blue and white. My son loves it, Helen

  15. Carolyn Montgomery

    i have made a red and white and a blue and white quilt as gifts for my family. i love quilts and mysteries.

  16. Kaholly

    You amaze me. To take an idea from the initial thought stage all the way through to it’s glorious end is a true gift. Bravo for this wonderful idea! I couldn’t find any of her books in my online library, but as soon as my library opens, I’ll head over to hopefully find her series on the shelf!

  17. Lori Morton

    What a very cool..& fun Give-a-way!! I would be delighted to win autographed book & Kit for Beautiful quilt! Thank you for the chance!!! Love Blue!! I have not made a two-color quilt before..but my daughter & I have thought about it several times…

  18. Heidi Emmett

    Bernie, Thank you for another great post. I had never heard of this author, and from what you say, it should be a good read. And the fact that a complete quilt pattern goes with each book is even better.

  19. Kay Welch

    I’m a fan of cozy mysteries. I think the fabrics you chose work perfectly with the book. They are gorgeous. What a great idea. I may have to think of a favorite book and come up with a project to make inspired by the book. I follow the one-a week blog, and it helps me to get at least one thing done. I’m also participating in Pat Sloan’s daily challenges (since March). These really help keep me motivated and productive. I think Two-Do is a wonderful extension of the one thing concept, so I’m going to do that. I haven’t made a two color quilt (yet). I would love to do one in red & white.

  20. Deana

    I’ve seen a quilt of glorious blues and whites – maybe batiks- made into a pattern called Usagi. It is shown on the Jordan Fabric website. It is strikingly beautiful with blocks of appliqued bunnies . Love it!!! That is my go to 2 color quilt.

  21. Debbie Miller

    Beautiful fabrics and a beautiful quilt as well! My favorite color is blue and I have made several two color quilts but not a blue and white yet. I have a set of blocks made by my secret sister from quilt guild and they are blue and white, they are just not together yet!

  22. Lori Smanski

    Oh but your quilt turned out lovely. I really need to check out this series. Thank you for sharing.
    I have not made a two color quilt yet. I think its time I gave it a try. Hmmmm I think I would love to try blues/yellows and purples/whites and pinks/grays

  23. Barb K

    I have not made a two color quilt yet but have thought of doing blue and white. Think I have read one or two of the Cozy mysteries.

  24. Janice Holton

    Hi Bernie! Thank you so much for introducing us to Carol’s books! I had not heard of these before. I’m always on the lookout for a good read and the quilt design is gorgeous! What a fun collaboration you two came up with.

  25. Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts

    That’s a really pretty quilt. The blues are so soothing and I really like them. I’ve made a three color quilt, but white was the background, so it’s not really a color is it? LOL Thanks for linking to MCM Bernie!

  26. Elizabeth Stewart

    Blue and yellow is my favourite combination so far. Thank you for sharing the book titles.

  27. Ellie Aud

    Beautiful fabrics in that kit! My very first quilt was a green and white triple Irish chain as a crib quilt for my first born.

  28. Wanda Nesloney

    Yes, I have made a 2 color quilt it was early in my quilting journey and it was Red and White. I love all of Carol’s books and would love to win this signed copy. Is it possible to purchase the quilt pattern? I have enough blues in my stash to make this quilt. Thank you for the opportunity to win Carol’s newest book.

  29. Kay McCaffery

    I’ve made three red & white quilts, but would love to make this blue one that you’re showing for my sister who is a big blue fan. Can’t wait to get my own copy of this book.

  30. jeanne schroeder

    Love this series of books!! I have not yet made a two color quilt.I love the blue and white in this one!

  31. Marcia in TX

    I have never made a 2 color quilt. If I did, it would be blue and yellow or maybe blue and dusky pink. I have read Carol’s cozy books and love the series as I am a senior citizen quilter also.

  32. Elizabeth Bolton

    How cool to have a new book in Carol Dean Jones’s series! I have read all of the first 10, and pressed our library system to carry them, which they have done!
    I haven’t made a 2-color quilt – YET!!! – but it might be really restful – so many fewer decisions to make!

  33. Bonnie Larson

    I love 2 colour quilts and have made some in red, but not yet blue. This would be awesome incentive!! Thanks

  34. Paula W. Curran

    I have been a blue and white fan all my life. The love of blue/white has flowed into the decorating of my home as well as in my fabric selections. Anyone looking at my stash would know right away what my favorite color combination is. I am also a fan of Carol Dean Jones’ cozy series, and love, love, love the quilt featured in her latest book.

  35. Sheila Fernkopf

    I have made a red and white quilt and a light and dark purple quilt. I would love to win the 11th book from Carol Dean Jones. I want to see how the story continues as I love her books! And I really like your version of her quilt!

  36. Nancy Sumner

    Oh that is a lovely quilt! Yes, I have made a couple of blue and white quilts and have blocks to make a red and white, but is still in process!

  37. Cheryl Turner

    Yea, I have made a 2 color quilt. Mine is red and white. It was a mystery quilt that my quilt guild offered many years ago. I would love to try out the Missouri Stars quilt in blue and white. 😀

  38. MaryBeth Little

    I’ve made 3 color quilts but never a 2 color quilt. I guess I really should because I like them!

  39. Carol Meyer

    I have never made a 2-color quilt but am collecting blue and yellow fabrics which could become one. I have only made a couple of quilts, all tied.

  40. Karen Hardy

    Carol’s books are wonderful! I would love to make a red and white quilt, reminiscent of a winter sweater!

  41. Linda Brayton

    I love cozy mysteries. They are good for summer/beach reading or anytime you don’t want to read a heavy novel. I’ve never made a two color quilt.

  42. Betty Chambers

    I have made a Chinese Red and Aqua quilt in a log cabin quilts. It was actually dyed fabric and was shades of each color. I would love to win and be inspired by the fabric and the book.

  43. Carol Andrews

    I’ve only made 1 two colour quilt, a king size curvy log cabin made with blue and white scraps from my scrap bin for a Blog Hop, Winter Blues. It was fun. Looking forward to getting Carol’s new book. I love her cozy mysteries!

  44. Sydney

    I have purchased all of Carols’ books and will start reading them for a second time! Including Missouri Stars! I love her writing! Every character is like a friend and I can see each one in my mind! What a great writer! I am 70 and can truly relate to Sarah and Sophie! Hoping there are more to come!

  45. Joyce Kay

    I had to really think if I had made a 2 color quilt. After a few minutes I realized yes I did at a quilt retreat quite a few years ago—still isn’t quilted but the top is done. It is dark blue and white called Canine Stars and had a little bit of paper piecing in it. I have enjoyed Carol’s books as in today’s mail was books 7 – 10. I read them in a day or maybe a day and a half, I can hardly put them down once I start one.


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