A Quilt for Rubi

My niece is waiting patiently for the arrival of her fourth little girl. Well, actually, this little one isn’t so tiny! At the ultrasound last week, the baby measured at almost ten pounds. My niece is really wanting this child to make her appearance. We are all hoping to hear from my sister soon that labor has begun. Just about every other text string, one of us asks “any baby updates?” C’mon Rubi!!

As you would imagine, I made a quilt for this great-niece of mine. I wanted to use pink but not only pink, you know? I decided to use the Floriography precuts and yardage I have had for quite a while. At first I thought about making a stacked coin quilt and started looking at my Pinterest boards to find the right one. While skimming and scrolling, I came upon a pin I had from Cluck Cluck Sew. She has a great tutorial for a Jelly Strip stash buster quilt. This seemed like a fun one to try.

Rubi’s quilt.

I am very pleased with the results! The colors are sweet and girlish but also quite bold. Using the coral color added a big pop as did the dark blue. The dark blue was one of my favorite prints and I was able to make a flange with it to use when I attached the binding. (I really like the look of a flanged binding. See more here, here and here.) Doesn’t the dark blue floral stand out beautifully between the white border and the bubble gum pink binding?

When I quilted this piece, I did a loose flower motif that I saw over at the Inbox Jaunt, one of my favorite places to look for fun quilting ideas. Lori calls this her Easy Breezy Flowers which is the perfect name. Hers were quilted tightly together but I spaced mine out. I didn’t want to densely quilt this – I wanted to leave it soft. However, the flowers are easy and quite forgiving. I even put Rubi’s name on one of the squares along the edge.

Because I rarely take the time and label my quilts, I at least quilted my initials in another corner. So someday when this heirloom is found by a quilt museum curator, they can wonder just exactly who BK really was.

Isn’t the backing beautiful? This soft sheet has been sitting in my stack of thrifted sheets for quite a while. I really love it – I think it looks like Monet painted it. I still have some left which makes me happy. It is a pretty piece of fabric.

The quilt finished at about 38″ square. I hope Rubi and her big sisters use it all the time. Being the fourth little girl, she is going to have so much attention from the big girls. I can’t wait to see pictures when she (finally) arrives!!

Silly Leo!

Leaving you with this funny photo of Leo. Yesterday Julia was gone all day working at her internship. So I went out with Leo to let him run around in the pasture. He found a soppy mud pit to play in and was soooo happy! He dug, snorted and snuffed for quite some time. It was a lot of fun to watch.

Hope all of you had a lovely weekend. This week I will be getting ready for the local guild’s quilt show. It is the only one I signed up for this year and I am looking forward to it. But I need to get organized! I also have a cute jersey knit dress I started this weekend and I think I should be able to finish it up. What are your plans for this week?

20 thoughts on “A Quilt for Rubi

  1. Carole @ From My Carolina Home

    That is a sweet quilt, and I like that you put her name in the quilting! But, Bernie, please label your quilts. Your great-grandchildren will want to know that you made them, and the year is always nice to know for antique quilts.

  2. Barb Neiwert

    That’s a great baby quilt, and I especially like the flanged binding. I’m hoping your niece has that baby soon – 10 pounds – yikes! Fun photo of Leo!

  3. Linda (txquiltgal on IG)

    Bernie I love everything about this quilt. I’ve never tried a flanged binding but I need to, it looks so attractive. And I want to try that pattern in FMQ.
    What a big baby! Of course I love the name “Rubi”. My Mom’s name was Ruby. 🙂

  4. Carol Dean Jones

    I love the way the strips are organized in little groups. Very nice arrangement and, as usual, you did a great job. Keep us informed…would love to see the quilt with the new baby when she arrives.

  5. Wendy

    That’s a perfect quilt to welcome Rubi to your family! I do hope she makes her arrival soon! Leo looks like he is settling in well! Hope your quilt show goes well. Today I’m finishing up a challenge quilt and then just playing a bit. I’m in quilt show recovery mode.

  6. Sue M

    I love everything about the little baby quilt for Rubi, pattern, fabric, quilting (esp her name with a heart dot) and of course the flange binding!!! Great job, aunti.

  7. Kathleen McCormick

    That is a perfect quilt and I love the words quilted in the quilt. Here’s hoping for a swift and safe arrival. I am chuckling at the thought of taking the pig out to play in the mud!

  8. Anne

    Love the quilt and all the pretty prints. It’s a great pattern for showing off a lot of fabric variety. Wishing your niece and baby the best. Love the name Rubi. I hopped over form the Favorite Finish linky party. It’s fun to see a new to me blog.

    1. Bernie Post author

      I can’t wait to meet her. I think I will see her in June. There is a family wedding and I am hoping they will be there. Love baby snuggles!!

  9. Karen

    Great pattern for a baby quilt. I love that you quilted her name into it. Perhaps Rubi will be a Peppa fan and, like Leo here, enjoy jumping in muddy puddles!

  10. Melanie

    Beautiful baby quilt! I love the navy extra in your binding. Hope baby girl arrives soon and Mom and baby are well. xo

  11. JanineMarie

    So sweet and bright, Bernie! And I love that you quilted Rubi’s name in so she can claim it as all hers among all those little girls. I need to take a lesson from you in quilting for softness. I really like how you sprinkled the flowers around. And the flange is the perfect frame—an extra special touch that to me takes great patience when you are so close to being done with a quilt. Have fun waiting for that little one!

  12. Preeti Harris

    Such a pretty quilt and such a silly pig. Love the colors – pink and perfect for spring. Even the quilting has a floral feel. I wish all goes well with the baby’s arrival. And as long as you keep that lovely quilt away from the muddy pig (even when you put them together in this blogpost), everything should be fine 🙂


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