July Blogger Bundle with Kim Soper

It is time for another Blogger Bundle and I am so excited to share it with you!  The July bundle was curated by Kim Soper of Leland Ave Studios.  Kim is an award-winning modern quilter, a blogger as well as being a stay at home mom to three boys. Once an attorney, she decided to stay home to raise her boys and like many of us, she looked to sewing to fulfill her creative need.  Kim’s “about me” page is great and I encourage you to take a minute and read it, if you haven’t already.  I especially like the part about how she came to name her business Leland Ave Studios.

Lincoln, designed, pieced and quilted by Kim Soper.

You might know Kim from her Mr. Lincoln quilt which was awarded People’s Choice at the 2017 Quilt Con. That is how I first became aware of Kim and her work.  I’d like to share the blurb she wrote when she submitted this quilt:

This quilt (passion project!) developed out of a desire to create an entirely improv-pieced, recognizable image without use of template, paper-piecing or applique. Using an iconic image of Lincoln that had been converted to WPAP (vector-based geometric pop art) by Ihsan Ekaputra, it was constructed using 6-inch blocks. The backing fabric is a repeating pattern of the original image of Lincoln. The binding is a nod to the vector-style of art on which the quilt is based. The end result is a quilt that is both identifiable as the intended image, and distinctly my own.

To read more about the process she used to design and create this gorgeous quilt, click here.

Following that, I began following her to read the weekly interviews she has been posting since the beginning of 2018 in The Creativity Project.  Oh my gosh – talk about a dose of weekly inspiration.  The series is wonderful and while I have enjoyed reading interviews with creatives I am already familiar with, I have really loved meeting many whom I hadn’t been familiar with.  I am grateful for the work Kim has done to create this weekly series.

Suffice it to say, Kim is a huge inspiration to many in the quilting and creative community.  I was so happy when she agreed to participate in my Blogger Bundle series this year.  Want to see the bundle she curated?

Kim wanted a modern collection that had a summer vibe. I think she definitely got it!  Both of the florals are from a new collection called Indigo & Aster by BariJ. She pulled in more fuchsia with the piece on the far left from Alison Glass’ 76 collection.  To keep it bright and summery, Kim added Squared Elements in Mandarin, from Art Gallery Fabric.  Finally, she chose a neutral and added the black and white polka dot made by Red Rooster Fabric.  This might be my favorite move on Kim’s part.  It moves the collection away from the femininity of the floral and adds whimsy to the bundle.

Once again, I have so enjoyed working with a quilt artist and seeing how she gathers fabrics from various lines in my shop and uses them together.  Kim made a really cool, non-quilty, project with this bundle.  Head on over to see what she made.  I just love it!

As before, this bundle (in either fat quarters or 1/2 yard cuts) is on sale in my shop for 20% off today through Wednesday of this week.  Also, there is a giveaway – one lucky winner will receive a fat quarter bundle to use however they please.  Normally the blogger who curated the bundle hosts the giveaway but this time, I will host it.  Kim is getting ready to go on a vacation to Italy with her family and we decided it would work best if I held the giveaway. She has enough going on getting ready for their trip.

To enter, please comment and tell me what you think of the bundle – why do these five fabrics work so well together?  Also, to be eligible to win, remember to follow me on here the blog, or on Instagram or Facebook. The giveaway is open through Wednesday of this week, just like the sale!  If you purchase a bundle and then win one (which has happened in the past) I will refund your purchase price of the bundle.

Thanks so much to Kim for the bundle she has curated for my shop.  I hope you are enjoying these collections as much as I am!!


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29 thoughts on “July Blogger Bundle with Kim Soper

  1. Linda Williamson

    Love the color combo in the bundle. Her luggage tags are great idea to add a pop of color to your cases. I follow your blog on Bloglovin and IG.

  2. Sandy Allen

    Beautiful fabrics. I love that each pulls something different from the main floral fabric to work together.

  3. LT

    This is a really well designed bundle! I love the colors , florals and dots of course, but what I like best is the sense of movement that the patterns in each fabric create. The black and white polka dot adds a nice quiet resting point. Lovely and summery!

  4. Lecluyse

    Hello, Beautiful bundle, Perfect summer colour,
    I always love a gingham(like) fabric, I don’ t know why?
    Thanks for the chance,

  5. Patti A.

    Oh how I wish I had that talent of pulling fabrics together. I would never have thought of the orange and it is perfect. Love the luggage tags. Hope they have a great trip.

  6. Pam

    What a great bundle! It’s fresh and crisp and happy to look at. I’d love to create a table runner or placemat and napkin set to create a summery table with this. Beautiful rich colors that pop with the lighter backgrounds. Love it! Thanks for the chance to win some!

  7. Debbie Miller

    Beautiful bundle and I really love the main floral and fuchsia! Kim’s luggage tags will really catch the eye at the airport!

  8. Laura M

    I like the variety of visual textures in this blogger bundle. I can see the Alison Glass fabric used as the “background/neutral” for a quilt. What fun to dream about how to use these lovely fabrics.

  9. Kathy E.

    It’s always interesting how creative people coordinate colors and fabrics together. This bundle is a great example of how well the selections work together and join a “family”. The floral is the matriarch in my opinion and the others flow away and into it so well, each carrying their own personality.

  10. Mindy

    I love how to purple picks up the light blue from the main floral fabric. And there’s just enough black in there to tie in with the unexpected polka dots! Such a fun bunch! It makes me want to try my hand at making a bundle!

  11. Patty Morris

    This bundle reminds me of fresh garden pickings, popping with color and freshness. I see these working together as a sophisticated bundle with the Squared Elements and Black & White Polka Dots balancing the bright florals like a beautiful bouquet. Simply gorgeous! And her work is amazing – thanks for the link to her site!

  12. Jeannette

    Wow! I wouldn’t have thought to put those colors together. Very refreshing. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Helen Glover

    The colors are the unifying thing about this collection. It is similar to how in nature very different shapes and colors do compliment the whole. It is wonderful how even with different designs they work so well. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  14. Kathleen

    This is a beautiful bundle! I love the addition of the polka dots.
    I follow you via email. Thanks for teh opportunity to win.
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  15. Christi

    Nice bundle. I wouldn’t have put the polka dot. That’s different. It’s always fun to see what fabrics people put together. I see a runner in triangles.

  16. SarahZ

    I am getting in on this just under the wire! phew! I think the navy, yellow and fuchia of this bundle, with the abundance of white in the mix keeps this selection so light and summery! I just love this bundle! I have been a follower of Ms Soper for going on MANY years! In fact I made a copycat mini of one of her quilts(“Exodus”) years ago, just so I could look at it daily, w/out having to look up the picture constantly😂 I am also really enjoying her Creativity series!

  17. betsi beem

    This is such a fabulously curated selection of fabrics. I am new to patchwork and quilting and to see a selection of fabrics that really works is inspiring. I have lived in Australia for 14 years, but am from Miami. Finding AGF fabrics felt like coming home. I thing Th e mandarin squared and polka dot really add POP to the foral.

  18. Emily

    I love seeing bundles because I would never have created the same combination. Here, I think it’s the bright colors that make it work. The polka dot adds a nice touch of neutral.

  19. Gloria Cotten

    I really like this selection! It is full of surprises, not your ordinary choices. I especially like the b&w dots snd the “wild card” orange. Very original. Using these in a quilt would be fun!


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