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Tiny Finishes

Good morning!  It has been a crazy week which hasn’t allowed me much time in the sewing room.  Plus the two projects I worked on most are not able to be shared just yet.  But I do have something cute to show you.  When I make Chemex cozies for my customers, I end up with scraps.  Of course I do, right?  There are usually several larger scraps that result from cutting the curved shape of the cozy. I have been saving them (because my fabric obsession says I have to).  They are starting to really pile up.


I cut a stack of 5″ squares and thought I would eventually quilt them together. But realistically, when is that going to happen? Instead, I started making fabric coasters.  I love them and it is such meditative sewing.  Just listen to music and stitch away! They are so pretty.

Alison Glass Fabric Coasters

This print has been really popular for the cozies so I have a ton of scraps from it.


Maker Maker Grid Fabric Coasters

This is the linen and cotton blend called Maker Maker.  Also a popular one for the cozies and it has wonderful texture for the coasters.

Maker Maker Cotton and Linen Fabric Coasters

Here is another fabric from Maker Maker.  I actually used about half a bolt of this for cozies.  I think I made around 15 sets of Chemex cozies and hot pads, maybe more?coasters

Lovely bits of pink, blue and gray!These are made from a charm pack I have – It is a Moda line called Serenity, designed by Amy Ellis.  I love it and plan to use the whole pack for coasters.

I am not sure what to do with all of these.  I could try listing them in the shop and see if there is any interest.  Alternatively, they are cute gifts to have on hand.  Either way, super fun way to use up scraps.  Especially batting scraps.  All of those long strips one cuts after quilting a project – I have really worked that pile down!  For now, it just feels good to use up the fabric.

Finally, just want to throw a teaser out there.  I have an amazing event coming up.  I promise you are going to  smile and feel so good inside when you read about it.  Come back to learn more on February 1st!  See you then.  🙂

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16 thoughts on “Tiny Finishes

  1. Mari

    These are super-cute! What a great way to use up those little bits of fabric. One thing you could do is list them as an optional add-on with your cozies. You know “matching coasters $X”. Just an idea! Of course, you could give them to quilty friends too!

    1. Bernie Post author

      That is a great idea- at the very least I should link a listing for the coasters to the matching Chemex. Genius Mari! I’m off to adjust the listing right now.☺️

  2. Torry

    When I give coasters to my friends, I give five coasters. Four for home and one for work. My working friends are really touched that I gave them one for work.

  3. Wendy

    Your coasters are so cute, Bernie! I’d give them a go in your shop. You know I’m crushing on those Maker Maker coasters. I just need to find my fabric that I bought from you and have been petting/hoarding/whatever. 🙂

    1. Bernie Post author

      You are so funny. It’s time to use that Maker Maker fabric!! I am really low on it and Sarah has a third line out now. My February fabric purchase for the shop will include some new pieces of the linen/cotton blend. Hint, hint!! It sews like a dream. I listed the coasters. We will see if there is any interest in them! Mari had the great idea of letting my Chemex customers know of the coordinating coasters so I linked the listings up last night. Love getting ideas from readers. 🙂

  4. Sandra

    All this excitement in QBL coming up, I can hardly stand it! NQBH begins Feb. 1 too! I love these coasters. Bernie, here’s an idea and I want to try it: at first I thought they were baby blocks for your granddaughter! You COULD turn some of them (6 at a time right) into baby blocks to play, stack, with no fear of wooden blocks falling on little fingers… I know what you mean about the long strips of batting, so this is a perfect project for that too! Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!

  5. JanineMarie

    Oh these would be great companion listings for your cozies. You could list them separately with one price and maybe a little less as an add-on to an order? Now I’m going to sit here and ponder what in the world you have up your sleeve for February.


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