Scrappy Finish for the Month

As with last month, I finished my scrappy blocks just in the nick of time. I finished with only one day to spare. September has come to a close. Time moves at a dizzying pace sometimes. Anyway, I played with some deep red scraps and added gold accents where I could as this was the RSC16 color scheme for September. This is a combination I really like. It worked better for my scrappy HST’s than it did for the gemstone project. The gemstone project requires I cut 3 1/2″ blocks and I didn’t really have very many deep red scraps that were big enough. I had tons of strings though which I used for the scrappy HST’s. Here you go. Take a look.


I love these colors. They add a richness to the project. What do you think?


I was playing with these blocks on Tuesday when Julia was recuperating on the couch. We looked at colors trying to decide the last two colors to finish this off. Of course I don’t know what the October color will be for RSC16 but I think I am going to do a set of deep purple blocks and a set a very pale yellow. (Unless, of course, Angela comes up with some crazy colors for the month of October that appeal to me more. We shall see. Also, I cannot decide if I should keep the multi colored scrappy blocks that are in the center. Do those stay or do they go?

As I said, I didn’t have much to work with for the Gemstones quilt. I do like the blocks but was only able to make two.


Here is the sum total of what I have thus far.


I definitely want to add some deep yellow blocks to this. I don’t know if I have the right scraps and may have to splurge on a fat quarter or two to supplement. Kind of silly to buy pieces for a scrappy project but I think it is calling for yellow.  Also, it might need some blocks with a deep, midnight blue. Do you agree??

Glad I am keeping up with these, though just barely!  I look forward to finding out the color for October and deciding if it works for either project, now that I am coming close to completing both of them.

Happy weekend everyone!!

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18 thoughts on “Scrappy Finish for the Month

    1. Bernie Post author

      Yes, I can always count on your vote for blue. šŸ™‚
      Looks like the October color is orange with yellow. I will probably flip that to deep yellow with bits of orange. And I will make blocks in dark blue as well. Should be perfect!

  1. Mari

    Pretties! I love the red blocks. I don’t use red very often, but it does give the project a nice kick. I say keep the multicolor block–it’s pretty and fits right in. Yellow is definitely the right choice to add, too. These will be really pretty!

  2. Wendy

    I think I’d hang on to the multi-colored scrappy blocks until you get the rest of the blocks done, then see how those scrappies play with the rest of the quilt. It might be just the thing to add a little more pop!

  3. Carie

    I love all the chevrons and the multicoloured one definitely ties it all together – what about having two multicoloured ones in the middle and then the others in a rainbow around the outside?

  4. Sandra

    Like you I have 2 RSC projects on the go and fell behind on one of them for September…how I love both of yours, and I’d keep the multi-coloured centre on the one project as it adds a bit of whimsy. šŸ™‚

    1. Bernie Post author

      You’ll get to them. There are only sew many hours in the day.
      I do love the multi colored block – I think it needs to stay.

  5. Tish

    I really like the multi color block in the center of the first one, I hope it gets to stay. And I’m with Yvonne, when in doubt…add more blue šŸ˜›


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