241 Bag, Version 2


This morning I was feeling highly productive. Before 9:00 am I had taken photos of this great 241 totebag (with the help of my totebag model) and written this  post for you. In the middle of reviewing the post, checking for typos, etc, Julia walked up to me and said, “I stubbed my toe”.  I looked down and saw this horrific baby toe that was bleeding far more than I was comfortable with. I got a (clean) kitchen dishrag and did some high-quality first aid.


Once we had the first aid under wraps (ha ha ha!), I scurried around collecting a ton of fruits and veggies that I was supposed to plate and serve to the senior class at 12:30 today, while they were taking turns presenting their senior projects. (I had a deep suspicion that I wouldn’t be there to serve them). Once the food was in a cooler and one shoe on Julia’s good foot, we got her in the car and headed to urgent care.

They were great. Got her right in (probably out of concern for the gross looking dishrag her foot was wrapped in. When the nurse took it off to clean her toe, he looks at me and says, “uhh, do you want this back??” I declined it.) A couple of hours and three stitches later, we are back home and she is on the couch (where she spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday for illness) doing homework. Poor thing is spending quite a bit of time on the couch and missing a whole lot of school this week. It really hasn’t been a great couple of days for this girl!



And now that this is all taken care of, we can talk about my second 241 totebag!!

Let me tell you, the second time using a pattern is so much easier than the first! I made another 241 totebag this week and it came together incredibly quickly. I had the process down from the first time I made the bag. (You can check the first one out here.) This one is a keeper – a little selfish sewing for me!


For this bag, I used more of my Allison Glass Field Day collection (the daisy print) and I had a big piece of Kaffe Fassett shot cotton (the solid rust piece). They look great together.

I was bold enough to put in a zipper pocket for this bag. I had a seven inch zipper in my collection of thrifted zippers ( I love finding these in thrift stores and can usually get zippers for 25-50 cents each.) The pattern calls for two zip pockets with them both installed on angles, vertically. I decided I only wanted to tackle one zipper and put it in horizontally. It wasn’t hard to put in this pocket though I am not completely satisfied with the corners – it was difficult to get them to lay flat enough. This is most likely because I didn’t clip the corners close enough. It’s hard to decide how close to clip toward the stitching.


As before, I put in a clip to hold my keys and a slip pocket with velcro closure on the inside of the bag.


I had two scraps of Allison Glass that worked for the lining of the exterior pockets and even though no one will see it, it makes me happy! Love it when the small scraps are usable and it adds a bit of interest to the purse.


I have a bit of a purse addiction and this is going to be a perfect addition to my collection!

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If you are looking for classes or patterns to get you going on making a tote bag, check out Craftsy. Loads of classes and patterns to learn from!

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17 thoughts on “241 Bag, Version 2

  1. Diann Bottrell

    Those are great colors for your 241 Tote! I made one a couple of years ago and love it, time to get it back out and use it again. Or make a new one maybe! Hope your daughter is feeling better!

    1. Bernie Post author

      Hi Diann,
      Thanks for stopping over. I am happy with the colors too. I was adamant that I could make the purse with fabrics in the sewing room. So after pulling out a few here and there, I came up with this combo. It kind of looks like autumn to me tho. But that’s ok. I love it.

      Pull yours out and make another one! It’s fun to have different bags!

  2. Tami

    Oh my goodness! Poor Julia! She must have hit that poor baby toe HARD on something. Ouch! Great first aid. Is that a pony tail holder? Those things are so useful. I never leave home with out one. hahaha. I hope her toe heals quickly and she gets back to school soon (only to be done for the summer!)
    Did you get to serve the fruit?

    This bag is adorable. Seriously. I am going to make another soon, too. They are fun and addictive. I felt the same way about my zipper – the corners were not quite sharp enough. But I smile every time use that pocket because it was just so neat to put it. I know what you mean about the hidden pocket lining, too. It’s nice to catch glimpses of that yumminess!

    I LOVE your two sided strap. I might have to do that on my next one. Great way to get even more fabric faves in one bag!!

    I’m impressed that you got to your second one so quick! You go, girl!

    1. Bernie Post author

      Julia just had the bad luck to hit her toe on the edge of a picture frame and it just cut right throu her toe. Kind of a crazy accident. She is fine tho. The big decision is what the heck she will wear for a shoe tomorrow at school!i suppose some sort of sandal.

      I am so pleased with this tote bag. Really, the second time was a breeze (the first time wasn’t hard, but it took me longer.) it turned out so cute.

      Hope all is well with you and your fam!


    1. Bernie Post author

      Thanks Diana! I love the zip pocket too. Next time I would make it a tad bit deeper though.
      Julia is doing ok except for the throbbing toe. Poor thing. She doesn’t have to walk very far between classes so that is good. 🙂

  3. JanineMarie

    Oh, poor Julia! This has just not been her week, has it? I hope things improve and that she doesn’t think being 15 is a real drag. Love your EMS bandage, though! (It kinda makes sense. My grandma used to knit bandages during the war.) And I can just imagine you cool-headedly scurrying around the kitchen collecting fruit. Your bag looks so fresh for summer. I think a certain model is going to borrow it–or ask for one of her own.

    1. Bernie Post author

      True, this has not been a good week for Julia. We changed the dressing and she put a few socks over it in place of a shoe because she doesn’t have one that fits. I don’t think this will be a fun day at school….
      Luckily, Julia just got a new bag for her birthday so I think I will get to use this one!

  4. Kathyh

    The poor hurt toe daughter probably needs a new bag too!
    Re: clipping welt zippers. Don’t be afraid to clip up to stitching at those corners. You will be top stitching that edge down later. Also, a bit of stabelizer around the opening may help keep things neater. This will help with any stretching of the fabric as you sew.
    Great looking bag!

    1. Bernie Post author

      Oh, that is a good point Kathy. Thank you. I will be a bit more confident next time! I did out stabilizer behind it so that helped. I appreciate your help.

  5. Mari

    Poor Julia! Just the wrong time to be having foot issues, with sandal time coming. But at least her pedicure was in place with the polished toes! I love your bag and it’s good that you get to use it! Such pretty fabric should be out and about to be seen by everyone. Hope Julia has a better day!

    1. Bernie Post author

      Actually, I think she will be happy to be able to wear a sandal. It will be a bit before she can put on a regular shoe. Yesterday she went to school with a couple of socks over it and only one shoe. Kind of funny. 😉

  6. Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow

    The bag is gorgeous but sorry about her toe. You can tell her I stubbed a little toe a few years ago quite badly in the middle of the night and 3 days later I FINALLY gave in and went to medical care since it was so purple and swollen only to find out it was broken!! Had to wear a boot for a few months so while it’s no fun for her it’ll be better a lot faster ! 🙂

    1. Bernie Post author

      I think I remember hearing about your toe! You must have included it in a post. There was no avoiding the doc for this one because it was bleeding so much. I think it will heal soon though. She seems better this morning anyway. 🙂

    1. Bernie Post author

      Yep – they did the stitches and then wrapped her pinkie to the next toe. She has been walking around on her heel but I think in another day or so, it will be less sensitive.
      Thanks for the compliment on the totebag!


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