Thrifting Success & Another Pattern

We had one of those weekends where things didn’t go as planned. Julia had invited several girl’s for a sleepover on Saturday night to celebrate her 15th birthday. Friday afternoon she started looking a little peaked and by Friday night she was feeling lousy. Saturday morning she cancelled the sleepover and parked herself on the couch, where she has spent the vast majority of the weekend. Poor girl – feverish, headache and all congested. No fun.

So, instead of celebrating her birthday, I snuck out to get her some dvd’s and run a few errands.  I passed a thrift store that supports our local Hospice organization and saw that they had a bunch of office/desk chairs out front. I have been sitting on an older chair that is fairly uncomfortable. I ran in and bought one of their chairs – very comfy and it doesn’t have any arms so it can hug up close to the machine. Yay! While there, I had to at least take a quick peek at their little craft area. Sometime there is fabric there, sometimes not.  I happy to see a few bundles of fat quarters on the shelf which I promptly purchased, brought home, washed, dried and ironed them. I was on a roll!

Love these autumnal prints. Especially the gray/rust piece at the far right.


Here is another bundle.


The black batik and the Asian looking print on the far right are great – the piece in the middle is only so-so.


These two are nice additions as well. Black is always quickly used and I love the geese on the right. Eight fat quarters for about 50 cents each. Score.

I also want to share my May is for Makers pattern for this week. It has been years since I have made a dress but the time has come. I chose the Washi pattern. You may have seen this floating around for a bit. The Washi dress was designed by Rae who blogs at Made by Rae.

washicoversquareI love the neckline and the side pockets on the dress and the fact that the back is shirred with elastic thread. It looks like it will be very comfy which is what I am all about. My list of projects is growing really fast so I’d better get busy!

I need to get to work on:

  • Washi Dress (though I don’t have the fabric for that yet)
  • Fleur Mini
  • 241 Tote for myself (I started pulling fabric for that today)
  • Finish sewing the binding on the Stepping Stones Quilt (almost done!)
  • Prewash fabric and start cutting out the Courtyard Tiles project with my Dear Stella fabric

Ok, get ready, get set, go! What is your list looking like these days?

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11 thoughts on “Thrifting Success & Another Pattern

  1. Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl

    I’m hoping that Julia is feeling much better soon and gets to have a fun celebration later.

    It sounds like you knew just when to stop in at your thrift store! My list is looking very long and time is looking short. Deep breathing and an attempt at better focus is needed…

    1. Bernie Post author

      Thank you Yvonne. She stayed home from school today but she looks better this afternoon.
      Yes, time to stay focused and keep on track. So many project that I want to work on!! There are only so many hours in the day. Take care.

  2. Sarah@123quilt

    You got some great stuff at the thrift store. I never think to look there. Maybe I’ll run into my local shop and see what they have. I hope Julia feels better soon!

    1. Bernie Post author

      Thanks Sarah. Julia stayed home from school today but seems better. Hope you find some treasures at the thrift store. It is very hit and miss. Sometimes there is not a thing interesting there. Good luck!

  3. Lisa McIsaac

    So nice you could adopt those fat quarters to a new home! Have fun with the Washi dress! I made the tunic a couple of years ago but unfortunately it is less than flattering, as it makes me look pregnant. T is cool and comfortable however.

    1. Bernie Post author

      Hi Lisa,

      That’s good to know about the Washi pattern. I will try to avoid any hints of maternity wear! I wondered about the tunic version. It looks really cute. I am fairly short tho so it might not work for me. Take care!

  4. JanineMarie

    Congrats on the thrift store score, although I’m sorry that Julia’s illness was what caused you to stop there. I hope she’s better quickly. It’s no fun having to cancel a sleepover. I’ve seen that washi dress and it made me think that just maybe garment making should make a comeback at my house. So I’ll be watching for how it works out for you. I wonder if it would make up well in a lightweight knit fabric.

  5. Tina Iaquinto

    I think that Washi dress looks so cute, I can’t wait to see the end result. Maybe you should bump that up the priority list to have something that’s just for you (So a sister can see it made?)

  6. Christine Slaughter

    Poor Julia… I hope she is feeling better! Great fabric finds too; it’s rare to find great prints at our thrift stores here. Glad you found some good ones!

    Can’t wait to see the Washi dress! Looks like a wonderful pattern.


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