March Goal

The start of the new month means time to set a quilting goal for March. I am enjoying participating in Sew Bittersweet Designs link up, A Year of Lovely Finishes.  It encourages me to make a plan and have one overall goal to work toward. Something about writing it down helps it to happen.

I am working on a basic patchwork quilt right now. I love the simplicity of a traditional patchwork design. I have been collecting an assortment of neutral fabrics – all shades of cream, taupe and tan, both prints and solids. A few weeks ago I started cutting 3 1/2 inch squares. Luckily my son was home and he cut tons of them for me. I decided to go with 25 rows of 20 squares across so I needed 500 pieces. Ian was a champ – cutting 500 pieces would be major neck pain for me. Yay for having kids – see how it pays off.  (Just kidding Ian – love you!)


In addition to the neutrals, I added a small number of squares that have some red in the print as well as a few red solid squares. I love the neutrals but the addition of the red adds a nice contrast.


As I was piecing squares I started liking the red even more. The evolution of a project, right? I started sketching ideas and decided to piece a heart and include it on the lower half of the quilt. This is turning out quite different than my original plan but that’s ok. I am loving it.


I am usually one to follow patterns and directions. For a long while, I have envied people who can just play with fabric and be ok with that. This quilt is one of the first that I have made without a pattern or a strictly defined plan. Makes for a fun project because I have enjoyed the process of letting things evolve. It has also been a great use of stash I have on hand. I bought the red for the heart but had the rest.

The goal is to have this project finished by the end of March. Piecing the top is almost 1/2 way done so a March finish is more than reasonable. Hoping March brings some decent weather to my northeastern friends!

Linking to ALYOF, Freemotion by the River and Let’s Bee Social.

12 thoughts on “March Goal

  1. Reta Cole

    Dearest Bernie,
    I love the idea of a neutrals quilt. In fact, many years ago, I was house/dog sitting for a couple in
    Alta Sierra for a couple weeks.
    My good friend, Betty Maddox, had made a wedding quilt out of satin neutrals, which gave me an idea.
    I don’t remember how many I used but at the end of two weeks, I had a table cloth.
    I did that occasionally, making a quilted table cloth.

    1. Bernie Post author


      I thought of you tonight when I was at the quilt guild meeting. It was a fun night. Wish you were here!


  2. Lisa

    I also tend to follow patterns and would like to be able to just go with fabric a bit more. I’m glad you could embrace the process. Good luck finishing your project.

    1. Bernie Post author

      Thank you Lisa. It is funny but I think back when I was in school (Catholic school in the 1960’s and 70’s) I was drilled to “color in the lines” – there wasn’t a lot of encouragement to strike out. I am not innately artistic, so this has been a learning process for me. So far so good tho!

      So glad you stopped by. Enjoy your day!


  3. Rachel

    I like those hint of red neutrals that you added. Sometimes quilts just lead you where they want you to go. 😉 Looking good!

    1. Bernie Post author

      I think you are right… It has been fun to work on this and it is certainly different than my original plan. Glad you stopped by!

      Take care,

  4. Mari

    This is so great! I loved the idea of a totally neutrals quilt but adding the heart is just genius. Fantastic! Hope you enjoy your weekend!


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