Quilts, Projects and a Fun App

The Mercyful Quilts continue to arrive! I have a large stack of quilts to deliver to the hospital and I know they will be thrilled to have them.

Lots of boxes to recycle as I open the beauties!

Pieced by Tina C from Delaware.

Most of the quilts are from the Positivity QAL, hosted by Sew Preeti Quilts. However I also received two quilts from Tina C in Delaware. Tina has contributed to Mercy before and she is a fantastic quilter. I really like this sampler in particular though.

Isn’t this the cutest?

Up at the top, there is the sweetest pup appliquéd to the quilt. It is about ten inches tall and such a fun surprise when you look through the quilt.

Also made by Tina C.

This smaller lap quilt is a pretty one. I do love Dresdens! This will be so sweet for a petite patient.

From Wendy!!

This Positivity quilt was sent to us from Wendy of Pieceful Thoughts. This one is particularly fun for me because she used a bundle of fat quarters from my shop. A couple of years ago I held an event selling a series of blogger bundles and Wendy collected them. This bundle was curated by Quilting Jetgirl. It is fun to see the bundle made into a quilt.

Made by Mary R in New Mexico

This quilt came at the same time as Wendy’s which was sort of fun because they have a very similar vibe.

With Mary’s quilt, there is such a subtle shade difference in the strips connecting the pluses. Isn’t that a cool design? Your eye is really drawn to the pluses. Great idea Mary!

There are so many more quilts and I will share more in the next post. I am so grateful to Preeti for cooking up this event and have heard rumblings she may do it again next year! Prize winners for the finished quilts will be announced on Monday, the 6th of September. If you (like me) didn’t finish your quilt yet, that is ok too! Finish it when time allows because Mercy Hospital is always in need of quilts. We will welcome it at any time.

Painting is not nearly as fun as quilting

As for me, I continue to be distracted from the sewing room. This week my husband painted the master bathroom. It looks so fresh – we have been wanting to clean up this bathroom for a long time now. I painted these cabinets for him out in the garage. We shared the painting duty on the bathroom door because I was waylaid by a migraine. The cabinets and the door are back in place and the bathroom looks wonderful!

Time to clean those boots!

Julia is getting ready for college to start up this year. She goes back on campus which will be so much fun. She has been packing and organizing her things. Her boots are ready to go for her beef production lab this quarter. in the upperclassman housing, she has a suite with three other women. They will share the common space and kitchen. Julia has collected quite a set of kitchen supplies through hand me downs from her older brothers so she will have a nice kitchen set up. We take her down to campus in another ten days or so.

Playing Memory together

I have been meaning to share this fun app for quite a while now. This is something I really enjoy using with my grand daughter. For the past year or so, we have played together, read books, had silly conversations and colored pictures using the Caribu app. It is a really nice way for me to stay in touch with her. I love getting a text from her (on my son’s phone of course) asking if I have time to play Caribu with her. (By the way, this is not an affiliate link – just a very cool product that I wanted to share with you.) Caribu has games, books, drawing, worksheets, addition and subtraction, matching, working with sounds and numbers, and mazes – plus more I am not remembering at the moment.

Peter Rabbit – a classic!

There are a large number of books to read and they are divided into age groups or subject categories. The selection of books isn’t exactly Newberry quality. But for our purpose, it is fine. She loves picking books out. Right now Angelina Ballerina is one of her favorites and we read them quite often. The user can mark something as a favorite so it is easy to find again.

A delicious ice cream cone.

Drawing is another favorite. At four years old, she usually needs me to draw the item first and talk about each step so she can relate it to the pictures on the right. Then she tries to do it herself. I love seeing her facial expressions as she works on her drawing.

We spend a lot of time together this way and it is really a special way for her to have time with her Grammy. She has some older cousins who also read books on Caribu to her. There is a subscription fee which can be paid monthly or annually. The free version is available but is very limiting because you can only do a few activities each month – but if you want to try it out, that is a great way to do it. One suggestion, it is nice to look through some of the activities ahead of time. Once we get on the computer together, H is so excited and doesn’t want me to have to ‘figure out’ where something is, or how it works. It is easier to take a quick peek at the screen before we start a call. I have found it works better on a tablet than on my laptop (though I am not sure why?) Enough on this – I think it is a fun time spent with H and if you have a distance grand parenting thing going on and want to have another way to stay in touch with your grandchildren, give it a try.

My shop inventory is disappearing quickly – It looks so strange downstairs with only a few shelves of fabric left. At 40% off, there are still some bargains to be had. I expect I will be officially retired by mid-September. Woohoo!!!

16 thoughts on “Quilts, Projects and a Fun App

  1. Diann@LittlePenguinQuilts

    So glad to see those Positivity quilts coming in and others being donated, too! And thank you for the encouragement to those of us slowpokes! Sending lots of good thoughts for Julia to have a great year – so many kids’ freshman year experience was hijacked by Covid. That app for connecting with your granddaughter looks great!

    1. Bernie Post author

      You and me – we will just plug along and get it done. Sooner or later. Thank you for the good wishes for Julia. I sure hope this is a great experience for her. So far her collegiate years have been very unusual and not all that fun. Maybe this year will change all that.

  2. Roseanne

    Hi Bernie! Oh, that quilt with the puppy on it. My heart just burst with love for that!!! Can’t you just imagine the comfort that will bring someone – they can name it, and talk to it, and imagine all the love pouring out of that puppy’s whole being. Gosh. That just brings tears to my eyes. What a fabulous collection of goodness! YAYAYAYAYAYAY for rumblings of another. I may have been spreading that rumor – unconfirmed, mind you. It’s going to happen one way or another – HAHAHA! College and polishing the boots – I used to love doing that. I’ll bet Julia is excited to get back to a near-normal college existence. Thanks so much for the app suggestion. We have a four-year-old that loves new challenges. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Bernie Post author

      Hmmm, you were instrumental in getting us another QAL next year?? Thank you so much – that is a great thing! I bet your four year old would love a little Caribu time with you. It is also helpful when Mom or Dad needs time to do something. I know my son appreciates it when he is trying to get something taken care of or is dealing with a fussy little sister.

  3. Wendy Tuma

    So glad to see my quilt arrived, and so many other pretty ones! The quilt with the dog is so fun. Yay for getting some painting done – you two make a good team 🙂 That look on Julia’s face – haha – I’m so glad she gets to head back to campus, and her living situation sounds like a great one. What a great app for spending virtual time with H!

    1. Bernie Post author

      Hey Wendy – lots has been going on around here so not a whole lot of sewing. I keep thinking that will change but not so far. I miss my sewing time. Soon, I hope, very soon!

  4. Laurie Lasala-Tuttle

    Yay for Julia, such excitement getting ready for college! The quilts sent to you are all lovely, no matter the pattern used. Please remind me as to the sizes needed at the hospital Bernie. My 1st grandbaby is only 4 months old, but the app sounds wonderful for when she’s older. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Bernie Post author

      Too bad you are so far south – I was thinking we could meet up sometime in San Luis but when I looked at the map, you are a ways down there. Oh well…. Congrats on your grand baby. Isn’t it the best? I hope she lives near you so you can see her often. Email me a picture sometime. I would love to see her!

  5. Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl

    It is so awesome to see all the quilts you are receiving due to Preeti’s lovely idea. And it’s neat that Wendy and Mary’s quilts arrived on the same day and compliment one another so well! We only have a bit of trim and final caulking to do to finish our bathroom work; it’s amazing what some paint can do, isn’t it? And last but certainly not least, staying connected with family is such a blessing. Sounds like you’ve found a great way to connect with your granddaughter!

    1. Bernie Post author

      Oh my gosh, our bathroom looks so much nicer! We keep saying, why didn’t we do this a long time ago?? There are always so many projects and one gets pushed aside for the next one. I know you get that. Next on the list is painting our bedroom. I think we will do that next week. We have some company coming this weekend but after that. Yahoo! I don’t really like the process of painting but afterward everything looks so nice!

  6. Mari

    I love seeing all the Mercy quilts rolling in. Each one is so different, though most of them use the same pattern.The dog applique is very sweet. And that looks like such a fun app! Where would we be without Zoom and other technology? Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope Julia has fun getting ready to go back to school.

    1. Bernie Post author

      Technology serves us well (for the most part). My mom saved letters we wrote to her over the years and I recently read a few of them. Sending pictures back and forth – telling her to share them with other family members. By the time they saw the pictures so much time had gone by and the child in the picture had changed once again. I do love seeing my kids and grand kids on a regular basis – even if it is virtually.

  7. Kathleen McCormick

    So many great things in this blog post – Mercyful Quilts, polished boots, newly painted cabinet doors. It sure has been busy in your house!

  8. Emily

    So nice to see such pretty quilts coming in for Mercyful quilts. I did not get to participate so I hope Preeti does do it again next year. Here’s hoping your shop sells out quickly and you can move on to retirement!

    1. Bernie Post author

      Thank you Emily – the shelves are nearly empty. I am thinking another week or so and it will a done deal! Crazy, huh? Hope all is well. Will you son be doing school online or in person?


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