Positivity Quiltalong-Winners!

Hello all – I was supposed to post this yesterday but it was totally forgotten. I am so sorry. We had a such a nice weekend with my son and his wife in town visiting. My parents and two of my sisters, plus one wonderful niece were able to come for dinner on Saturday night. It was a lovely weekend filled with visiting and family time. Unfortunately, writing this post up was completely overlooked. Before I announce the winners, let me thank Preeti and all of the amazing quilters who participated in this event benefitting Mercyful Quilts. Currently I have received 21 quilts and there are several more on the way or in process (including my own which has gotten a bit closer to the flimsy stage.) To see a parade of quilts, those received and those on the way, check out this post by Preeti. She also announced another quilt along for summer of 2022 which is so exciting!

Without further chit chat, here are the winners (in no particular order)!!

Judy Blauer – a wonderful scrap pack curated and donated by Preeti

Roseanne Nelson – the fat quarter bundle of Mystical Land, designed by Maureen Cracknell and donated by Art Gallery Fabric

Nikki Moshier – the fat quarter bundle of West Palm, designed by Katie Skoog and donated by Art Gallery Fabric

Bonnie Stapleton – a five piece bundle of Mayfair with a yard of coordinating yardage donated by yours truly!

Wendy Tuma – $25 certificate to Hancock’s of Paducah

Liz Arbaugh – the 1/2 yard bundle of Geometric Bliss, designed by Jeni Baker and donated by Art Gallery Fabric

Sylvia from Treadle Stitches – a wonderful scrap pack curated and donated by Preeti

This wraps up the 2021 Positivity Quiltalong. If you have quilts in process, I am very excited to see them. Send them when you are ready. Winners will be notified by email this morning!! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!!!

Because any post is a bore without a picture, here is my sweet girl after snitching a chocolate out of the box of See’s she was thrilled to find! Pretty much the same expression I have after a piece of good chocolate.

16 thoughts on “Positivity Quiltalong-Winners!

  1. Wendy Tuma

    Oh! I’m so excited to see my name in the list of winners! Thank you! Thanks too, to both you and Preeti for putting this fun QAL together, Bernie! I’m delighted to have made a quilt for the Mercy Hospital recipients. That photo of A is just delightful – I feel the same about chocolate!

  2. Katie

    Congrats to all the winners! (I’m a little jealous, but in reality, I don’t need a thing!) I’m excited to hear the final tally once boxes finish arriving!

  3. Liz Arbaugh

    Wow! Very excited to see my name on the list thank you, thank you, thank you. This was a fun QAL a a good challenge for me to only use from my stash.

    Love! The pic of your granddaughter. That’s exactly how I feel about good chocolate.

    1. Bernie Post author

      I can’t eat chocolate as it sometimes triggers a migraine but yes, I do love it and totally relate to that joyous smile of hers!!

  4. Judy K Blauer

    How exciting to have my name chosen for a prize! I had such a good time finding fabrics in my stash and having the long turn around time to build a quilt. The best part was knowing these quilts will go to special patients and families! Thank you so much Preeti and Bernie for all the work you did! And thanks too, to the bloggers and vendors who donated prizes! As soon as my squishy package arrives, I’ll share it on my blog! Thanks!

  5. Roseanne

    Hi Bernie (and Preeti)! How apropos that you have received 21 (so far) quilts for the 2021 charity quilt drive?!! That just means that we need a commitment for 22 in 22. Since unexpectedly winning a FQ bundle of fabric now – how cool is that, by the way???!!! It seems this bundle is just destined to be a donation quilt for the future. Maybe the next drive will feature a different block but however these pretties are used, they will be fulfilling a plan already in place. I’ll just be the sewing vessel. Thank you so much to both of you. What a blessing you both are to a Mercyful charity that makes such an impact. I am proud to have been included. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Bernie Post author

      I don’t know that she had experienced a whole chunk of chocolate prior to this. I think she couldn’t believe her good luck coming across a box of See’s. Luckily her parents discovered her with the box before too many pieces had been tasted!!

  6. Kathleen McCormick

    Congratulations to the winners and the biggest winner of all, Mercyful Quilts. Thanks for helping to host the whole thing, it was really fun!

  7. JanineMarie

    Congrats to all the winners! And to you for receiving all those quilts. Wonderful! I can’t stop giggling at that photo of that silly little chocolate thief. She has good taste.


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