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Hurray – It’s Friday!! When you work at home, it doesn’t really matter as much that Friday rolls around, does it? But I still love that feeing of heading into the weekend. It is probably just ingrained in me from the years of being in school, working, having kids in school – Fridays are a great day!

I am popping in with just a few things to tell you. Before we get started, you may have noticed the incredibly beautiful hatching chick in the picture above. Julia made it in first grade and it makes me smile to remember those days. Do you keep your kids Objet d’art from way back when?

Ok, the first point of discussion is about commenting on various blog posts. There has always been this glitch in commenting on certain blog posts since I use WordPress for my blog. I know about fixing the no-reply issue and I have done that a couple of times but things are always changing and once again, there are many blogs I cannot comment on directly.

Additionally, those blogs I can comment on (that are not on a WordPress platform) usually have a Captcha process to go through. I don’t mind this for the most part. Many of the blogs have it set so I usually have to click one round of objects (you know, the fire hydrant, traffic light, bus, car, cross walk or store front) but there are some blogs where I have to go through five and six rounds. To be completely honest, after the 3rd round or so, I just give up. It becomes a bother.

Instead of just reading posts and not commenting, I have started to comment directly by using a blog reader. I have used Bloglovin for years to organize the blogs I follow and to keep track of those following me via Bloglovin. A while back they added a feature where a reader can comment on a post right there. It is not heavily used but it is so convenient. It does mean the author of the post has to check Bloglovin to see those comments. I cannot figure out a setting where they will notify me if I have a post comment on Bloglovin. That would be a great feature, so maybe one day. I just wanted to let people know that they might want to check Bloglovin and see if there are comments from yours truly or others on their posts. Not the perfect solution but I am going to continue to do this and see how it goes. At least I am trying to interact and not just lurk behind the scenes.

Springtime blocks.

As for sewing, I have been working on these cute blocks. This line is called Floriography. I had purchased a stack of it at least three years ago. I began a Tula Pink quilt with it but hated the way the blocks looked. I clearly didn’t know what I was doing and it gives me a headache just to look at those blocks! So, I decided to throw in some solids from my wonderful closet of stash and make these blocks. I want to make more blocks with the darker blue and pink before I really work on the layout. I am using a pattern (tutorial really) by Cluck Cluck Sew. I had pinned it long ago and decided this is a great use for it. I am looking forward to making more of these and putting it together.

This weekend Julia selects her piggy for this year. She is pretty excited (actually, so am I!). My son and his wife are coming for a little family time and my parents are coming to dinner tomorrow night as well. I am thinking steak and shrimp for dinner with peach cobbler for dessert. This should make for a great weekend! Family time, baby pigs, and good food. What more does this girl need?

Check out my Forsythia blooms! So pretty this time of year!

I cut some to bring in the house. The blossoms always drop everywhere but it doesn’t bother me. I love the bright yellow indoors!

Through this weekend!

Remember – there is a great sale on Michael Miller Fabric over at my shop. Today and through the weekend, it is 50% off. There are some great stripes for quilt bindings and a few large scale prints that would make wonderful quilt backs. Come take a look! Have a great weekend everyone! Linking with Myra at Busy Hands Quilts for Finished or Not Friday.

15 thoughts on “Little Updates

  1. Katherine

    Hey Bernie!
    Iā€™m looking forward to seeing the new
    baby pig. ā¤ļø
    Have a great weekend with your family!

    1. Bernie Post author

      Hi Katherine, I will post a few pictures of the new piggy next week. It is a fun time of year around here! Take care.

  2. Janice Holton

    Hi Bernie! I got a lot of good input that day I had people do test comments. First question for you, are you using a Mac computer? I got a great comment from Rebecca at Cognoscenti about how she resolved her problem of having to click on pictures. And second question, if I go to Bloglovin to see if there are any comments for me, where do I look? Can you e-mail me a screen shot of where I should go? I had no idea you could comment that way!

    1. Bernie Post author

      Hi there – I will go back to your post and look through the comments. I do use a Mac laptop so that might be part of it. Also, I will send a screen shot to you with a few notes. Looks like there are a number of people who might want some info on Bloglovin as a blog reader so I will try to write up a post on that next week. Take care and have a great weekend.

  3. Danice

    Bloglovin’ is wonderful, I also have been using it for years. I will check my account for your comments. Yeah, recently Blogger stopped comments from OpenID, which includes WordPress users. Now all who comment need a Google account to comment on Blogger. They also recently ended Google+. I also have had a WordPress blog for about eight years, in which I blog about subjects that are not quilting/sewing related (but still family-friendly). The commenting issue actually has nothing to do with being a No Reply blogger, as they call it. No one is required to make their email address public (dangerous!) in order to comment on Blogger or WordPress. Great sale in your shop- thanks for the heads-up on that.

  4. Rebecca Grace

    Ugh — I LOATHE the Captcha nonsense! Especially after the fourth or fifth time and trying to click those stupid pictures that I can barely see on my PHONE screen… I feel your pain! But I don’t know how to check Bloglovin for comments. I’m not even sure what that is, what it’s used for, or how to “get there?”

    1. Bernie Post author

      Hi Rebecca – You apparently are not alone in being unfamiliar with Bloglovin. I will write up a post on it next week with some hints. Thanks for sympathizing with me on the Captcha crazinesss!!

  5. Linda (txquiltgal on IG)

    I’ve kept many things my kids made, but since we’ve moved so much the last few years, I’ve given many of them to my kids. šŸ˜‰
    Your weekend with family sounds like so much fun, especially the peach cobbler!
    You are much kinder than I am, Bernie. Like Rebecca in her comment, I hate CAPTCHA. There are only a couple of blogs on which I comment that have that, and I do it because I really like those folks – lol! But I have comments on my blog subject to my approval, so no one has to go through that crazy process with blurry pictures and “Please try again” – UGH!
    I have received comments from you on my blog, but let me know if you have trouble commenting on mine, and I’ll open up a Bloglovin’ account.

    1. Bernie Post author

      Thank you Linda. I think I will write up a few tips on Bloglovin next week. Even if you don’t use it yourself as a blog reader, it is a good idea to go over there to ‘claim your blog’ and see who is following you there. Also good to have a Bloglovin button on your site so people who prefer that way of reading blogs can click and follow you there. More coming soon!

  6. Linda (txquiltgal on IG)

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I have tried periodically for many years to figure out WordPress. I have a blog there but I cannot figure out how to make it “mine”. I’ve even tried tutorials. I’m computer literate and unafraid of new things, so I don’t know if it’s because Blogger is so ingrained in me or what. I like many of the features I see on WordPress, so it’s a shame!

  7. Louise Hornor

    I like what you’ve got so far with the Floriography! That’s going to be really beautiful.

    If my Blogger blog is one of the ones you’re struggling with, I’m sorry about that! I usually just skip the step that says “Prove you’re not a robot” and just send the comment. That often eliminates the silly “click on all the stop signs” thingie.

    If you need to avoid comments on my blog, I completely understand. No sense in being frustrated here in our happy quilting part of the internet! Personally, I despise Bloglovin’, so I understand having to just say, “Enough!” šŸ™‚

    1. Bernie Post author

      I had NO IDEA you could just skip the silly prove you’re-not-a-robot box! I am such a rule follower so I always check it. Thanks for the tip!

  8. Mari

    I love your picture of the forsythia in a blue vase on top of your little table topper, with the print on the wall. What a great vignette! I, too, hate the “click on the picture” thing. I’m just no good at them at all. Apparently I can’t recognize cars and I get the dreaded “unable to authenticate.” Usually I just give up, too. I think a bunch of people set that up when the blog started and just forgot, so they don’t even know they have it on their blogs. Never even thought about checking Bloglovin for comments.

    Hope Julia has fun choosing a piglet!

  9. Allison

    Ooo! Yes! The whole leaving comments thing drives me mad! Things have got worse since I switched from – I get in such a muddle trying to respond to bloggers who use different platforms and receive loads of ‘mail delivery failed’ notices despite seeing my comments up on the pages…. You can tell I’m not computer savvy. It’s such a shame as one of my main aims with my blog is to encourage links between members of the Worldwide Quilting Community šŸ™

  10. Preeti Harris

    Spring is indeed such a beautiful time of the year, especially here in North America. We have a bush of those yellow flowers – Forsythia. And I just might clip a stem and bring the sunshine indoors. I am sure your weekend was super-busy but super-fun.


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