Owning Our Imperfections

Not sure if you read my previous blog post but I want to remind everyone that on April 1st (next week) I am hosting an event inviting everyone to share their mistakes, goofs, boo-boos and misunderstandings about quilting (or sewing in general)! It is often disconcerting to look at the world of perfection that is usually shared on social media. There are some who generously share their errors along with their gorgeous quilts. But it isn’t often enough. At times, this leads to a feeling of discouragement. Surely I am not the only one who has scrolled Instagram and come away feeling like everyone’s quilts are so much better than mine. Quilting isn’t done to one-up the next person but it is hard to avoid this feeling. Maybe it just depends on my state of mind on any given day but it happens.

Let’s build each other up by taking a view of quilting in real life! Share a mistake you made, chuckle at yourself, explain how it taught you something or maybe how you fixed it. (If you threw it out, explain why you decided to). This will be so much fun!

From our very generous sponsor, Art Gallery Fabric

Plus prizes… who doesn’t like prizes??? We have a very generous gift from Art Gallery Fabric. They have donated a fat quarter bundle of Matchmade, a gorgeous new line of blenders featuring deliciously saturated tones. Designed by Pat Bravo, this bundle has 20 different pieces which means this bundle is a gift of five yards of fabric from AGF to one lucky winner!

More prizes!!!

Look, more prizes! Kirsty at Bonjour Quilts has provided three PDF patterns! Have you seen her work? So many wonderful patterns to choose from! Leanne at Devoted Quilter has given a PDF pattern too! Another talented designer, Leanne has an assortment of striking patterns in her shop. She also has several free ones that are tempting me as I write this! Linda of My Sew-Called Quilts has provided two mini charm packs of Grunge. There isn’t one of us that wouldn’t love these cute bits of Grunge!! (Please note – I am limiting the fat quarter bundle prize to the US only. Shipping is so darn expensive and the size of the bundle makes it prohibitive for me to ship outside of the US. If you have a US address I can ship to, go ahead and let me know that so I can include you!)

As for Needle & Foot, one gift certificate for $30 is also in the mix. This makes six fun prizes – awarded by a random drawing of those who link up! Yay! Event begins on April 1st (very appropriate way to celebrate April Fool’s Day!) and closes Friday, April 5th. Winners drawn and announced on Saturday, April 6th.

OK – think about learning to quilt…. remember all of those mistakes and frustrations. Share your experiences so we can all share a laugh and realize no one, NO ONE, was born with a magical ability to create award winning quilts. We all learned, we all began somewhere. That’s real life quilting.

15 thoughts on “Owning Our Imperfections

  1. Lee

    Bernie, this is a great idea! I can think of two recent mistakes that’s I’ve made in projects. One I just left even though I gifted it to my sister-in-law. The other still sits in my basket of things to work on 😊
    Will we be posting photos or just sharing our stories?

    1. Bernie Post author

      I don’t know of a way for you to post a photo. But I would love for you to tell your story in a comment. I look forward to reading this!!!

  2. SarahZ

    I just made a “false start” a couple days ago myself! This will be fun Bernie! I will squeeze it in among my Finish A Long posts, but I will be there! 🙂

    1. Bernie Post author

      I think it will be fun too – and maybe reassuring to see others making the same silly mistakes as me. Well, different but mistakes all the same, know what I mean?

  3. Roseanne

    Hi Bernie! I’ve got my post all ready to go. I wrote after I read your first mention of this fun event. I think I’ll add another post on the 31st reminding people about the fun and to get their post ready. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Edith Csokmay

    Oh Bernie, thank you for sharing this post and invitation. I dont try to one up anyone, but i can relate to your assessment s about perfection. I dont try to one up because i always feel inferior in what i make. I remind myself that its a journey and because of it, ive met some pretty fantastic people who i think are helping to make me a better person. Looking forward to sharing 😃

  5. Michele T

    There isn’t a sewing session where I don’t goof up somehow… I’ll have to pick the best one… but probably not the most embarrassing one! Lol

  6. Wendy

    Well, my biggie for this week was on a test pattern and literally made me laugh out loud. I won’t be able to show that (unless the designer releases the pattern this week), but I did have another slightly less humorous boo-boo, so I can share that. Meanwhile, I’ll see if I can go to my “mentally blocked out” brain closet and recall others, because there have been quite a few!

  7. Genevieve Gerrard

    This is a nice idea! It’s always good to get a reminder that social media is carefuIly selected snapshots and not the full story. I will get a post up and join in the fun.

    1. Bernie Post author

      Hi Rose, Leaving the link to your post in this comment is perfect. I am looking forward to reading it. Thanks so much for sharing with us!


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