Make Wall Quilts – Book Review & Giveaway

Today I would like to share a book review with you.  C & T Publishing asked me to review one of their new books, Make Wall Quilts: 11 Little Projects to Sew (Make Series). In a nutshell, I would say I love everything about the book except for the title.  The title didn’t grab me and as I clicked on the link to the book, I was going in with a negative attitude.  Luckily the actual book is wonderful.  I suppose this means one shouldn’t judge a book by its title!

This book is a compilation of eleven different wall, or mini, quilts.  Each is from a different, well known quilt designer.  There are projects from Camille Roskelly, Kim Schaefer, Rebecca Bryan and Heidi Staples in the book as well as several others.  Taking projects from books previously published by the designers is a genius idea as it provides a variety of styles in one book.  You probably know just from reading the names above that the book contains modern and traditional projects made with a variety off techniques.  I am a fan of reading quilt books (no surprise there!) but each one usually has a particular theme or style to it.  With this book, the quilter can try a variety of styles and techniques. The projects are not large which means they are easily accomplished.

Well, all except one!  For me the Huckleberry Quilt designed by Rebecca  Bryan looks challenging and maybe out of my skill range.  But this is a good thing – it further affirms the book has something for everyone from the beginner to the more experienced quilter.  The fact that this riff on a color wheel requires 72 different color fabrics is enough to intimidate me.  I have enough difficulty choosing color and if I had to choose 72 different solids I might go right over the edge. But while you are here, take a look at the quilting on this piece.  Stunning!

The reader might choose to make a modern applique project or a traditional one. I really like the look of this quilt designed by Jennifer Dick, appropriately called Mod. Again just take a look at the quilting here. Gorgeous!

Quilters who favor traditional applique might enjoy this one.  Called Outside In, this project was designed by Becky Goldsmith. It is a larger piece, finishing at 30″ x 36″ but very doable.  I love the cat at the top.  She has attitude.

Quilters without improv piecing experience might like to learn from the Lazy Log Cabin project designed by Laura Wasilowski. The blocks in the piece are six inches with the total quilt finishing at 17″ square.  It is Laura’s use of bold color which makes this project stand out to me.

Most of the projects in this book could easily be expanded to a larger size quilt if the reader wanted to make a baby or lap size quilt with the project.  This further exemplifies the flexibility of the book.  I really give high praise to C & T for curating this great selection of projects and publishing them in one book.

C&T has generously offered a copy of the e-book to give away to one lucky reader. But if you are not the winner, I do recommend purchasing this book, either for your library or as a gift.  It is a lovely collection of a variety of projects, truly a something-for-everyone kind of book.

To enter to win a copy, please leave a comment on this post.   Tell me what your favorite quilting technique is at the moment.  Is it EPP, paper piecing, improv piecing, traditional block piecing, applique? What do you enjoy most?  Giveaway will be open until Friday and I will pick a winner on Saturday.

If you would like to purchase the hard copy of the book, it is on sale at Amazon for a steal of a price! (Affiliate Link)

I doubt I will post again this week so let me wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I do love this time of year. Celebrating gratitude for all we are blessed with feels good and reminds us that even if we are enduring difficulty, we still have much to be thankful for.

Note:  Needle & Foot is an Amazon Affiliate meaning if you were to click through and purchase the book, I will receive a small stipend for the purchase.

42 thoughts on “Make Wall Quilts – Book Review & Giveaway

  1. Samantha Linehan

    I would love this book! I like to try all different styles for quilts. My favorite right now is a modern preferred pumpkin quilt I made that had an applique Jack o lantern face hiding in there.

  2. lee

    I love traditional piecing or small EPP projects! Thank you – This book looks great! Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  3. Ali

    This looks like a great book! I just finished several quilts using paper piecing and I really enjoy the precision that method imparts! Love the 72 different fabric one – that would be a challenge!

  4. Susan Spiers

    Any project that includes paper-piecing is a draw for me! I am venturing into EPP after the holidays (some hexies) , we’ll see how that goes! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours! Thank you, Susan

  5. Donna

    I like piecing the best, but today I am going To give paper piecing a try..
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Linda Williamson

    I’ve fallen in love with foundation paper piecing, but I’ll always continue to make quilts with traditional pieced blocks. Thanks for the giveaway and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  7. Angela J Short

    What a cool book! I enjoy traditional piecing right now. Thank you for the opportunity to win. angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  8. Wendy

    If I have a day to quilt anything I want, it will be improv. I am a rule follower in almost everything, so my love of improv is a bit of a surprise to me. It is a place where I can go where no one can tell me what I have to do or how I have to do it. No rulers (except for squaring the blocks), no rigid seam allowances, just whatever happens, happens. I am new to improv, but it definitely stirs a passion in me. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with you and yours, Bernie!

  9. Cheryl

    This looks like a really cool book. My favorite technique is traditional piecing, followed by foundation paper piecing for a close second.

  10. Anita Jackson

    I enjoy sitting at the sewing machine and listening to the hum doing traditional piecing, now if all those sewn bits could only iron themselves and get back into the the sewing pile~ what a dream! Have a blessed week!

  11. GloryB

    At the moment, my favourite technique is fused Interchange Applique as taught by Gillian Travis at a ckass i did in August. She is a good teacher and was an inspiration.

  12. Preeti

    Wow, love all of the sneak peek projects. My favorite would have to be improv piecing. Just finished two scrap vortex quilts and I am so happy 🙂

  13. Aleta Groat

    This book looks SO intriguing! Thanks for the opportunity to maybe win it! My favorite quilting technique is art quilting — thread painting, shredded fabric art — any technique that allows me to spread my imagination wings and take off without being bound by specific instructions in a pattern. However, I love to make quilts from pieced patterns also and my favorite technique in that realm would be foundation paper piecing!

  14. Melody Lutz

    Epp…being a caregiver to my mother – she sees 5 doctors and related lab visits. Epp is my busy bag…keeping my sanity while waiting. 3 years into it…about 70 percent done!

  15. Helen G

    Right now I am enjoying making some small projects, wallhangings, table runners, table toppers. I enjoy the critical measuring and piecing that is required for them and also, the quicker time frame to finish them up. New for me after making bedsize quilts for years. Thanks for the giveaway. Would love this book!

  16. Roseanne

    Hi Bernie,
    What a great collection of techniques. There has to be something for just about everyone. My favorite technique is probably traditional piecing, but I have been enjoying appliqué more and more thanks to several QALs I am participating in. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! ~smile~ Roseanne

  17. Janet T

    I love to hand applique. It helps me through the sufferings of mindless TV that hubby watches. The Huckleberry Quilt is gorgeous! Wow! 100x’s over!

  18. Kathy h

    Right now traditional piecing is my favorite. But looking at some of those projects makes me want to try some appliqué. The book looks great but I agree with you about the title. Still looks like a good book to try.

  19. kate lecluyse

    Thank you for the chance to win this great book !
    Recently I love to make blocks with curved seams,
    Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  20. Nancy A

    Right now I have two projects going. I am doing 6 pointed stars separated by hexagons using the EPP method. I also am doing a raw edge appliqué of 4 horse heads who is a senior at Murray State University in Kentucky. Their team is the Racers. The borders will be the school colors.

  21. Shasta

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I have a hard time to sticking to any one technique, but for now, my favorite is applique – more of the improv, art-quilt type, than the traditional perfection type.

  22. Chris K

    I like traditional block piecing, but I’ve got some appliqué projects lined up. Not sure I have the patience, but I’m going to try.

  23. Elizabeth Bolton

    I’m doing a “transparency” quilt right now and am quite taken with this tecnique!
    Love the projects in this book, too – it’s going on my wish list!

  24. Elana goldbetg

    I love the idea of turning some of these into baby quilts. I am doing enjoying a little paper piecing right now. I also am thinking about a strip quilt to use up my abundant blue scraps.

  25. Nancy St. Ivany

    I’ve been experimenting with surface design using dyes and paint. I think I could turn some of this fabric into a wall quilt, and this book would be a great inspiration.
    I’d love to win a copy!
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  26. Kate

    You make it sound such an interesting book Bernie. I love the idea of different quilters with different styles and levels of quilting difficulty, something to grow with.

  27. Eileen Maher

    Just finished a quilt, combining piecing and applique…next project, some Christmas decorations! Looks like good book to have on hand!


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