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Hi Everyone.  I am pleased, and somewhat surprised, to see the wonderful response I got from yesterday’s post about the blouse I made. I also posted it on Instagram and got quite a bit of discussion going there as well. It seems like numerous readers are interested in trying to sew a simple blouse.

How would you feel about my hosting a sew along?  I would need some time to plan it out but I think I could get it going and host it in the summer – maybe begin the event at the end of June?

Here is the basic structure I am thinking about:

  1. I will select a few patterns, post the list of suggestions and take input – we can decide as a group which pattern to make. Then we would wait for a week or two while people purchase their pattern.
  2. I will prepare the “lessons” so that we can work together slowly and go through the steps to make the shirt or blouse.
  3. First post would be about selecting fabric and listing any notions we might need.
  4. 2nd post would be fabric prep.
  5. 3rd post would be cutting out the pattern
  6. 4th post would be first steps in sewing
  7. 5th post would be second steps in sewing
  8. 6th post would be finishing steps (eg finishing, hemming, details to polish the project)
  9. 7th post we will share photos of how gorgeous we look wearing the new top. We could link to the blog or I could set up a little Facebook group so we can share as we go.

I think this would be such a fun thing to do with whomever is interested. Please let me know in the comments if this strikes your fancy. If say, more than one person (?) is interested – we are on!  Would you like to stretch a bit and learn something new? Want to get to know your fellow lovers of fabric and sewing? Here is your opportunity!! If for some reason, June isn’t going to work for you, the sew along posts will live for eternity here on the blog. You can always come back to it when you have the time. I will be happy to answer questions via the comments.

19 thoughts on “Proposed Sew Along

  1. Kathy in WV

    Sounds wonderful…and lots of fun! I can hardly wait. (ps…I didn’t comment yesterday but the blouse is lovely—I immediately went to ebay to find a copy of the pattern….:) )

  2. Anny Schomburg

    Before cutting of fabric, there needs to be flat pattern measuring as paper patterns are sized for a size B cup. And talk about adjusting the bust and other parts of pattern.

  3. Susan Spiers

    Loved your blouse-I can see one for me with a little longer sleeve option. SAL is a great idea!, Would love to have options available-eg. different sleeve lengths on a blouse and/or shirt length, etc. (I think most patterns have these options anyway).

  4. Lisa

    I love your blouse as well…. I might do the sew along …I seem to be overwhelmed with sew alongs right now…so I’ll see how things are in the spring.

  5. Pam Ralston

    I’m interested! I’ve sewn tons of children’s clothes and have trouble “fitting” myself. I’d love some tips and a sew along! Clothing is definitely different than quilting in many ways, seam allowances, fabrics, everything! Great idea and your blouse looks great!

  6. Kathy E.

    I am interested in a blouse sew-along! The end of June seems to be a great time for me. I used to sew many of my clothes, but somewhere along the line quilting took over big time! I’d enjoy getting back to it to make something for myself. I’m in!

  7. JanineMarie

    I just might be ready for this! My biggest fear is fit. That was what got me away from sewing clothing. I didn’t have the patience to alter patterns–and then I discovered that quilts didn’t (usually) have to fit. ?

  8. Mary R

    Loved your blouse! I would like to join the sew along. I haven’t done any garment sewing in years. Like someone else said quilts don’t have to fit.

  9. Tamj Draxler

    I would be interested! I want to do some garment sewing for myself but lack confidence, and, never want to take time away from quilting. A sew along would help me go step by step, AND be something to look forward to, so I wouldn’t mind devoting time to it. This is a good idea. And, your blouse is adorable!

  10. Eleni

    I would love to be part of this!!! I have only made one dress for myself, but would love to learn something new and follow step by step instructions!! loved your top too!!!

  11. Claudia W

    I think this would be just the thing to get me back into sewing garments! Thank you, for offering. It should be fun!

  12. Melody Srygley

    The sew along sounds like lots of fun!
    I’ve been eyeing the new Trevi Top by Heh June. It comes in sizes 2-22 and B to D cups. (A $10 PDF.) It’s a simple sleeveless top and you can see samples on A Happy Stitch and Fa Sew La blogs. The top has a button back, a pretty feature I’d like to practice! (It’s been a while!)

  13. Kristie Cook

    This sounds like fun & June is great for me. School’s out for summer & I have extra time. Although I’m a fairly experienced garment sewer (sewed my own wedding dress) it will great to do it a little at a time & share with other sewers. I plan on having a mostly me-made wardrobe before the end of the year!

  14. jan welander

    Sounds like fun…I was just thinking about making some tops for this summer. I used to make all my clothes but gained weight and quilting took over!


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