Putting myself out there

This weekend is the annual quilt show for our local guild. I love this event – wandering around and looking at everyone’s work is absolutely inspiring. It is also intimidating. Depending on my mood that day, I might come away thinking, “wow, I want to make something like that” or it might be, “dang, why can’t I quilt like that?” Hopefully I can refrain from comparing my abilities with that of others this weekend and just enjoy all of the gorgeous quilts that will be displayed.

I am pushing myself a bit and hanging two of my quilts. I didn’t enter them to be judged, they are just being shown. I don’t think it is a good idea to have a quilt judged unless that was the plan from the get go. There are so many little details that need to be done properly if a quilt is to be judged and since I didn’t make these two pieces with that in mind, I am only showing them. This is the first time I have shown my quilts at our local show (or any show, for that matter.)  It is a little scary and makes me feel kind of exposed. I have a quilting buddy that is also entering a couple of her pieces to show for the first time so at least we are in this together!

Today I made hanging sleeves and labels for them. I decided to show my modern quilt, Garden Patch, because I think it is unusual and I am very happy with it overall.

Garden Patch May, 2014

Garden Patch
May, 2014

The other quilt that I chose is the Aurifil BOM quilt that I finished in December. The colors are bold, vibrant and eye-catching. I love (most of) the blocks and the scrappy binding sets it off well.  I regret having washed this quilt as it is soft and crinkled now. Does that affect how it will show?  Not sure…. I will have a go at pressing it to see if that helps.



At the quilt show we always have a silent auction booth. I made a fabric basket using the “one  hour basket” pattern over at Kelby Sews. The fabric was actually a piece leftover from a tablecloth that I have. I accidentally bought the wrong size tablecloth so I had to cut a substantial length off of it. The fabric is heavy and strong so the shape of the basket holds nicely.

fabric basket Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it when I filled it.  It was stuffed with five fat quarters, a new Easy Quilts Magazine, loads of chocolate, a sweet pair of embroidery scissors and some of those pins with the flat flower heads.  Hopefully it will bring in a few dollars for the guild.

I am looking forward to this weekend. Lots of friends, quilts, and of course, fabric vendors. Sounds good to me!

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9 thoughts on “Putting myself out there

  1. Tina Iaquinto

    I really love the BOM quilt, the bright colors are so happy. The garden quilt is lovely as well. Don’t worry, they will catch lots of looks at the show.

  2. Linda

    Your quilts would be among those I view at shows and wish I could quilt as well! They are beautiful. I hope you’ll share some photos of them from the show. I would totally bid on the sewing basket!

    1. Bernie Post author

      Thanks so much Linda. Very reassuring to hear. I am amazed at the gorgeous items that were donated to the silent auction. I’m sure I will be putting out a few bids myself. Are you involved with your local guild?


    1. Bernie Post author

      Andrea, thank you so much! There is a first time for everything, right? I’m sure I will look back and wonder why it made me nervous in the first place! I appreciate your kind words. Very glad you stopped by.

      Take care,


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