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I remember I used to write lots of these posts. There was a link up at Mollie Sparkle’s blog and people would share the newest fabrics they were working with. Mine were usually fabrics I had thrifted. Once I had the shop those posts ended for obvious reasons. Even now that the shop has closed, I have sooooo much (too much) fabric so I rarely buy any.

But, there is always a but, yesterday I was at a tiny quilt show with my friend Annette. It was held in a church and the quilts were displayed by laying them over the pews. It was quaint but I can’t say I am a huge fan of this sort of display. For one thing, the viewer cannot step back and see the whole quilt. So many quilts look best from a few feet back. Because the church was small, many of the quilts were folded and then draped over the pew. This meant we only saw half of the quilt. This doesn’t allow for looking at secondary patterns or the effect of the outer quilt on the center. It was sort of frustrating. Anyway, it was fun because you know….. a quilt show is always fun. Plus they had a little table of home baked treats and a great shopping section. Annette and I found a number of things we liked.

There were loads of books for $1.00 each. I picked up two that are different from most in my library of quilt books. But they have some really cute projects in them. The Remembering Adelia book contains journal entries from a young woman during the Civil War. I love this sort of thing. Life is so easy now. Women worked all day, every day back then. The journal entries sucked me in and I enjoyed reading most of it yesterday when I got home.

The Folk Art Quilts book has some really fun projects. I love the whimsical critters on these two pages and plan to make something with them. This is way out of what normally appeals to me but I am looking forward to this.

The same book also maps out how to make the letters of the alphabet which will come in handy some day. I know this isn’t rocket science but it is nice to have it mapped out visually and then just adjust the size of the squares to get the correct size letter block.

I also picked up two containers for thread. I have had my thread hanging on a wooden rack but it is poorly placed in my sewing space and I was constantly knocking thread off the pegs. I sorted thread and put what I could fit in these bins. The left bin contains the shiny Sulky threads as well as my hand stitching threads. On the right is a large portion of my standard threads.

Unfortunately my some spools are too big for these bins. Since I was in the mood, I reorganized some of the drawers in a bin under my sewing table. This allowed me to put the Glide spools and the Connecting Thread spools in a drawer. I still have a small number of Aurifil threads that I haven’t found a good space for but I am sure it will work out.

It is much easier to see what I have now. This exercise forced me to look at all of the thread I have. Is it too much? Yes, yes it is. How I acquired all of this is a wonder!

This little stack of fabric is the extent of fabric purchased. I really wanted that little cheddar yellow check because it will work in some of those silly animal blocks I want to make. The others look good with it and should work with the project.

Quilt shows are the best. It always makes me itch to get back home and head to the sewing room! (Which is exactly what I did)!

My sweet girls have been on vacation with their parents all week. We are dog sitting in their absence. From what I have heard and the pictures seen, they are having a wonderful time. It is a great finale to their summer. We get to see them next weekend for some family time. Happy Sunday all of you!!

15 thoughts on “Sunday Stash

  1. Wendy

    I’ve always thought quilts draped over the pews had such a cool look when photographed from an upper level, but you can’t see them well up close. However, I hadn’t considered that you cannot see the entire quilt – that is a good point! You brought home some good items from the quilt show. I have my thread stored on pegs, but before the used thread gets back on the pegs, it gets stored in my “thread shed” – a little wooden box in the shape of a house (gift from Molly) that sits next to my machine. Cute photos of the girls!

  2. Dawn Lunn

    Bernie, darling girls are growing up so quickly! Looks like lovely vacation spot.

    Nice quilt show haul. Remembering Adelia is $25 to $50 online, you got the deal of the century. I love those journal style books; how dare we complain life is tough!! The alphabet in the second book will be useful several times over and the critters are precious. Fun fabrics too. Second hand treasures are the best. Blessings, Dawn

  3. Karen

    I have not been to a quilt show as you describe but have seen photos and yes it would be hard to actually see the quilt. I’m always in love with seeing the vendors at the show because I have no near by quilt shops. but yet somehow (yes I know online shopping) I always have too much thread and fabric even though I do not shop often. I haven’t gotten any quilt books lately but have one pre-ordered that will come in another week or so and the same with a couple magazines.

  4. Judy

    Quilt shows are always fun. I can’t believe you only brought home 3 pieces of fabric. I try to limit what I buy but always wished I had purchased more by the time I get home. I started reading your blog a couple of years ago. Today I decided to read one of the old ones. I picked one from September 2014. It paid homage to your junior high home ec teacher. You even had a picture of her. You said she had probably made her jacket. I had already thought that before I read your comment. Why? The plaids matched! My story….Like you i used to sew a lot of my clothes. One day while waiting for the students to arrive, I was asked if I had made my blouse. The Ag teacher was standing there and answered for me. He said that I hadn’t made my blouse. I asked him how he knew. His reply, “the plaids don’t match.” He was right, if I had made it, the plaids would have matched.

  5. Angela Short

    Awesome thread storage boxes! I hope one day to have lots of thread, especially the big spools!! Your new books are really nice! Very cute photo! Enjoy your evening! 🌻✂️📚🪡🧵🧵🧵🧵

  6. Kathy

    I have those same thread boxes and do like them for my hand stitching threads.
    It’s easier to store and see them at a glance. I keep all my other threads in a large deep drawer separated in various boxes. My husband built it under my cutting table so a good use of that space. Nice pictures of the girls on vacation. I agree about displaying quilts over pews. It’s okay for small lap size or Linus quilts but for ones you are to decide a veiwers choice from, it is too hard to see the whole visual masterpiece.

  7. Pamela Dempsey

    I agree on the half quilts over pews, just can’t get the whole picture. Your grands are adorable and look to be having a memorable 💥 blast! Great find on the books and fabric 🥰

  8. Bernie

    I didn’t know you owned a quilt store. I imagine you do have quite a stash then. I had never heard of this Sunday challenge, and it seems I stash very little unlikely to participate. I always find it hard to buy fabric without knowing exactly where it is going. Unusual, yes. Bernie

  9. Carole @ From My Carolina Home

    I use plastic drawers for my threads too, keeps the dust off and easier to see what I have. I have two stacks with the threads separated by type, just like you do – cotton in one, another for Glide, another for Bottom Line, still others for domestic sewing threads (almost all that bin is Aurifil) and embroidery threads, mostly Sulky rayon.

  10. Linda at Texas Quilt Gal

    I like your “finds”, especially the fabrics. That sounds like my kind of quilt show – yay on the homemade treats! But I get it – draping over the pews is not ideal. Glad your son and family are having some good vacay time.

  11. TerryK

    Quilt shows energize me too! You found some real treasures! I agree with you about folded quilts. I too like to look for secondary designs!

  12. Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl

    It’s a shame that quilts were folded in half on top of being draped over pews; quilts really are different when they can be viewed in full from a few feet away. It sounds like the show was still quite enjoyable, and I look forward to seeing what the books and fabric inspire you to make.

    Getting organized and finding the right storage solutions is an ongoing process. Looks like your thread might be a source of inspiration for future projects, too! I hope you have a wonderful week.

  13. Kathleen McCormick

    It is frustrating to not see the whole quilt, but it looks like you had fun anyway. Love the thread organization. I have some Artbins I like for my spools but the bigger ones present a problem…always a work in progress dealing with thread! I like your new fabrics. The girls are getting so big!

  14. Danice

    All wonderful finds, especially the books for $1.00 each. I was fortunate enough to find a book sale like that a few years ago. The quilt show hosted in a church sounds fun, but, yeah, it could be difficult to see the entire quilts with them folded. It is a unique venue though.

  15. Rebecca Grace

    It looks like you scored some goodies at the quilt show! I’m looking forward to seeing your animals. But oh dear, if YOU have too much thread then I am in serious trouble in that department!!


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