Flannel Blankets and a Trash to Treasures Giveaway

I recently had a conversation with the chairperson of our Community Service team within our local quilt guild. We were talking about the recipients of the quilts we make and the quantity of quilts she had available. The discussion came around to our local Children’s Protective Services team. This team includes officers of our Sherrif’s Department who have the very sad task of removing children from home’s where they are not in good, safe situations.

These officers like to carry blankets in the trunk of their cars so they can wrap up a child if needed when removing them and taking the child to social services and a foster home. The officers asked for blankets or quilts without batting. These kiddos are often put into carseats and the quilts can be too thick.

Thinking about this need, I decided to make some blankets with quilting cotton and flannel. These would be cozy and so easy to make. Plus they wouldn’t take up much room in the carseat. To do this, I looked at my stash as well as the fabric in the shop and selected some pieces that worked together nicely.

The sizes of the blankets were somewhat dictated by the pieces of fabric I wanted to use. The first blanket I made turned out to be 42″ square when finished. I cut pieces of flannel and quilting cotton that were each 1 and 1/4 yards – so almost a 45″ square, depending on the width of the fabric. I pre-washed everything because flannel is known to shrink a bit. After pre-washing, I pressed all of the fabrics and laid them out, right sides together. Then I squared up the pieces. A quick stitching around the perimeter, leaving about five inches open to turn it right side out, took little time. Once the corners were popped out nicely, I pressed the seams and top-stitched around the perimeter at a 1/8″ margin. I top-stitched again about two inches inside of that first go around.

I have a number of yards of gray flannel in my stash that has been sitting for a long while. It looks great with these silly animals. I am sure it will work with other pieces as well and will try and use more of it for these sorts of blankets.

For each blanket I cut one piece of flannel and the other woven cotton. However this could be easily adapted according to the stash a person has to use. Stretch knits would work and be really cozy. A woven cotton backed with minky or cuddle fabric is also a great idea. All of these are thinner than a typical quilt.

On of the blankets I made is quite a bit smaller because I had a little piece of flannel I wanted to use. It finished at 32 inches square. The navy flannel with sweet little daisies is so soft and the size will be perfect for a smaller child or toddler.

The need for these blankets makes me so sad. Last year these officers had to remove about 100 children from bad situations within our county. I couldn’t believe that number. It is much more than I would have guessed. If the blankets are helpful in this awful time for a child, I am happy to make them. They take little in the way of supplies or time and might be soothing during a scary time. I plan to bring these to our community service group and check to see if other guild members might want to make one or two. Really, they take so little time and most likely we all have one yard cuts waiting to be used.

OK – Let’s talk about the Trash to Treasure giveaway now! I have mentioned before that two of my sisters have an Etsy shop together. It is called 6 Monkeys & Co and they make and sell custom children’s clothing and gifts. One of my favorite things they make are traditional baby bonnets. They are soooo sweet and make a wonderful (very affordable) handmade baby gift for a newborn. Please take a peak here to see them. If you find yourself in need of a fantastic gift for a grandchild, niece or nephew, be sure check out their shop.

Anyway, when my sisters are sewing, they are inclined to toss their scraps. When you are a garment maker, it doesn’t make sense to keep these pieces of fabric if they aren’t big enough to cut into a useful piece (sleeve, skirt, collar, etc) for a piece of clothing. But as a quilter, I want all the scraps, ALL THE TIME! So Cathy and Patti save them for me. At the moment, I have accumulated tons. Sometimes I cut them into 5″ squares and figure I will make an I Spy quilt. But let’s be real. This pile is growing and I think it is time to share the wealth. If you would like to have some of these, please leave a comment. I will pick two winners and each will receive a great package of assorted scraps. Some are novelty fabrics, some blenders and lots of little florals and stripes. My sisters only save the larger scraps as I explained I wanted to be able to cut five inch squares with them so the pieces are really usable. The fabrics are great quality and would make a really fun scrappy quilt. Giveaway open through Friday, January 31st.

NOTE – Giveaway Now Closed. Thanks for entering!! Congrats to Sam and Sharon – winners of all these fun scraps!

I have almost finished my January goal which was to quilt and bind my Squared Away quilt. I will share that later this week. For now though, how about some scrappy treasures?? Happy sewing all.

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76 thoughts on “Flannel Blankets and a Trash to Treasures Giveaway

  1. Susan Clarkson

    I love scraps that are suitable for quilting & am always interested in getting them. Please put my name in the hat to maybe receive some.

  2. Sarah

    I would would love to have the scraps suitable for quilts. I love to make kid sized quilts. How nice that your sisters provide you an ongoing source of scraps and variety!

  3. Carol D Westover

    Put my name in for the draw! Fantastic and very grateful for the chance to have someone else’s scraps. It’s like dishwashing — at home, it’s work, but at a friend’s home, it’s a pleasure!

  4. Lecluyse kate

    Your sisters scraps could come in handy to make I Spy quilts,
    We already make for 12 years quilts for charity,
    Like you said , very sad that they are needed, mayby a hug quilt can offer some solace,
    Thanks for the chance,

  5. Kathy in WV

    I’m so glad I found out about your sisters shop….talented family!!! My guild and my church make baby quilts for the local family refuge center and we have a community baby shower (county wide) twice a year. These scraps would be great for that. Thanks for the offer to any of us! Blessings from a very chilly WV!

    1. Kathy in WV

      …I just checked their Etsy store…absolutely adorable clothing and toys! Thanks for pointing the way. My 2 youngest gambitties (I’m Gammie) are girls—10 months and 5 years!

  6. Barbara

    I’m going to check out your sister’s store! I’d love to win some scraps too! Thanks for a fun giveaway.

  7. Lori Smanski

    Woohoo on your almost finished goal for January. Oh yes these are for sure treasures. Please include me in this generous give a way. Thanks. Happy Week. I can see a scrappy table runner in my future.

  8. debby

    My son is a deputy for the county we live in, and I’m going to make a couple to give to him and ask a couple of friends to make some. I’ve given him teddy bears to keep in his trunk and I know the little blankets will be well received. I’d like a bag of scraps, so please enter me in the drawing. His son is just about ready for an I Spy quilt and I bet the scraps would be perfect for some of the blocks. Hobby Lobby has all their fabric on sale this week, through Saturday. I’m going to get some minki and flannel!

  9. linda schiffer

    I would love to have some squares. My guild supports the Head Start program in Baltimore and I could make a ‘reading’ quilt for a kid.\

    🙂 Linda

  10. Lee

    Oh how wonderful to have all those colorful scraps! I would love a chance to use them to make quilts for charity or for the work I do with young children and their families.

  11. Mindy

    I think scraps are more fun than yardage! I’ve made several I Spy quilts and would love to make more.

  12. Wendy

    No need to put my name in for the scraps – I’m making plenty of my own. But I did want to comment and say how much I appreciate your heart for those little ones who are taken from their families. What a sad situation, indeed, but those blankets will hopefully bring a little comfort.

  13. Kay Welch

    I worked at a shelter where CPS and law enforcement brought the children removed from their homes. It is so sad to see these kids, many not really understanding why they can’t go home. I’ll be looking at my stash differently because I want to make some of the thinner comfort blankets for these kids here where I live. Our guild is very active making quilts for various non-profits, CASA, and shelters, Last year we began making quilts for NICU babies. We also have a very active and productive QOV group. Adding these type of blankets will be an easy “yes” with my guild. Thanks for the reminder.

  14. Mari

    Must. . resist. . the. . scraps. . .(but they are soooo cute. . .)
    Your little blankies are so cute, and I’m sure they’ll be really appreciated. My daughter in law is a social worker and she used to work with Child Services. They do take those kids away with nothing but what they’re wearing most of the time. It’s so sad that they’re in those situations and anything that can comfort them is great. It really destroys the officers and social workers too.
    Good luck finishing up the Squared Away quilt! Can’t wait to see it!

    1. Ellee

      Please excuse this second comment of mine. I could not see that the first one had posted until I sent this one.

  15. Hannah W

    Thanks for the scrappy giveaway, those fabrics are bright and beautiful. I appreciate the generous content on your blog–so often sewing for charity and connecting us with opportunities to do the same.

  16. Diann Bottrell

    Your flannel blankets are such a great idea, Bernie! It is sad that there is such a need for them, and I’m wondering if there is a similar need in my area. Probably… Thanks for your giveaway – I’d enjoy having some of those pretty scraps!

  17. Sally Christiansen

    Love the flannel blankets! I have been wanting to make an I Spy Quilt for some time now so would love to acquire your scraps. Thank you for the chance.

    1. Bernie Post author

      Hurray Sam!! You were picked to win one of the scrap packs from my sisters’ children’s scraps. Congrats! Will you please email me your mailing information so I can pop these in the mail next week? Hope you enjoy these. Take care,

  18. Roseanne

    Hi Bernie! Geez, I hate to think about how many children are removed from homes in our lower economic city where my nephew is a Police Officer. I’ve never asked him about this, but I sure will now that you’ve mentioned it. I would love to receive some of your sister’s trash. It just goes to show that one person’s trash is another’s treasure. I have a new great-nephew on the way (Police Officer’s first child, a boy) and I think an I Spy would be fabulously fun. Thanks for the chance, Bernie. ~smile~ Roseanne

  19. Sharon Aurora

    Your sisters are very talented. Those dresses are beautiful.

    Thank you for your generosity. I would love to win. I love scraps.

    1. Bernie Post author

      Hurray Sharon!! You were picked to win one of the scrap packs from my sisters’ children’s scraps. Congrats! Will you please email me your mailing information so I can pop these in the mail next week? Hope you enjoy these. Take care,

  20. Kathleen McCormick

    Wonderful idea! I love making what I call receiving blankets and these are a great idea for the police force to have. Fun that you get your sisters scraps and so much fun you all have these businesses – you are an enterprising group of women!

  21. Susan Stanton

    It would be awesome to use these scraps in a string quilt. What a great way to get a lot of variety for scrapy quilts!

  22. Kathy E.

    Hi Bernie! Just this year, I am finally joining in on the RSC (Rainbow Scrap Challenge) project for each month. I’d love to have a fresh bag of scraps to plunge through for this challenge. Most of my scraps are pretty tiny for applique use. Your sweet blankets are a wonderful way to to use one yard pieces and I’m sure they are so appreciated by our young people who are undergoing big changes in their lives. Bless you!
    duchick at gmail dot com

  23. Sarah J

    Throwing away scraps!?!? The horror, lol! Luckily they have you to repurpose them and give them another life. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  24. Lori Morton

    Your idea for the flannel blankets is Awesome! Thank you for sharing with us! 🙂 & YES!!! I would Loooove to win scraps!! LOL…I am a Total scrap addict! I share with my daughter & also a Grangirlie that has been quilting with me (she is on her 2nd quilt!)

  25. Mary Ellen

    It’s sad that so many children are in need of a comfort quilt. I like to make quilts to give hugs to children. I would love to have some child-friendly scraps to make some hugs. Thank you for sharing the bounty!

  26. Tamara Gassen

    It is so awesome that you make the blankets. I also love making things to help out. Besides sewing & quilting I love to make hats & scarfs for the homeless or just who ever needs them. It gets very cold where we live. Have a great night?

  27. Cathy Kizerian

    Hi Bernie! I’m going to raise my hand here and join in as a hopeful in your scrap giveaway. The bulk of my sewing is for charity these days, and over the years it’s evolved into making quilts for our local chapter of Quilts for Kids (so it would be a good fit, theme-wise). I love that you’re doing blankets for your sheriffs department . There is so much need in this world, and it’s harder (IMHO) when you realize it’s needed right in your own area.

  28. Beth Stanfield

    The blankets you described are exactly what I had listed in my now-closed Etsy shop. So sweet and cozy.
    I would love a scrap bag! Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. Linda Rush

    Bernie I LOVE your little quilts for the kids. What a great idea! Your scrap giveaway is wonderful but don’t include my name – let another lucky recipient win them. I have way too many scraps and need to use them!

  30. Sherry V.

    A Facebook group I belong to had a donation drive for a similar type of organization. It is sad to think of how many children are growing up in such tough circumstances.

    Please do not enter me in your drawing. . . I am in the middle of downsizing and every box I open seems to be another box of fabric! I certainly have more than enough to keep me occupied for the rest of my life.

    Have a lovely day.

  31. Judy

    An older lady of our church once said “Any time you can get fabric for a good price, go for it..” So enter me in the drawing. She passed away last weekend. She would have been 99 tomorrow. Our church group makes about 40 blankets for charity each year.

  32. Donna O

    I would like entered for the scrap drawing. I am trying to build my collection of childrens fabrics for comfort quilts . Thanks for the chance to participate.

  33. ShirleyC

    That’s a wonderful ministry! We have an adopted foster grandson, and the first day he came to my son and dil, I cried all day just thinking about what he’d been through. They were his second and last foster home. He’s now 13.
    These pieces would make great little lap quilts for those in wheel chairs also. I’ve got one ready to finish and donate.

  34. Preeti Harris

    You are a sweetheart to make those flannel blankets. I am sure that is comforting to a frightened child.
    I am sure I can whip up a couple.
    I make scrap vortex quilts and cannot have enough scraps 🙂 Pick me, pick me, please 🙂

  35. Lisa England

    I hate to see pretty fabrics go to waste! I do understand why garment makers wouldn’t have a use for them, but they are treasures to quilters like me who make scrap quilts. Thanks for sharing!

  36. Peggy Gibbs

    I love scraps. Right now I am making a scrap quilt and plan to make at least a few more. I make these for charity. I also use 5 inch squares to make baby quilts where I use 5 inch cross stitched baby motifs.

  37. Barb K

    Scrap quilts are my favorites–would love to add my name for a chance at the drawing–and thanks for the chance!

  38. Melody

    I’ve been collecting for an ‘eye spy’. Apparently not quickly enough – since grandbaby #2 is on the way! (Please put me in the drawing.)
    Bernie, you were so close to my house when you toured VT with your husband! I can see Mt. Equinox (near Manchester) from my mountain top!

  39. Tamara Carlisle

    OH I LOVE scraps. Make lots of crumb block quilts and string quilts. My church quilt group makes quilts for our local homeless teen population. The non profit that helps them is called My House. We donate 50-75 quilts a year. We are a small group (2 regulars and 2-3 occasional helpers)and rely on donations to make the quilts

  40. Angela J Short

    Beautiful blankets! So comforting, I’m sure. Enjoy your day. angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom 🌷🌼🌞

  41. suzanprincess

    I love your child-friendly scraps, and they would work well in the quilts I make for Sacramento Blankets for Sacramento Kids, so please add me to the drawing. (SBSK gives out 800-1000 handmade blankets of all kinds each month to local non-profits and hospitals and such for children in need of comfort, so I keep on making!)

  42. Anita Diller

    I would love some of these scraps. Our guild gives away about 100 Quilts a year ( we are a small guild ) to our local charities.

  43. Betty K

    I love making quilts out of scraps. Also, my mother was born 100 years ago today. She always wanted to be born in Feb because she liked its birth stone better than January’s, ha!!

  44. Cindy B

    What a fun give-away! I make scrap quilts for a variety of charities and these children themed scraps would be a lovely addition! Please add my name to your drawing.

  45. Trisha

    Thanks for a great giveaway. My favorite quilts are scrappy and I would love to add some new ones to my collection.

  46. Danielle Meyer

    Thanks for the chance to win some cute scraps! I’ve been making dolly quilts for a Doll Like Me and these would certainly help in the variety department!

  47. Kathleen

    I would love to incorporate blocks like these into a quilt for my two year old granddaughter! Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  48. Pamela Beck

    HI, Bernie. Those scraps are fantastic. I make scrappy quilts for my grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and for donations to the local law enforcement agencies to carry in their cars for emergencies. These would be a real treat to add to my stash. Thanks so much for the opportunity. Hugs, blessed be.

  49. LindaB

    I’d love to have some of your scraps. I make I-Spy quilts for Project Linus and they would be perfect for that.

  50. Deb E

    I would LOVE to win those scraps! I’m always making quilts and other items for people. I used to make some of those quilts years ago for fire & police in the town I lived in. I plan to start doing that again when I retire (in about 15 months), because unfortunately there is always a great need for those. Deb E

  51. Heather

    Please enter me into the drawing! I would love to have scraps. My aunt is part of a group that makes kids quilts in Missoula MT where it is cold often! I have donated a quilt top before and would love to be able to contribute more. Thanks for this very generous opportunity! Blessings!

  52. Emily

    Your flannel blankets will provide comfort to children in a rough situation. Our police department does something similar; they ask for small blankets that will fit (folded up) in a gallon sized ziplock back so that they don’t take up too much room in the patrol car.

    I’m too late for the giveaway but what a great idea to spread the fun scraps! Spread the cheer!


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