November Blogger Bundle – Sandra Walker, MMM! Quilts

Good morning everyone!  You are in for such a treat today.  I am so excited to share the November Blogger Bundle with you.  This is the eleventh and final bundle for the year. In a grand finale sort of way, this bundle has it all.  Saturated jewel tones, florals and plaids, the magic of BariJ and the sweet fantasy of Bethan Janine.  But I am wayyyy ahead of myself.  First let’s meet the curator of this very special collection.

Sandra Walker is the blogger behind, Musings of a Menopausal Melon, or MMM! Quilts.  I remember specifically clicking through to her blog after seeing the title somewhere in this blogging world (how could I not, with a title like that!?!)  I also remember she and I mentioning we were the same age (basically?) and both newly retired and trying out this blogging thing. It is one of those things where you chat with someone and just hit off right away. A few things I love about Sandra – her energy appears to be boundless, she is genuine and I can say this without ever having met her in person.  But her blog posts are the real deal. Sandra is passionate and sometimes feels the hurts in the world almost too intensely.  She is a wife, former teacher, mom and grandma to a sweet little guy as well as blogger, quilter, pattern designer and Island Batik Ambassador – Yikes!!!.  She is into yoga and will share a blog post describing a good pose or stretch now and then.  I love those posts. She has been designing patterns for a while now and has them available on both Etsy and Craftsy.  Also, Sandra has hosted some really popular quilt alongs – you can see the patterns if you click here.

The November Blogger Bundle.

Back to the bundle now!  By starting with the two pieces from Virtuosa by BariJ, Sandra developed a dramatic feel with this bundle. She then added the mustard yellow piece from Boho Meadow by Bethan Janine which was really interesting to me.  The BariJ fabrics are so feminine and there is a definite boho southwest vibe to the dark yellow piece.  But you know what? It works.  The yellow now popped on the Cinese Mystery floral and those bits of turquoise in the Boho Meadow fabric became that much brighter! Pulling in the plum and the sandy off-white tone on tones was an easy move after that.  It was the blue that was challenging.  Sandra looked at many blue pieces in the shop and when the blue plaid was suggested, we both knew it was perfect.  It has just the right dark and light blue hues to work with both the BariJ prints.  Such a great bundle!!

Two bundles to give away to two lucky readers!!!

Sandra made a pretty tote with her bundle.  Be sure you hop over to her blog and check it out.  I just love it. Also, this month there are two bundle giveaways!!  Because Sandra lives in Canada, she is hosting a giveaway for Canadian readers.  I am hosting a giveaway for US readers. I apologize to the rest of my readers – if only postage wasn’t so expensive. :-(. So – Canadian readers, please be sure to go enter Sandra’s giveaway for a bundle of fat quarters!

This beauty is on sale through Friday! 20% off – Yahoo!

As with all of the other monthly bundles, this one is on sale for 20% off.  Sale begins today and runs through the end of the day on Friday.

To enter the giveaway for US readers, please leave me a comment telling me how you might choose to use the bundle.  Also, extra entries for followers – leave a SEPARATE comment telling me how you follow.  You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Hope you will join the fun!

I have just love working with so many special bloggers creating these specially curated bundles. Please be sure to come back in December for a really fun event to celebrate all eleven blogger bundles!  I promise it is going to be a lot of fun!



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101 thoughts on “November Blogger Bundle – Sandra Walker, MMM! Quilts

  1. Kaholly

    Just gorgeous! That Sandra! She’s got it all going for her. I have been hoarding a pattern I purchased from Meadow Mist Designs for quite some time, and this is exactly the color scheme I want to use! But I’m terrible at going to the quilt store and choosing just the right combination of fabric choices, so I’ve been dragging my feet! I’m going to have to give this a lot of thought, crunch some numbers, and see if I can swing a purchase! I’ll just bet you my inner quilter says, “Yes!”.

  2. Lisa Marie

    Sandra’s bundle is gorgeous and I just love the bag she made from the fabrics! I have really enjoyed seeing what the different bloggers put together each month.

    1. Deborah S

      Sandra’s fabric choices are gorgeous! Love the idea of a bag and her’s turned out so cute – such a clever way to use the plus sign.

  3. Sandra Walker

    Thanks so very much for your kind words, Bernie, and for having me as one of your Blogger Bundle Buds! 🙂 It was another enriching experience, and I’m so glad we both said ‘yes to the dress,’ oops, too much wedding stuff in my head, I mean, ‘yes to the blue plaid’ !! Funny how many similarities we do have, yup born the same year, a precious grandchild who lives altogether too far away, a child’s wedding this year, and Julia, who is so much like my Dayna, in intelligence, beauty and love of animals.

  4. Roseanne

    Hi Bernie! WHAT???!!! Sandra has her own bundle?!! How cool is that? I’m running over to purchase the bundle right this minute. Well, as soon as I finish typing this message. Wait – it’s on Etsy – I have to wait until I get home tonight. Work has that website blocked for some dumb reason. Geez. Anyway, back to these beautiful fabrics! My mouth is drooling, especially for that purple one. I’m going to go nag Sandra to design something specifically for this bundle – or maybe she already has!! Thank you Bernie and Sandra. Happy Wednesday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Katherine

    Hi Bernie!
    I am making baby quilts for my future great grands. So much fun!
    I think I would use thes fabrics in one of those quilts!
    Beautiful, rich colors. Love them! Thanks!

  6. Katherine

    Hi again!
    I follow your blog and just became a follower on Facebook.
    Love your Etsy shop, by the way!

  7. Linda Williamson

    Such a beautiful bundle. I just purchased the “Tuffet” pattern after I found one at a thrift store to recover. These colors would look gorgeous. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Tish

    I am drooling over Sandra’s bundle!!! Those colors are just so rich and POP, I love it! They just need to be turned into a wall hanging showing off those prints. I have to say I have quite enjoyed seeing the bundles each month from the different bloggers. Will you continue this event next year? Can’t wait to see what surprises you have for us next month.

  9. Wendy Tuma

    Love, love, love this bundle! You know I’m scrambling over to your shop to purchase it, right now. Sandra is a gem. She is completely genuine in her responses to her blog posts, she is totally committed to the quilty community, and she is just plain delightful! What an amazing bundle! No surprise that it would be stunning!

  10. SarahZ

    These bundles are such fun, Bernie! This one seems just perfect….I don’t know how they DO that!!! I look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve in December!

  11. Diann Bottrell

    This is a beautiful bundle of fabric, Bernie! I can definitely see Sandra choosing these! I enjoy making table runners and minis, so I would use these to play with something small like that. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Kathleen McCormick

    Well, Sandra did it again! She is a girl after my own heart with her jewel tone pallette. I love, love, love picking fabric – probably from my years working in the LQS. I’m sure that you have experienced the more you are around your inventory, the easier it is to pick. I think I would make something like a Take 5 pattern or a row by row where each fabric gets featured – kind of vague but I can see it in my head.

  13. Janet T

    Beautiful fabric bundle! There is a quilt called Peaks and Valleys on my list. I could make a pillow first, to try out the pattern.

  14. Laura M

    So generous of your to support your Canadian fans, Bernie. I love Sandra’s blog. This is a thank you, not an entry since I am in Canada.

  15. Rosalind Gutierrez

    Awesome color combination in Sandra’s bundle. I would make an eye appealing quilt with the fabric.

  16. Brenda

    This is a beautiful bundle! I am thinking either a tote or designing a small wall quilt would be the way I would use it! We are making small quilts in our guild for our QuiltFest next year and this would be perfect. We raise money for Meals on Wheels with a silent auction for them. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  17. Carolyn Montgomery

    i would make zips and/or totes for Christmas presents for my daughters and granddaughters.

  18. Patty Morris

    Stunning vibrant colors in this bundle and they do reflect Sandra’s energy (at least as I “read” her energy on her blog). Congrats to both of you at meeting one another, connecting so well and creating a gorgeous must have bundle for your followers, like me!

  19. Susan Stanton

    This bundle is really different, and like you said, it works! I think it would make a wonderful table topper with matching placements. It’s lovely.

  20. Barbara Colvin

    I have a small bathroom with a shower stall , and right now it only has a liner for a curtain. The window curtain also needs updating. I’m thinking strips of triangles from the bundle as borders on basically light colored curtains. This awesome bundle would really add some pizzazz to this little room.

  21. Patricia Evans

    This is a gorgeous bundle. I love the color combo. Doesn’t hurt that it contains violet colors. I would make a table topper or maybe a runner.

  22. ANN D

    I really like Sandra’s bag and how she used the fabrics she chose. Wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win a bundle.

  23. Jodi Watson

    These are a gorgeous curation!! I can think of a ton of ways to use them…a totebag, a purse…would love to see them on my table as table mats and a runner. Couch pillows would be lovely. 🙂 Just to name a few!

    Thank you so much for the chance!

  24. Kathleen Kingsbury

    I’ve been wanting to make some zipper pouches and these beautiful fabrics look perfect! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  25. Tamara Gassen

    Just love the bundle! I think I would make a table topper for my antique table from my grandma. Everyone have a great day!

  26. Louise Hornor

    Gorgeous fabrics, put into a gorgeous bundle by a gorgeous blogger! I know the first thing I would do with these would be to just pet them and admire them. Then I’d be tempted to make the same tote bag that Sandra has on her site today…so fun!

  27. Rory Dabney

    These colors speak to me!! What a great combination of my favorite colors!! I can see them in a quilt!!

  28. Quilting Tangent

    I would use this bundle in a quilt, but maybe the bag is a good idea. Beautiful bundle. Follow on bloglovin.

  29. Donna Mattison-Earls

    These fabrics are awesome. A former student just had a new baby girl and I would make a quilt for her daughter with them. Hope I win!

  30. Donna Mattison-Earls

    I found your blog through Sandra Walker’s blog. I enjoyed reading several of your blog posts and decided to continue reading your blog.

  31. Nancy A

    I don’t know that I would have put those fabrics together, but that would be my loose. I love the fabrics and think they would look great in a purse or bag of some kind.

  32. Lisa H.

    I love this grouping of fabrics, the colors are amazing. I can see this as a gorgeous table runner.
    I am new to your blog but now follow you on all venues, thanks to my quilting DD in the UK for telling me about you. 🙂

  33. Kathy E.

    Bernie, you picked a wonderful blogger for this month! I’ve “known” Sandra for quite a while in Blogland and am always inspired by her projects and her uplifting, positive spirit! Her personality really shines through in her fabric choices for her bundle. I’m a purple lover too and really admire her picks. I’d make a new set of placemats for dining at our island out of this bundle.

  34. JanineMarie

    This has been such a fun series to follow, Bernie. And Sandra! You would know she’d do such a great job of curating and making a well-thought-out project. She’s a whirlwind of a quilter this year! I love that bag. So neat that you are showing love with the giveaway on both sides of that very long border with one of our closest neighbors. No need to send me a bundle, if you happen to pull my name— I’m trying so hard to use the wonderful fabrics I have won in past giveaways, and I know there’s someone else out there that would love to be maybe a first-time winner.

  35. Sharon Aurora

    I can just picture those fabrics in cushions and a matching end table topper. Someone else here mentioned a tuffet. That would look great with these fabrics.

  36. Jess

    I liked Sandra’s bag; although I’d be tempted to try to make it symmetric (kind of sick at the moment so not thinking through clearly about whether that would actually work).

  37. Deb E / Oregon

    Wow – what a gorgeous combination! I follow you on Bloglovin, Bernie – and as I won the previous fabulous bundle, I feel guilty entering again, but I have to. That fabric is too gorgeous NOT to enter. Thank you for the chance to win! Deb E / Oregon

  38. chriskntis

    I am not sure how I would use them, a few would definitely make stunning quilted bags, it would be hard to cut them into small pieces for quilts, but as large panels they are perfect!

  39. Helen Glover

    Love the colors in this bundle. Since I give away most of the items I make I would probably make a lap quilt or tote bag for someone on my list of fav people! Thanks for the chance to win this! Love your blog!

  40. Dani Hecker

    I would use the bundle to make a table runner for my Dad – he misses my Mom so (she was an avid quilter) and loves to change up quilts and table runners often – I think the fabrics cheer him up!

  41. Torry

    I’m seeing a table runner made out of those beautiful fabrics. I often look at magazines to see how they choose colors. I’m getting better, but still not there.


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