Mercyful Quilts

The quilts are arriving and I am overjoyed!!!  I want to share the stack that have accumulated thus far.  They will be picked up by my friend Patty in a few days to bring to Mercy Hospital and I want to journal this event on the blog before the quilts are gone.  So far I have received thirteen quilts!!  Amazing, right?  Patty has been sharing the progress of this quilt drive with her co-workers at the hospital and they are stunned by the generosity of our community.  It is very satisfying to call myself a part of this on-line quilting tribe. I couldn’t ask for a sweeter group of people to inspire me to be a kinder person and better quilter!

Axel’s Quilt, Pieced & Quilted by Preeti Harris

The quilt above was the very first quilt to arrive.  This is Axel’s Quilt from Preeti who blogs at Sew Preeti Quilts and lives in Washington DC.  Thank you Preeti!! Fantastic color, I love the combination of gray and yellow.  This is a gorgeous quilt.

Three beauties, pieced and quilted by Shirley Bruner.

Above you see three gorgeous quilts.  Each one was sent to me by my friend Shirley Bruner from Missouri. Her blog is called The World According to Me and she pieced and quilted each of these.   The blue and green quilt in the middle is flannel backed making it extra cozy.

A few things of note – I love the outlined hummingbirds, they appear to be in flight and did you notice she constructed the flower baskets with selvages? Very creative!! Thank you so much Shirley!

Two colorful quilts, pieced and quilted by Adele, @bayougirlquilts

These two quilts came all the way from Metairie, Louisiana!  Adele D. sent them to me.  I don’t know Adele very well (yet!) but I did peek at her Flickr account, @bayougirlquilts and she is very talented!! There is so much color and lots of fun patterns to be seen on her page!! Both of these color combinations are wonderful.  I love red with aqua and the green with cheddar yellow is so pretty!

Black, White & Brights, Pieced & Quilted by Sophia Day.

This bright, cheerful quilt was made by my friend Sophia.  She used a black, white and brights combination to make this wonky triangle quilt.  I love that she echo quilted some straight lines within each of the triangles.  Sophia and I have been friends for over twenty years and belong to the same guild, of which she is president this year.  Thank you Sophia!!

Jelly Roll Quilt Top, Pieced by Jill M.

Here is a quilt top that arrived from Jill M, a blog reader who splits her year between Canada and Arizona each year.  She was about to leave on a month long trip and wanted to contribute so I told her I would finish the quilt for her.  I will keep you posted on this one.  It is a lovely jelly roll race quilt using stunning fabrics in jewel tones.  I look forward to working on it!  She even made a scrappy binding for it which is wonderful.

Blue Rain, Fletched, and You & Me; designed, pieced and quilted by Yvonne Fuch.

Finally, there are six quilts donated by Yvonne of Quilting Jetgirl  This clean, modern style is uniquely her own.  I posted a video yesterday on Facebook taken of me while I unboxed these beauties.  If you missed it, click here!  I was thrilled to see these in person after having read about many of them on her blog.

Pulsing Plus, Layered Diamonds; designed, pieced and quilted by Yvonne Fuch.

One of the quilts above was made by another quilter.  Yvonne won it at a silent auction in support of a fundraiser that happened on Instagram last summer. This is the quilt is on the far right. (If one of Yvonne’s quilts intrigues you, I just want to let you know that the patterns for several of them are available in her shop.)

All of these quilts are spectacular and I know the nurses and patients at Mercy Hospital will be comforted by these gifts. These quilts will be taken to the hospital on Monday.  Thank you so much for all who donated or are in the process of making a Mercyful Quilt.  You are bringing comfort to a family when they need it most. When I talked with my friend Patty she estimated that they use 8 – 10 quilts each month.  At this time, I have about 35 quilts promised for this drive so that means we are fulfilling the need for three to four months.  Amazing!!!  There are a few quilters who have said they would like to contribute more over time which is awesome.

I will share more of the Mercyful Quilts as they arrive.  There is quite a bit of sharing going on over on Instagram.  If you share your donations or your work in process for Mercy, please tag it #mercyfulquilts and tag me @needleandfoot so I can find it!  Thanks everyone!  Have a wonderful day and be sure to find time to enjoy a bit of stitching.

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18 thoughts on “Mercyful Quilts

  1. Kaholly

    Well, reading this post was certainly the perfect way to begin my morning! How wonderful that all these amazing quilters once again shined their lights and showed what caring and giving is all about! I will have to check out that video!

    1. Bernie Post author

      Karen – my early bird reader!! Good morning – happy to hear the post was uplifting for you – the whole project has me feeling quite happy. Even though the quilts are going to people dealing with a lot of sadness, it is a very caring and kind thing to do and that feels good.

    1. Bernie Post author

      That video was fun to make – I am happy you liked it. Yes, the quilts are amazing and it has been great to see all of the individual style and personality in these. 🙂

    1. Bernie Post author

      I love hearing of the connections we each have with others. Makes the world feel much smaller. 🙂
      Have a great weekend Vicki.

    1. Bernie Post author

      You are very welcome. My part is the easy part!! Have a great day Yvonne. Is it very smokey near you from the fires? The Camp fire is about 2 hours from here and is just so scary. It is rapidly approaching Chico which is awful with all the university kids there. The town of Paradise is evacuated. Ugh. I hope they can get some containment today.

  2. Preeti Harris

    Oh Bernie, this morning has been awful with the wild fire reported north of Sacramento and the recent mass shooting in Thousand Oaks. Reading your post and looking at all the beautiful quilts, heartfelt donations and promises of more reaffirms my faith that goodness will overcome evil. It always does. Thank you for everything you do and helping others be a part of this mercyful effort.

    1. Bernie Post author

      I know what you mean Preeti. The fires are so terrifying. (Goes without saying that any mass shooting incident is horrifying, terrifying – beyond words). The Camp fire is about 2 hours from me. My sister has a house there which they use occasionally on weekends. It is in the evacuated territories and she is just waiting to hear what happens. So awful. There is little wind today which will help (at least the winds have quieted down here anyway). We need rain terribly. We haven’t had any yet this fall so everything is very dry.

      I am glad that the post helps to remind you of the positive in the world. We have to look at what we can be grateful for and what we can help with.

  3. Wendy Tuma

    I agree that this is a great post to begin the day! What a wonderful community we belong to! I loved seeing each quilt; they are all so pretty! I’m sure they will bring comfort to the families who receive them.

  4. Louise Hornor

    I love seeing all these gorgeous quilts, ready to comfort families who need a quilty hug! So many beautiful colors and patterns and styles. I’m binding my donations today and hope to get them in the mail next week. Thank you so much for coordinating this effort, Bernie 🙂

  5. Barb N

    How fun to be the one who gets to open all these treasures, and then deliver them to the hospital. Quilters are such a generous group of people!

    1. Bernie Post author

      It is really fun to have the opportunity to see all of the quilts. So inspiring – on many different levels. Take care Barb.

  6. Roseanne

    Bernie! OMG!! What a fabulous post to read and I’m sure it was so fun to write. It just brings me to tears. I l,o,v,e, seeing that big stack of quilts. And nice quilts – not just throw together junk. I love the color combination of yellow and gray. And the quilting – ooh feathers in multicolored thread. So, so, sew nice and kind. All the love that was sewn into those pretties. Oh, and spirals by Yvonne – of course. This is such a wonderful representation of quilters as a whole. Happy Happy FRIDAY! ~smile~ Roseanne


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