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Happy Holidays everyone! Today is a fun day in the crafting and sewing blogger world. Giveaway Day has been hosted for several years at Sew Mama Sew. Last year they did not host it in December and I really missed it. It is great to have another opportunity to provide a fun giveaway for my readers and to enter to win at lots of other sites!

If this is your first visit to Needle and Foot, welcome! I have been blogging for about 2 and 1/2 years and love it. The community I have come to know via this blog is just wonderful. The majority of my posts are about quilting and fabric. Sometimes I throw in little bits and pieces about my family life and many times I will talk about thrifting and upcycling; something that is near and dear to my heart. Because I love to read, I host a book sharing event every few months. If you are a book lover too, you can read about those here and here. The next event will begin in the beginning of January. To learn more about me, click here.  If you would like to read some of my favorite posts, you will see some suggested links on my About Me page.

Quilting and sewing are a constant work in process. I have been sewing for 45 years now and quilting non-stop for the last five years. Sewing is both my creative outlet and a calming influence in my day to day life. I have an Etsy shop where I sell handmade items as well as fabric (vintage and current) and sewing patterns. My customers are so important to me – I love to help them get just what they are looking for (whether it be something I made or a certain pattern they need.)


Let’s move on to the giveaway! I have three 1/2 yard cuts to offer as a gift to a lucky reader. These three pieces are from the line called Lily, designed by Alice Kennedy for Timeless Treasures. I love the muted tones in this line.

img_1561With three cuts at 1/2 yard each, you will be well on your way to a sweet quilt.  To win this bundle, please leave me a comment. Tell me how much of your holiday shopping is done at this point in time. As for me, I have done So. Very. Little!  Yikes, I really need to get going. Usually, I am an early shopper as I am not a fan of crowds. So to reach the 7th of the month and have only a few gifts purchased does not bode well for me!  If you are a follower of Needle and Foot, whether it be on Facebook, the blog, or Instagram, leave a second comment telling me how you follow. That will count as a second entry. This giveaway will be open through Sunday, December 11th.  I will announce the winner on Monday morning, December 12th! Due to the cost of postage, this giveaway is open to residents of the US only. GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED.

Finally, I want to say that with regular posts (not giveaway days) I try diligently to respond to all comments because I truly enjoy that interaction.  But with giveways I can’t do that due to the quantity of comments. I hope you will understand! I do read ALL of them though – good luck and enjoy this event!

Most of all, thank you for stopping by for a visit. I hope you have a wonderful holiday, in whatever way you choose to celebrate.

262 thoughts on “Sew Mama Sew Giveaway 2017

  1. Susan Ferguson

    I am done with all of my shopping except for one person. My son, the most important one! He still hasn’t told my what he wants and at 14 it is hard to guess. I need to get his list today or he is only getting clothes. Yikes!

  2. Barbara

    Great fabric giveaway! My son’s birthday is December 8, and I can never start serious holiday shopping until after that. I’d love to begin earlier, but I have practically no shopping done yet!

  3. Susan Spiers

    I too, need to get going on my Christmas shopping! So far behind! I usually start in September, but, it seems I get a start later & later! Great fabric, has a retro feel to me, love the colors! Thank you, Susan

  4. Brenda Ackerman

    Good Morning! Thankfully, a large part of my Christmas shopping is done! There are a few items left, but that should not take to much time if I get right on it. Although, on the other hand, I have not reached my hand made gift giving agenda for this year at all. Plus, it appears that I am not going to get much more accomplished. Bummer….but I will begin again next year! Thank you for the opportunity to win these beautiful fabrics! I know just what table topper pattern that they would go perfectly with! Plus, a nice and easy tote bag pattern also! Have a fantastic creative day!

  5. Brenda Ackerman

    I follow you by email! Have really enjoyed your posts since I discovered your site not that long ago. Thank you for sharing all that you do and for this great fabric give away!

  6. Linda Williamson

    I’m about half done with my shopping, just need to hit the stores and get sewing on some projects that I need to complete. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Anita

    About halfway…?, going shopping today & hopefully making fabric catnip toys for my neighbors tomorrow for presents. Merry Christmas & thank you for blogging. Anita in North Carolina

  8. Alice Ronne

    Seems like I thought I was on top of the holiday bustle, but…..Guess I’d better focus on getting things done and quickly! Love the giveaway fabric! Thanks so much.

  9. Lisa Marie

    Shopping? My best estimate of how much is done? None. Yes, exactly none. Lots of sewing is done though!

  10. Sally Chrisman

    I have 0 percent done. Must get in the mindframe sand get started. It might be a cyber holiday.

  11. Barbara

    I have done about 20% thanks to cyber Monday! Guess I have to brave the crowds at the mall soon. Beautiful give away….I could just stay home and sew!!

  12. Marilyn H.

    Lovely prints! I have not started my shopping, but know what I will be getting for everyone. Everything will be from locally owned shops or gift certificates to museums and other art venues.

  13. Kim j

    I’m happy to say my family doesn’t exchange gifts, so there isn’t any need for shopping. However we do celebrate a lot, so there is a need for cleaning. That I haven’t started.

  14. Rosemary Bolton

    I follow you by email (google feed, or something)
    I love getting your blog and reading. I do not always have time to comment

  15. Rosemary Bolton

    Christmas shopping is hard this year. My mom went to heaven in October. I will miss her, but she is safe now. Then, just last week, my little kitty boy Pierro died. I am still in shock.
    Maybe this year I will just give money. I know, terrible but my head is not in the right place to shop

  16. Wendy

    In my head, I think I’m done with my holiday shopping. In reality, I’ve hardly begun! Haha! I’ve been having too much fun at my sewing machine! I do know what I’m getting for most of the people on my list, however. I have decided to do all of my Christmas shopping locally this year (no malls, yay!). We’ll see how that works!

  17. Tac

    I am probably over half way finished shopping…definitely a bit behind usual. The fabrics for your prize are lovely. Thank you.

  18. Lori smanski

    With shopping I am done. I am finishing up four star wars PP placemats and then I am done. Should be done in the next couple of days.

  19. Kristi

    I have one side of the family done!! I have a few more gifts to purchase for the other side, so I’ll say I’m about 80% done! I started my shopping the Monday before Thanksgiving! It was a perfect time to be out and about gift buying because the stores we fully stocked, but everyone was at the grocery store instead!

  20. Kristi

    I found your blog on the web, now I’m following in Bloglovin and I just started figuring out Instagram!

  21. Kathy E.

    I’m sad to say that I’m in the same corner as you (but in great company!) with having very little shopping done. I’ve been too busy working on a quilt for my son and working! It will get done, right?

  22. Anna Kehl

    It’s all done! I bought 7 amaryllis kits last night for teachers and co-workers and that was the final task. Now to wrap and ship!!

  23. Janet T

    We only give gifts for the Grandkids, and I am well behind. It is hard to find something for tweenagers, and I feel as though I am cheating to just send money. ndfromsd(at)gmail(dot)com

  24. Michaela

    This year we’re giving the gift of future dinners to our family, so shopping will have to be done later! I’m excited about the plan.

  25. Debbie Miller

    I have one present-One and it is for a gift swap! I hope to start the regular shopping this weekend. I follow your blog by email.

  26. Rosemary Barron

    Except for some sewing gifts (bags, etc.), I am done. Going to start baking this week (IF I can leave my little sewing corner.

  27. allison pogany

    I’m almost done- still need gifts for my daughter and niece, but otherwise finished!
    allisonpogany at

  28. Joyce Carter

    Thank you so much for your giveaway. I actually have all of my shopping finished. Now if they were only wrapped!

  29. Susan Stanton

    I’m 75 percent done! Everything is wrapped that I have bought so far. Hope to get it finished soon!

  30. Maria

    I’ve finished about half of my shopping. I have some slippers that I want to gift that I really need to get a move on though, to finish knitting and felting. I love the greys of these fabrics!

  31. Pat in WNY

    Happy to say the shopping is nearly done but holiday decorations not started nor any holiday baking. This fabric bundle is perfect for this year which found me appliqueing hundreds of circles for the Quilty 365 quilt-along.

  32. Sarah@123quilt

    I think I am about 75% done with shopping. I’m usually an early shopper so I’m stressing out just a bit. I also haven’t sent out any cards yet! I’m so behind!

    sarah123quilt [at] gmail {DOT} com

  33. Beth T.

    Confession: Last year was a very bad year for me, and some gifts were never sent. So, I’m kind of ahead of the game.

  34. Veronica Kenney

    I am mostly done. Now to try and get a few last minute gifts made and I will be a set as ever. There are always too many grand ideas for too many people in my life!

  35. Barb Colvin

    I don’t do much shopping for prezzies any more; I tend to make stuff instead. Hats, mittens, scarves, and the occasional sweater are knitted. Then there are pillows, pillowcases, totes, and table toppers sewn. Am I done with this years lot? Nope, not even close. lol

  36. Judy Vaughn

    Well, shopping about 50%. It is tough because we are having our celebration on the 18th.

    I get you via email. Guess that is the blog but since I don’t do that, I’m guessing.

  37. Cindy

    I am maybe a third of the way done with my shopping. I used to be one of early birds that started back in the summer. WHAT HAPPENED?! I don’t know. I think it was more fun when I got to buy things for little ones.

  38. Sandra

    I follow you on bloglovin and on Instagram and on Flipboard (though I’m not as active on there as the other social media!) well and now have favourited your Etsy shop too 😉

  39. audrey

    I only have about a 1/3 of my shopping done. Really need to get serious and make a better list! Love your fabric giveaway! Beautiful!

  40. Ali

    Hi – love those fabrics – grey is the new black!!! LOL Thanks for the giveaway! I am still Christmas shopping although most of it is done and WRAPPED!!!

  41. Laura

    I’ve done quite a bit of shopping, but it was all the “low hanging fruit”. Now I really have to think hard and figure out what to get those hard to buy people . I’m looking at you mother-in-law and father-in-law! Good luck with your shopping!

  42. Kerry Ryan

    I don’t actually shop for Christmas. I make baskets full of the canning I do all year…and some baking. All I have left to do is the baking. Thanks for the chance to win. Kerry-ryan(at)att(dot)net

  43. Vicki Seals

    I am done, thank goodness! Beautiful fabric. Thanks for the chance to win! vickise at gmail dot com

  44. Lou Carter

    I am finished except for the baking,. We decided a few years ago to not buy except for the grand kids. Sure took a lot of stress out of the celebration!

  45. Ms Sam Nicholson

    Haven’t even started shopping yet!!! Too busy quilting! Love the fabric, nice and relaxing,they would be a pleasure to work with!!

  46. Lisa

    I don’t qualify for the giveaway but I would like to say I really enjoy reading your blog and one day I’m gonna get in quick and read the book.

  47. KayB

    Unlike most years, every bit of my shopping is finished. I’m now just trying to finish a quilt to send my sister.

  48. Kelly Paulson

    I *think* I am all done, which is quite a feat considering I have seven children! I do have a couple things on my to make list, but if they don’t get done in won’t be too sad about the. 😉

  49. Vicki H

    Gifts to mail, done but not wrapped yet. Gifts for local family, about 75% done. Hope to be done by the 15th so I can relax.

  50. Elana Goldberg

    An amazing thing happened this year! My husband decided to finally get involved in buying our 5 boys their chanukah gifts. Our eldest kids are 22 so it’s been many years of me sweating the process on my own. My hubby also had to tell me how much work it was to pick out 5 different and special tees for one night of chanukah. I said, “yup, I know all about it!” So…i’m done and he’s on the job. Plus, our kids are all old enough to mostly want just money, money, money!

  51. Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts

    I still have a few things to buy. We don’t do a big Christmas, so it’s easy for me to wait a little longer. When my boys were little and we bought more, I usually had all my shopping finished by the end of October.

  52. Mary Dellorso

    I have all but 2 gifts purchased and all but 2 that l have a re wrapped. I am so glad to be done with this and so grateful to be able to do it! I had surgery this past summer and it was a real blessing to be able to do all of that wrapping without pain.

  53. Donna Mendenhall

    Sorry to hear you are so far behind.
    I started my Christmas crafting in June. I have knitted,crocheted, sewed and quilted almost all my gifts. My family loves home made gifts. Some of the items I have made are placemats, napkins, quilted Christmas tree skirts(2), knit poncho, knit had,fingerless must, cowl, crocheted hot pads and crocheted towel tops.

  54. Kristin

    We have most of our actual gifts purchased, but have quite a few gift cards to still purchase. We live in Alaska, and presents get mailed to Iowa, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, so we buy fewer items, and augment them with gift cards. I always try to keep to the size of one of the Priority Mail Boxes!

  55. Renea Yarolim

    I only have about half of my shopping done and we have xmas on the 18th. I am getting a little nervous.

  56. Gloria Cotten

    I have don very little gift shopping yet except for the things I am
    making my self. I have a Long way to go and so very little time!!

  57. karen s

    I’ve got a lot of ideas for gifts to make–then life gets in the way! So. . . NOT ready for Christmas!

  58. Susan

    First, thanks for the Give away-Lovely fabrics! Thought I was finished, then I remembered our guild is having a gift exchange on the 18th-so ONE more gift to buy. It could also be something handmade but NO time as I am travelling today and won’t return until the day before our meeting.

  59. Mary D

    All of my holiday shopping is done except for the two families that my job and my professional organization have adopted. I have some shopping to do for them both this weekend and I am done. I stopped last minute shopping a few years ago so that I could enjoy the holidays and asmany celebrations as possible leading up to the holidays totally stress free. It works.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  60. Dani Funk

    I am about done, I have one gift left to buy for my son and some stocking stuffers. I even finished up my Christmas sewing this week.

  61. Karen @Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats

    I am almost done (only about 4 people left to get gifts for). That’s very unusual for me since I usually wait until the last minute. However, I am making a quilt for one person and am still working on the top and have the pieced back to do plus the quilting so I guess I am still last minute making.

  62. Donna Lee

    I always think I’m farther along than I really am, but I think I’m about a third of the way finished. The worst part is that I’m finished with the easy people 🙂 and still have the difficult ones to go.

  63. Esther G

    I have pretty much all of my gifts ready to go…still need to finish making 2 but I’ve got plenty of time 🙂

  64. Terry

    Since I do the majority of my shopping online, I’m already done…and gifts are shipped directly to family across the country 🙂

  65. Karrie Smith

    I really haven’t started, but have it planned in my mind! Don’t feel bad! Just followed your blog. LOVE these pieces you are giving away!

  66. Becca

    I think I’m basically done…I have sewing to do, and I’d like to figure out one more thing for DH…but I’m feeling good!

  67. Sarah

    I am mostly done, due to 1 productive Saturday online. I have never shopped completely online before, and I LOVE it! No crowds. No extras thrown into the shopping cart as I pass. 🙂

  68. Jill

    I have been very disorganized about my shopping. I know I don’t have anything for my husband so I need to work on that.

  69. Kim S

    I still have a bit of shopping to finish. I am hoping to get them done this weekend so I can enjoy the rest of the season without the rush.

  70. Kristine Clay

    I’m glad to say I am 90% done with just 1 present remaining. It helps when you have a very very limited budget!

  71. Claudia TN

    Beautiful fabric! Thank you such a generous giveaway! I am about 95% done with shopping, which is a great feeling! We are celebrating a week early, so I really needed to kick it in gear this year.

  72. Teresa Hays

    For the most part I’m done with my Christmas shopping. I might buy a couple of smaller things for my Hubby and Son. But otherwise I’m done!

  73. Anita Jackson

    Most of my shopping is done~ and my hand mades are getting their finishing touches~ Now Just to get my husband in gear and have him get his shopping commitments completed will be my chore~ or my 2 sons will have no Christmas gifts. Our tradition is that he buys for my sons, and I buy for his daughters and grand daughter.

  74. Kathie L

    My husband and I don’t really do much shopping. Just something for my mum. We are so blessed in many ways, that we don’t need THINGS.

  75. Jacklynn Grimm

    My husband and I only shop for each other, with no other family or children of our own. We took care of two children from the tree at church, those gifts had to be in before Sunday. So I guess we are done! [email protected]

  76. usairdoll

    Love the soft colors of the fabric in your giveaway. As far as shopping done, ahhhhh, No. Nada as in None. My daughter’s birthday is today so usually I don’t get a lot done till after her day. I do have my list done though, well, almost done ;-D

    Thanks for a chance to win. Happy Holidays!


  77. Debora

    I still have more Christmas shopping to do.

    Michigan Address Ready

    Pink Scissors Design on Etsy
    pinkscissorsdesign @gmail .com

  78. SS in NH

    I am 95% done. I’m hoping to get to the post office today to mail off some gifts to far-away loved ones. Thank you!

  79. Sherry

    Like you, I’ve done very little shopping. Now that I’ve finished some recent quilt commitments, I’ll get to the shopping. jsvonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  80. Jordan Lyons

    I am just about finished for the first time ever this early! I have stockings left to do but we usually do that the week before Christmas as a tradition in memory of my dad who always did the stocking shopping on Christmas eve 😀

  81. CaLynn

    Hi there!

    I have no holiday shopping done yet – we only buy for the little ones these days, and donate to groups like Heifer International for the adult group present swaps. Shopping is the plan for tomorrow!

    Thanks for the chance to win:)

  82. Helen G.

    I have almost finished my shopping because I mainly write checks to the family. So just a few to buy things for and they are usually food items raised or made locally. Not much shopping or looking for me either. Hate those crowds and the traffic!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  83. Liz

    I haven’t done any shopping yet, but it’s all good because our kids and their families won’t be here until January. I have 3 quilts finished for the grandchildren and 2 in process. I enjoy your blog. Thanks!

  84. KT

    I have done very little shopping so far, but lots of sewing! 5 of 7 quilty gifts are finished–just 2 lap size quilts left to finish up.

  85. Lori Morton

    We are probably 85% finished all shopping..except some dinner things. 🙂 I am still working on sewing projects tho…
    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too..the fabrics are Beautiful!

  86. Sandra Timmons

    I have made 3 lap quilts; one for Mom; one for my girlfriend and one for my neighbor; I made a snuggly lap quilt for my neighbor; made a Santa Claus wall hanging for my niece; shopping done for my boyfriend; shopping done for my sister and mom; need to buy presents for my 3 nephews and my brother-in-law. Then I am done. Yeah! Thank you for being a part of the SMS Giveaway. We all want fabric and we all want to win fabric. This is good. You did so good. This fabric is gorgeous Someone will be making a quilt using this fabric. Wishing you Happy Holidays.

    Sandi Timmons
    [email protected]

  87. Lisa

    I did almost all my shopping while on a trip to Europe earlier this year. Usually I am scrambling at the end, it is nice to relax a little. Good luck!

  88. Monica

    I haven’t brought not one thing for Christmas. i have to get beyond all the birthdays including my twin sister’s and mine.

  89. Laura Wilson

    I’ve done all of my shopping by now. I can’t wait to give them all out. Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. Dawn F

    I am not sure how this happened, but I am very behind on my shopping. I have a lot of ideas, just haven’t gone out and bought them yet. I have probably been too busy browsing around the giveaway day blogs!! A worthy distraction, in my opinion!

  91. Laura McD

    We had family list from out of state for Thanksgiving- so we did our gift exchange the day after. Now it’s all about cookies and movies and rearranging the ornaments on the the tree.

  92. Breanna Sackrey

    I am done with my Christmas shopping but have not started planning food so there will be a big trip to the grocery store soon. I have also neglected to decorate so that is still on my list.

  93. Nicole Sender

    Lovely fabric! I have finished my shopping and packages are already sent! I decided to get everything done early this year!!

  94. delia jones

    I have very little of my Christmas list completed. I actually make a number of items and I am behind there too! Ack!

  95. Diane Beavers

    Hi Bernie, mostly done shopping….still stitching on 4 handmade gifts tho. I believe I’ll make that deadine on the 25th. Thankyou so much for sharing in SMS giveaway day.

  96. Linda Cejnar

    I have done about half of my Christmas shopping. I still need work gifts and something for one of my daughters. Thank you for the opportunity to win!
    ljbisme at msn dot com


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