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This week I am helping out by hosting the To Do Tuesday Link Up.  This is a weekly link up that many quilters use to organize their time and better accomplish projects (both quilty and otherwise) during the week. Sometimes it is a matter of organizing and planning all of the other things life requires in order to carve out a bit of time in the sewing room. This link up is usually hosted by Christine over at Stitch ALL the Things.  She is a bit overwhelmed as she works on one house in Oregon and plans her transition back to another house in Arizona. Somehow I don’t think time in the sewing room is in the cards for her right now. In fact, I don’t know that a sewing room exists yet in her Oregon house!

Let’s see. There is always plenty to be done each week but here is the short list.

  1. Work on quilting and binding the vintage sheet patchwork quilt that I showed you on Sunday. I really want to get this one on the bed in my sewing room. It has such a summery feel to it and I don’t want to set it aside, finish quilting it on October and then not use it until next season. So, this is numero uno.
  2. Cut out another Washi dress.  In June I finished my first Washi dress and I love it. It is such a comfortable dress. I want to try making it with a piece of deep goldenrod yellow knit fabric that I have. I am almost certain that when finished, it will be akin to wearing jammies all day. The pattern is that comfy and made in a knit, it will be even more so.  At the very least, I hope to get it cut out. If I spend any time sewing it, so much the better.
  3. Pick out the book for the Fall Book Share here at Needle & Foot.  I recently wrote a review of Vinegar Girl and invited any interested readers to sign up to share the book this summer. There are six of us sharing Vinegar Girl. This is how it works – I sent off the book to the first person after writing a tiny blurb on the inside front cover of the book. I included three fat quarters of fabrics chosen because they are somehow related to the story. The person that received it has four weeks to read and then send it on with their opinion written in the book and three more fat quarters that they feel are related to the story. On and on it goes until the last person has it and returns it back to me.  I am happy with the response to this idea and will host it again beginning in September. I haven’t yet picked out the book but I better get going so I can read it first and then gather a group of readers for the next round. If anyone has a suggestion for a good (fiction) book I would love to hear about it. Leave ideas in the comments.

OK – that is it for this week. The quilting is a big one (literally, queen size) which will take most of my sewing time. How about you? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Need to get organized? Let us know what you have on your plate this week.




  1. Link up to this To-Do Tuesday blog post using the InLinkz linky below. Don’t forget: you can link up Instagram photos! The link up is open all week, and you can link any post for the week even if it’s written on the prior Sunday or Monday. It simply needs to be related to setting, working on, and/or completing your weekly goal(s).
  2. Try to visit at least one or two other blogs and leave a nice comment.

10 thoughts on “Guest Host – To Do Tuesday Link Up

  1. Kaholly

    Good luck accomplishing your weekly goals! Mine are listed on a small white board beside my sewing area. They haven’t changed for two weeks, go figure! Someone needs to f-o-c-u-s! XO

    1. Bernie Post author

      Ah, sometimes it is like that. I flit from project to project and don’t accomplish a whole lot of anything. You’ll get back to it!

  2. Wendy

    I like the idea of the book share, so will look forward to seeing what book is picked. No suggestions come to mind, but I’ll think on it!

  3. Christine Slaughter

    Thank you so much for hosting this week. You nailed it with the word “overwhelmed”! And you’re also right about the sewing room here… Or lack of one. That’s my project for next year! The book share is such a great idea! The Washi dress is so great, I will look forward to seeing yours ! Have a great week, and thanks again!!

  4. Lisa

    The book share sounds like a lot of fun. I took a look at your first Washi Dress and It’s great. I’ll be making a washi out of stretch fabric as well. It will be my first washi but I’ll be making it with my friend Wendy who is a good dressmaker. I had never seen this to do Tuesday link up before but it’s a good idea maybe next Tuesday.

    1. Bernie Post author

      Let me know how the Washi dress goes with a knit. I haven’t cut mine out yet but maybe tomorrow! I am perusing books and should have one selected soon. Hope you might consider joining the group. I am taking it will begin in early September.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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