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Welcome to Needle and Foot! If you are visiting everyone in the VRD Fast & Fun hop and are new to my site, thanks for popping in. Feel free to take a look around. Like what I am writing about? Maybe you’d like to subscribe (remember I never share emails with anyone else). Today it is my turn to share what I made with a Villa Rosa pattern card for the VRD blog hop.

You are likely already familiar with this company, owned by Pat Fryer, but just in case here is a bit of background information taken from the VRD website.

“Villa Rosa Designs (VRD) was created by Pat Fryer, Owner and Rose Queen, with the idea to provide quick and easy affordable quality fun-to-make quilt patterns for quilters featuring popular quilting fabric cuts.

Since its launch in 2010, VRD has become much more than a handful of quilt patterns. Rose Cards, Villa Rosa’s signature postcard-sized patterns, combine great design with simple packaging and an attractive price, making Rose Cards one of the best-selling pattern brands in the country”.

The fun part for me in all of this is to promote a business located in my old home town of Grass Valley, California. Pat has a fabric store there and also travels to shows all over the country promoting Villa Rosa’s quick and easy patterns. She has several designers working for her and over 500 patterns in the Villa Rosa collection. (You can see them here). Her website also features lots and lots of gorgeous fabric.

This is the packet of five patterns used in the blog hop. When I looked at the selection of patterns we were to choose from, I decided to make S’Witched. Recently I have been focusing on using up fabric I have and this pattern works well for larger squares of bold fabric. Some years ago, I had cut into a collection of fabric called Garden Bright, by Sue Penn. Life happened and these squares were put into a project bag and shelved. I really like this collection and wanted to use some of it for my S’Witched quilt. The pattern calls for 10″ squares (a layer cake) but my squares were already cut at nine inches. VRD patterns are super flexible though so it worked just fine to change things up a bit.

Because shades of green are my all time favorite, I am super happy with this finish! The lighter backgrounds are from my stash. The really pale background is left over from a wide back I used on a different quilt. Wide back fabric is such a great deal – no piecing the back and there is (almost) always a nice chunk left over for another project. The light green is a cute polka dot from who knows where? I certainly don’t remember! Because my squares were smaller than the pattern called for, I added a border to add some size to the quilt.

The backing.

I did end up piecing this backing. This has been mentioned many times lately, but I am really trying to use what I have. No matter how much I take from the shelves and bins, there is more to be used! I can happily say that every bit of this quilt came from my stash. This includes the batting which I joined from several large leftover pieces in my tub.

I quilted a lazy run of daisies along the border. For the bigger squares, I tried quilting curves, sort of like orange peels. They look ok but the blocks I quilted with these are actually rectangular and stretching that curve was sort of awkward for some reason. So while I am reasonably happy with it, I don’t love it. Know what I mean?

Labeling didn’t really happen. I have a fat quarter of Made with Love fabric and hand stitched a bit of it to the back. If it is donated, that will be enough. If it is given as a gift, I can add a bigger label or replace this little bit.

This pattern is very quick to come together. It is a four patch block which is cut into three pieces. Then stitched back together with the opposite portion next to the narrow center stripe. It would actually be fun to make with charm squares too.

Fabulous Prizes!!

When this hop was put together I was told there would be a giveaway. To me, this meant sets of the pattern cards or something similar. But Tricia, the marketing manager for Villa Rosa, went nuts and procured tons of fun prizes from some very generous sponsors! We invite everyone to enter to win. If your name is selected and you are from outside the US, you will receive a PDF collection of the pattern cards.

  1. Villa Rosa Designs is giving away a 2023 Blog Hop Rose Card pattern collection on each participating blog.
  2. Sponsor prizes have been donated by our lovely sponsors, and even from some of the bloggers, too! These prizes are divided into 2 different categories —
    • Grand Prize Boxes (of which there are 2) are filled with tons of quilting goodies including books, fabric, precuts, notions, patterns, and more.
    • Individual Prizes (each blogger will select 3 winners on their blog) which may be books, patterns, fat quarter bundles, 5″ squares, 2 1/2″ strips, 10″ squares, notions, and more.

There are many ways to enter to win. Visit all of the bloggers (see list below) in the hop and follow along with us. To enter here at Needle & Foot, please leave a comment sharing your favorite pre-cut. All of the VRD patterns start with a pre-cut. Of course you can always cut your own if you don’t have the right size. Or you could adjust the size of your blocks as I did with my quilt. Comments on this post will close on January 29, 2023. Prize winners will be announced soon after! (Usually I respond to comments but I am betting there will be lots of them. So this time I am just going to thank you now instead of responding to each one. I hope you understand.)

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Thank you so much for coming by – I hope you will try out some of the Villa Rosa patterns. They are inexpensive and super fun to sew. Also, if you head over to VRD’s website, there is a great selection of kits to be purchased as well as a fantastic group of sale fabrics! Hope you will enjoy the rest of the hop.

Update – Comments are now closed. Thank you for participating in the hop!

179 thoughts on “Villa Rosa Designs Fast & Fun Blog Hop

  1. Kerie Harris

    My favorite precut is a jelly roll. There are a ton of great VRQ patterns that call for them. I almost hate unrolling a new one because they’re so pretty rolled up! 😁

  2. Eva

    Hallo Bernie,
    Such a nice post and colourfull, fresh looking quilt you show.
    Get to know about Villa Rosa from Wendys blog. Guess you are visiting hers as well.
    Contrast is so important and you the colours so perfect. And you did so fast! Including the quilting.
    And how nice that VR this is in your home city. Labeling takes me often more time than a quilt.
    My machine is not well stiching words in the moment. Sometime take scraps, then build a ♥️ and stich in name and year. Love your fabic. I have no experience in crayon that stays at the fabric so far.

  3. Marvel Simmons

    I really can’t make up my mind … as I have all of them in my stash!!! I just purchased my first kit .. as I always thought I would use my stash up first … might have changed my way of thinking now!!

  4. Sueann Friesen

    My favorite precut is, I think, a fat quarter. I like them because if I want to fussy cut some parts, there is usually enough to work with and the rest can go in my scrap bins. I love scrappy quilts!

  5. Deb Sherrock

    I think my favorite pre-cut are charm squares – – though it is had to pick only one favorite! Jo sent me!

  6. Judy

    My favorite precuts are jelly rolls. Most of the time I start with strips and the jelly rolls are already in strips.

  7. Kathleen McCormick

    I love your version! It is fun to see how we can adjust to suit our needs – what fabric we have or don’t have! I admire your working from your stash – it is a noble effort. My favorite precut is a charm pack….fun and fast to use!

  8. Helen Hewell

    Hi. I lover your version of S’Withched. It looks liker a fun and easy quilt to make. Jo sent me

  9. Julie Bailey

    I usually purchase yardage. However, I like fat quarters when I only need a small amount.

  10. Diann@LittlePenguinQuilts

    Bernie, that is so pretty! I love shades of green, too, so your quilt really appeals to me. Before you invited me to be in the blog hop, I had never eard of VRD. Now I want to make all of these designs!

  11. Rebecca Smith

    I would have to say my favorite are layer cakes but charm packs are close behind.

  12. Judy Prescott

    Jo sent me! I never buy precuts but I do like to cut 2 1/2″ strips with my scraps or from my stash to use in the future. I love your version of this quilt!!! I love green and it looks great! Thank you!

  13. Laura M

    I like fat quarters because the pieces have “more room” to make decisions about what to do.

  14. Wendy

    There is something so satisfying about finishing an entire quilt using fabric from your stash, isn’t there? I love the colors in this quilt – all those lovely greens! It would be hard to part with this one! This has been a fantastically fun blog hop!

  15. Phyllis

    This was not my favorite pattern in the group but after seeing your quilt and others in the blog hop I’ve decided it’s really nice. I like jelly rolls the best but have several layer cakes that I don’t know what to do with.

  16. Susan from Michigan

    Jo sent me. I don’t use precuts generally unless I am gifted them, but I would say jelly rolls. All you have to do is cut the desired length.

  17. DELORES Ohm

    Really like the colors of your quilt and the border quilting you used. I haven’t had an opportunity to use any precuts yet. I mostly use fat quarters and scraps from them.

  18. Tracie

    Bernie, like you I’m trying to work through my stash this year. Green is my favorite color too, and your quilt looks great. I love simple patterns like these!

  19. Mary Lee

    I like 5″ square precuts. They are so versatile and there are lots of patterns.

    Instead of fat quarters, the quilters in my family usually get 2 yard cuts. This has become our family “fat quarter.”

  20. Kathalena Cocker

    Love this quilt in the greens. My favorite pre-cuts are fat quarters though it used to be layer cakes. I like that I can adapt most patterns for any precut out of my fat quarters. Layer cakes and fat quarters give me enough fabric to see more of the bigger patterns.

  21. Lois Stimax

    I enjoy charm squares for precuts. So very versatile and full of potential. I have made a Villa Rosa pattern and love how easy they are but they are interesting! They let the fabric sing.

  22. Juanita H

    My usual choice of precut is a fat quarter, although I have used all of them at one time or another.

  23. Lana Drum

    My favorite pre-cut is charm packs. Two packs made the beautiful Mod Tiles Too Villa Rosa pattern. I love your quilt.

  24. Roseanne

    Hi Bernie! What a cute and quick quilt. That’s nice to have in our arsenal for those times when we need a quickie! I have a few layer cakes that I acquired recently . . . {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  25. Sandra

    I have recently started purchasing 1/2 yard bundles. So much you can do with them. A designer I follow gives tips on cutting and recommendations for patterns to be able to get two lap size quilts from a bundle, just adding some background.

  26. Susan N.

    I usually buy yardage, but when I can’t do that, I go with half yard cuts. If those aren’t’ available, I would buy a fat quarter, especially if I only needed a little bit.

  27. Robin Maloney

    I love VRD cards, the patterns are really easy to follow. As a person who is new to quilting seeing how people with experience incorporate the patterns helps so much. Thank you for showing how this pattern can be changed to fit my stash of material.

  28. Lynne Brosch

    Love your version of S’witched. My favorite precut to use is charm squares. I love when the pattern allows me to just sew them together with no cutting!

  29. Rochelle Summers

    I love fat quarters. Mostly, I don’t like the precuts that have ziggy edges. Besides fat quarters always make me feel like I’m getting lots of fabric. I like the way you used from your stash to make this quilt. Like you, I’m trying to use what I have (and I have LOTS). I still drool over new fabric but only on line and in a catalog. I try never to get to close to it because it is so tempting.

  30. Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting

    I prefer half yards and then cut my own precuts using a stripology ruler. If I had to choose one, I’d say layer cake, since that’s a good bite of fabric! Love your Switched version, Bernie! I’d love to be in on this blog hop next time around. I love the Villa Rosa designs and use the Villa Rosa app all the time!

  31. Nancy Sumner

    I am a green fan too, so love the way your quilt turned out. Whomever gets it will love it! I like fat quarters best, as they are so versatile.

  32. kathyz

    Green is my favorite color so I really like this!
    I don’t usually use precuts but if I do, it’s charm packs.

  33. Donna Munroe

    Jo sent me. I prefer to buy fat quarters but sometimes I can’t get all the fabrics so I buy charm squares!!

  34. Gaynel

    I love your quilt you made with Bright Garden fabric and the bright blue binding made it pop! I like jellyrolls the best of precuts but it’s right up there with fatquarters!

  35. Ms E in Tulsa

    Although, I have all types of fabric bundles in my stash, I’m going to go with the charm packs.

  36. Tammy Soelberg

    My favorite precut is fat quarters. I love how you used all fabrics from your stash. That is one of my goals this year – to use up a lot of my fabric stash. 😊

  37. Dawn F

    Although I have used all types of precuts, I like fat quarters and jelly rolls best. I’m glad you chose switched to make, because I really like this one and it has been helpful to see a few of them in different color schemes!

  38. Annie Flaherty

    Hard to decide on just one precut, but I will say Jelly Roll because I can use the strips, cut them narrower if I want or cut them up into 2.5-inch squares.

  39. Cathy B.

    My fav precut is a layer cake. You can get a decent size quilt out of it without adding too much extra for background. Love the VRD Cool Waters pattern!

  40. Gail Sheppard

    Love your S’witched in the greens. Just beautiful!!!
    I admire you for adapting the pattern to the size of blocks that you had! That’s the perfect way to use up stash!
    My favourite pre-cut is fat quarter bundles … you can do so much with a fat quarter, but I also like layer cakes and jelly rolls and charm packs … I have them all in my stash! LOL!!!

  41. J Foor

    Well, I have almost always bought/used fat quarters or 1/2 yard bundles. However, I recently took the plunge and started to work with layer cakes. Oooh, those 10in squares are much more versatile that I thought. Love the greens on your S’witched pattern. That pattern goes on my Wish List. Although with VRD at such a reasonable cost, , that wish list is very, very doable.

  42. Kaye Mattson

    I usually buy yardage but once in awhile I buy fat quarters if I only need a small amount.

  43. Barb

    I started out with Jellyrolls and now with the popularity of “Three Yard Quilts”, I sometimes buy yardage.
    However, I would not turn down fat quarters!!

  44. Suzanne Broderick

    I love fat quarters, but recently I’ve discovered 2 1/2 inch strips! It’s fun to collect fat quarters and then get creative to make a quilt.

  45. Annmarie Tegen

    Layer Cakes are my favorite pre-cut. Sew versatile; can be cut up in sew many ways!

  46. Linda Baseman

    I like the way you arranged your blocks to make a center piece. At least I see it that way! My favorite precut–well, probably jelly roll but I don’t often use them. I do have several waiting though!

  47. Susan Salo

    I’m liking layer cakes these days as they give the wider pieces. I like all these patterns; and the S’witched looks easy to do.

  48. Laurie T from Texas

    I’m glad you mentioned that you substituted 9 inch for the 10 inch. I like patterns to be flexible!
    I love fat quarters. Your quilt is beautiful

  49. Rita S

    My favorite precut is Fat Quarters, they tend to let you do a variety of cutting to make almost any quilt.
    Thanks for sharing your quilt. I too am trying to use up fabric in my stash, you did a nice job.
    Jo say ps to tell you “JO SENT ME”

  50. Marilyn Halvorsen

    Jo sent me. I like your interpretation of S’Witched, especially since you used a different size cut, plus a lovely colorway. Nice to know that the Villa Rosa patterns are adaptable. I like fat quarter bundles, especially when I need scrappy neutrals.

  51. Elizabeth Carman

    Jo sent me. I love the colors in your quilt. I am a fan of all precuts, but my favorite is layer cakes. Thanks for joining the blog hop!

  52. Darlene B

    Great quilt! I usually buy fat quarters to build up my stash and be able to mix and match different fabric lines in each quilt I make.


    My favorite precut is the fat quarter, I’ve been collecting them forever! Now I’m inspired to use them!!!!

  54. Sandra Walker

    Gorgeous quilt Bernie – I love the various greens. Yay for using your stash; exactly what I’ve been doing for the past few years now. S’Witched didn’t grab me at first, but after seeing yours and Leanne’s, now I really want to make it! My favourite precept is a fat quarter.

  55. Monica Sturey

    I am intrigued by the S’witched pattern and I haven’t ever used precuts other than fat quarters. I usually select fabrics for the recipient’s theme, so now maybe I can use the remnants!

  56. Vivian Oaks

    Your greens are really good together! I like greens, but purple is my favorite… Greens go great with purple!! Thanks for taking part in the blog hop and for giving us another chance to win!! 🙂 Blessings,
    Vivian at wvoaks at comcast dot net

  57. Sandi Scarlett

    Your quilt is lovely! I never thought I was a green person but when I look at my fabric I have a lot of green and blue in it My favorite precut is fat quarters.

  58. Barb Hayden

    Jo sent me. Thanks for your interpretation of this pattern by adapting the squares size. My favorite is a charms pack.

  59. Susan Stanton

    The S’Witched pattern is my favorite! It looks quite fun to make. My precut of choice is a fat quarter!

  60. Anja @ Anja Quilts

    I like fat quarters. This is a great quilt. This is my first learning of Villa Rosa. The patterns all look great.

  61. Margaret

    My favorite precuts are charm packs and mini charms. I cut up a lot of my scraps into 5” squares, so I am able to incorporate them with designer charm packs and create lovely lap quilts, wall hangings and table runners.

  62. Beryl BC

    My favorite pre-cut must be the layer cake, as that is what I buy. The pattern S’Witched is one of my favorites of the 5 featured. Jo sent me.

  63. Joy Paull

    Your S’Witched quilt is soooo cute! Love the colors. My favorite precut is fat quarters mostly because I can use them instead of any of the other precuts if needed.

  64. Sandy Allen

    My favorite pre-cut is the 10″ squares/layer cake. I have several here that I need to use up. 🙂

    I have several of the Villa Rosa patterns but haven’t tried them yet. I need to pull them out and get busy!

  65. Christine Burch

    Woohoo Jo sent me! It’s been so great to find so many new quilting blogs and Villa Rosa Designs has so many great patterns that use precuts which is mostly what I purchase. I love fat quarters but I buy more charm packs and layer cakes than anything. Layer Cakes are more affordable than FQ bundles and you can use them for a lot of other precut patterns.

  66. Dian Hoffman

    fat quarters favorite for a few years but now it’s half yards most of the time.

  67. Cathy Hepburn

    I love all these patterns and I have a bunch of the Villa Rosa patterns that I hope to make some day. This is turning out to be a really fun hop.

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  69. Susan L.

    Actually, I’ve never met a pre-cut I didn’t like. 😉 My favorite precut is fat quarter bundles. They give me way more options.

  70. Sharon

    Love your green! I like fat quarters because I still get the variety of prints in the bundle but have more options because of the size.

  71. Susan MacLeod

    I like the mini charm packs. They are just the right size to cut a 1″ hexie from. I really like all the quilts I’ve seen during this blog hop.

  72. Rachel Summy

    My favorite is Fat Quarters but I like the price of Charm Packs and find use for both! Love your “Switched” quilt!!

  73. Debbie Roseman

    I really like that you made this quilt from your stash! I have a lot of random cuts of fabric that I’m hoping to put together as nicely as you did. I like fat quarters the best but tend to buy 1/2 yard cuts.

  74. Karen Miller

    I love charm packs. I have one called Nantucket that I am anxious to use. I also love any and all shades of green. Your quilt is do pretty!

  75. Nann

    Bernie, I really like your take on the S’Witched design!
    Good label idea, too. Sometimes I don’t want to provide personal information on a quilt label.

  76. Linda

    I love your greens Bernie! That is a pretty line of fabric. I also love the border. I think your quilting looks wonderful. That is such a pretty, updated photo of you on your profile. 🙂

  77. Maryanne Richards

    Love that you used your stash for this darling quilt. Right now my favorite pre cuts are charm packs, not a big investment and a great way to add variety to my stash and built up my 5″ and 2.5″ stacks for scrappy quilts.

  78. Sandra J Bogoniewski

    Thank you for showing some of the versatility of the pattern! I’m new to VRD, so that’s helpful. I don’t usually purchase pre-cuts as in the past I’ve mostly just bought for specific projects. But lately I find myself buying a lot of 1/4 and 1/3 yard cuts – and I did finally buy a couple jelly rolls! I’ve also cut a lot of 2 1/2″ strips off of my yardage over the past couple years, just to have available – so I guess I have to say jelly rolls! Lol. Jo sent me and I’m so glad she did!

  79. Shout4Joy

    my favorite pre-cut is the Fat Quarter … the other entice me (jellyrolls especially) but don’t get used as much as my FQs!

  80. Linda K

    My favorite precut is 10″ squares. Anyway, I seem to have alot of them. Ha ha.
    I like your fabrics in the Switched quilt.

  81. Wendy

    I guess my favorite precut is a charm square pack because I seem to use them most. They are more affordable for me. The more I see the S’witched quilt the more I would like to make it!

  82. Wanda Nesloney

    I will say I like all pre cuts but it seems I end up actually using Jelly Rolls the most. So I guess that would be my fav. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  83. Kathy C

    I enjoy using charm packs for projects, a great way to sample all the fabrics in a line without buying all of them is nice.

  84. KT

    Great quilt–love the greens you chose! My favorite precut is fat quarters because they are so versatile.

  85. Jodie S.

    I like layer cake pre-cuts. I also like fat quarters. Most of my patterns use these. Absolutely love DWR cards! Thank you for joining in the Blog Hop. Great idea for people who to visit many sites w/o leaving their home!

  86. PAMELA C

    My favorite precut is fat quarters. I like all the options that I have with the larger size.

  87. BarbCorry

    Favorite precut is the 10″ squares. I just like to feel that I get enough of the fabric line to work with but not too much if it turns out to not be what I wanted. But I love what you made. So pretty. Thanks.

  88. Faye

    Hello! I enjoyed your blog! I love working with layer cakes! They are very easy to work with.

  89. Carla

    I can not pick a favorite precut. I have enjoyed using all the sizes! I did buy a fat quarter bundle for the first time ever and am trying to pick out the perfect pattern for it.

  90. Patti McGarry

    I think it’s a tie between a jelly roll and a layer cake! I have about 15 or 20 of each! Hopefully this year I’ll be using some of them up!

  91. Kathy E.

    Using fabrics from our stash is such a gratifying feeling, isn’t it? It’s good to know that the Villa Rose patterns are adaptable to using block sizes that may be a different size such as your 9″ squares. Your label is just perfect…as all quilts are made with love! My favorite precut right now is a charm pack. I like that they are so portable and there’s a ton of patterns to be inspired with!

  92. Joanna Perry

    I like charm squares. They are affordable and versatile, and just plain cute. Your quilt is lovely.

  93. Beth T.

    I love fat quarters because I can usually put them into quilts and than have some left over for scraps or to make into charms, but I find layer cakes to be really fun because they are accurate, can make an entire quilt, and bring us the whole line of fabric.

  94. Ilene Garcia

    Charm squares are my precut of choice. Love Villa Rosa patterns for quick quilts.

  95. Linda Heckathorn

    I think the Layer Cake precut is the most economical, but I tend to use jelly roll strips more often. I would rather use yardage than fat quarters.

  96. Gene Black

    My favorite precut is probably a FQ collection, but second is the Layer Cake.
    I love using a wide back and saving the leftover for other projects.

  97. Emily F

    My favorite precut is probably the orignal fat quarter. Secondly would be layer cakes. I find them to be the most useful (especially since I love starch). 🙂 Thank you for participating in the blog hop.

  98. Christine Ho Lung

    I love your Switched quilt. Thank you for sharing how you adjusted the pattern to what you had on hand. I too have squares on hand that are not quite 10″. So this would be a good pattern for using those up. My favorite precut is fat quarter bundle; they allow me to cut 10″ and 5″ squares to size without the pinked edges and have fabrics coordinated at the same time. I used to buy 10″ and 5″ precuts but the pinked edges drive me crazy and aren’t always on grain and to size.

  99. Susan Eiseman Levitin

    I love fat quarters and jelly rolls but I get way more use out of my FQs. Lately, I have been drawn to layer cakes.

    Love your quilt.

  100. Barb Kaup

    My favorite precut is fat quarters or 10″ stackers–like them all actually!

  101. Joni

    I am a scrappy quilter, so any pre-cut is my favorite! If I had the funds, I would choose 1/2 yard cuts! Ha!
    Your Switched Quilt turned out beautiful. I am working on using up large print fabrics in my backings, quite a challenge sometimes!

  102. Debbie P

    I think 10″ squares are so easy to work with since they are so versatile & many times there are left overs for the scrap box for another project!
    Love your quilt – the pattern is nice & your colors are so much fun!

  103. Laurie

    Fat quarters are irresistible, but after a job layoff had to switch to mostly charm packs. I made the Random Shuffle pattern and working on Smidge. I will subscribe.

  104. Diane O

    I don’t usually buy precuts, but I have no problem cutting my own if I find a pattern calling for precuts. Your quilt is beautiful, love the colors!! Thanks for sharing

  105. Cyndy Knapp

    Your quilt turned out very pretty! Thanks for sharing your talents! My favorite precut is the 10″ squares. (layer cake)

  106. Janet Rice

    I like jelly rolls, layer cakes, and charm packs. They all have a place in my quilt making depending what I’m doing. Scrappy quilts are my favorites so they provide a variety without buying a lot of fabric.

    Thanks for the opportunity. Jo sent me.

  107. Lezlie Kunkel

    I really like Layer cakes, but usually end up with fat quarters.

    Your choice of colors make me happy 😊

  108. JD

    I love the colors in your S’Witched quilt. This design was my second choice in the cards. Green is my favorite color and yours is so bright and happy to me. My favorite pre-cut is the jelly roll usually but I do love them all. Thanks for taking part in the Hop.

  109. Natalie Nachtsheim

    I don’t typically buy pre-cuts. I bought a jelly roll years ago and the strips weren’t even, some were narrower than 2 1/2 inches in some sections, and those darn pinked edges. I hated it!

  110. SandyMay

    I have bought only a few precuts outside the normal FQ size, and truthfully, I haven’t used any of them. I usually cut my own 5″ squares for scraps, so I guess charm squares are my favorites.

  111. Bonnie in Va

    Bernie you knocked this quilt out of the ball park. I love your colors and how you grouped them together. This would work with some of the fat quarters I have. I don’t tend to buy a lot of precuts but I sure can see the advantage of using one.

  112. Donna Teeter

    Great shades of green in your quilt! I like to buy Jelly Rolls best since it’s easier to cut the other larger sizes of precuts from yardage if they are called for.

  113. Candie

    Jo sent me! I love 5 in squares. I have done a bunch of quilts with them and they’re just so convenient. Thanks for sharing your quilt. I love all the green!

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