Happy Birthday Sale!

Today I celebrate my 58th birthday – how that has come to be, I cannot explain.  Isn’t time the strangest phenomenon?  The older I get, the more quickly it buzzes by.  When I was young I would wish for the next age or stage.  In seventh grade my mother allowed us to begin shaving our legs and wearing panty hose.  At 12 or 13 (?) we were allowed to get our ears pierced.  Of course there is driving at 16, a very exciting rite of passage and voting at 18 (are we all voting in the upcoming election??).  I married at 20 (to my first husband); graduated college at 21, had my babies at 24, 26, and 30.  Married again at 37 and had baby number 4 at age 40.  Now I just want it to SLOW DOWN!!!!  But it doesn’t, does it?

So, today I am celebrating! It is the 25th of the month so I am holding a site-wide 25% off sale!  Not only that, I would like to give a $25 gift certificate to my shop!  Please leave me a comment with an age related memory.  What comes to mind?  I will draw a winner tomorrow morning!

Looking forward to this trip around the sun and feeling so fortunate that all of you are taking it with. me!!

Giveaway now closed.  Congratulations Preeti!!  You are the winner of the $25 gift certificate to the shop!!  Hurray.  Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes and great memories you all shared.  They were so much fun to read!



55 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sale!

  1. Beth T.

    Funny, but instead of milestone birthdays or events, the one that came to mind immediately was this: the year I turned17, my friends and I had adopted the practice of decorating each other’s garage doors on our birthdays. I remember feeling so special, waking up to find our house decorated with butcher paper and messages of love to me from my friends.

  2. Lisa Marie

    Happy Birthday Bernie! I hope you have a day filled with things you enjoy doing and people you enjoy spending time with. One age-related memory I have is my 21st birthday. My mom and aunt took me to the horse races that day and there was a drawing to win a trip to California with accommodations, airfare, everything. My mom won! She was so shocked! She had always lived in Pennsylvania, had rarely traveled far, and had never flown, so that trip was a big deal.

  3. Lee

    Happy Birthday Bernie! I don’t have an age specific memory, but do remember clearly going to the ‘drugstore’ with my mother and sister every summer to pick out a new pair of Dr. Scholl’s sandals! The big dilemma was what color to choose each year!

  4. Karen A

    Happy birthday! I also celebrated my 58th birthday in September. My memory is from 2011. It was also the year of our 25 th anniversary and we were on a trip to the southwest. We got to spend my birthday at the Grand Canyon! What a spectacular day!!

  5. Sandy Allen

    Happy 🎂 birthday! Hope your day is great!

    In our house, birthday celebrations were family events, home made cakes and presents from Mom and Dad. My birthday is July 3, so most of the time it was included with the other festivities going on. One year, when I was 8 or 9 Mom actually let me invite the neighborhood kids over for cake and ice cream. Best party I ever had!

  6. Susan Spiers

    Happy Birthday Bernie! What a wonderful life! I got married again (at 38) & had two babies (one at 39 & 41)! I can’t believe they’re all grown up now!

  7. Liz Horgan

    Happy Birthday!!
    When I was younger, I wasn’t sure if time was passing quicker as I had more kids (4 in 4 1/2 years), or because I was getting older. It’s because I’m getting older!!

  8. Cassandra

    Happy Birthday, Bernie! I am wishing you a new year full of joy and good health. Have fun celebrating today! Xo

  9. Barb N

    Happy Birthday, Bernie! These trips around the sun are really something, aren’t they? Enjoying the ride. I guess my age-related BD memory was when I turned 16. I awoke to find our front yard filled with large cardboard artwork of Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the gang, wishing me a happy birthday. My boyfriend had painted them all for me, and placed them outside as a surprise. I was definitely surprised, pleased and impressed!

  10. Nancy

    Happy Birthday!! The number that comes to mind for me is, when I was 61, I graduated from college. I always wanted to go, but marriage, children, life got in the way. So after the business I worked for went bankrupt, I thought, now is the time!! I loved every minute of it and don’t regret going!!

  11. Wendy

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Bernie! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you! My age-related memory is one from high school. For our Home Ec class (remember those?), we had to design a tablescape for a national contest using a particular brand of china and glassware. I drew mine up, it was sent in, and I won honorable mention. Okay, not first or second place, but still, to me in my little SDak town, it was a bit deal (even a write up in the local paper!). The prize was a little lead crystal vase, which I still have and use.

  12. Deb E / Oregon

    Happy birthday to you! Hope its a truly wonderful day! One of my favorite memories was at 16, arriving as a foreign exchange student in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia for a year with my host family, and to this day I consider every one of those wonderful folks my FAMILY. It was truly a life changing experience. The older we get, the faster time passes but we also have all those wonderful memories to look back on….

  13. Pam Ralston

    Happy Birthday Bernie! I turned 58 this year also❤️ We’re still young yet! I remember being allowed to talk on the phone as of my 13th birthday. You know that one on the kitchen wall with the really long cord?? Now I have one in my hand 24/7, amazing!! My grandfather did not allow us girls to talk on the phone at all so this was a gift for when he wasn’t around! oh my, things have changed! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!❤️

  14. Judy

    Entering my 7th decade has helped me realize how each birthday is a gift in itself! And, that I can continue to enter my sewing room and enjoy time there is the icing on the cake!
    Happy Birthday Bernie!

  15. Katherine Landreneau

    Happy Birthday Bernie!!! I pray your 58th year is wonderful and memorable!
    I turned 68 this September. No! Yes! Wait! What?
    Time is going faster as we age. I just know it! 😳
    I remember most of my birthdays because it was usually celebrated with my sister whose birthday was a month after mine. I was 5 and Mom made us cute little polka dot Swiss dresses. I have pictures. We were so cute and happy!! Looked like cherubs! Lol

  16. Jenni Hunt

    Happy Birthday, Bernie!

    For me, I look back on my 30th birthday as being particularly special, mostly because people had warned me that turning 30 would be hard, etc… On my 30th birthday I was holding a 2 week old baby in my arms, the fourth of my four-in-a-row like-stair-steps boys, and we had been in our newly built home for a year. I spent that birthday feeling so blessed and grateful and thankful, (and it turned out to be nothing like the hard day people had warned me about!)

  17. Nancy

    Happy Birthday! I have a Fall birthday as well and wonder how I got to be so old myself…I guess it’s one day at a time! I am grateful for each year I am still here too. We celebrated my moms 96th birthday this year and she’s still hanging in there, I hope to be so lucky! Hope you have a great year!

  18. Mari

    Happy birthday Bernie, with a wish for many more! Just a few days ago Larry and I were musing about how very much life has changed on our lifetimes. I remember being 16 and hearing new songs on the radio when we were driving around with the one friend who was lucky enough to be able to use the family car and who was allowed to get a license in the first place. And now I have 200 songs on my phone! What a world, what a life! Fifty eght is just a beginning– the best is still to come.

    1. Mari

      Have to add this– what set our whole discussion off was talking about how we will explain what our lives were like as children to our grandkids. Do you remember not being able to get certain kinds of food at certain times of year? For example, we always looked forward to June because you could get strawberries in June, but they were gone by Auguest, and potatoes and sweet potatoes were for the fall, and it was a big deal to get oranges at Christmas. Lettuce and tomatoes were definitely for the summer, and corn was late summer into fall. Does anyone else remember this? And will the grandkids ever believe us?

  19. Sue

    I hope you have a great day that continues throughout the year. I remember my 40th birthday, which 2 of my friends helped me celebrate with a trip to Disneyland. (I had never been there.) We recently went back to celebrate on of the friends 60th birthday! Great memories and friends!

  20. Janice

    Aha! I knew there was something about you . . . we were born in the same year! My age related memory is age 56 which is the year that I learned how to quilt! I knew how to piece but had kind of given up on that because I couldn’t finish my own quilts. Why did I wait so long??????

  21. Celia

    I remember one step into adulthood when I was a young mother with 3 small children. We only had one car, so we walked several blocks to a nearby grocery market. I was very pleased the market let me buy our meat from the butcher on credit before credit cards existed! I was just so proud! I was 24 yrs old.

  22. Louise

    Happy Birthday, Bernie! When I turned 50, my stepmom sent me a beautiful flower arrangement that looked just like a frosted birthday cake. It lasted for weeks, and the whole time I kept looking at it and craving cake!!

  23. Mary Ellen Futch

    I remember when growing up (probably in late elementary school or middle school) I thought it would be ‘forever’ before the Turn of the Century! After all, I would be 50 years old when that happened. Happy Birthday!!

  24. Preeti Harris

    Happy Birthday, Bernie. On my 10th birthday, I got a wristwatch. It was a Nivada Compensamatic.
    I am off to check the goodies in your shop. Have a fabulous day and a blessed year!!!

  25. Cecilia

    My birthday memory is last year when two of my young granddaughters took me to my favorite Mexican restaurant so I could have a whipped cream in my face! They were so excited!

  26. Barbara Dillingham Moore

    May your day be blessed with unexpected surprises and lots of laughter! Happiest of birthdays to you and many joyous returns of the day! In September, my daughter and husband planned a surprise 70th b/day party for me at the church where our quilt group meets. I was surprised upon walking in to the church and enjoyed the morning with ladies who’ve become my dear friends over the years. So, in doing the math, I’ve got 12 years on you which means that if we’d been around the same neighborhood, I could have babysat you!! Have a wonderful day!! Xox

  27. Ali

    Happy Birthday!!! hope your day is filled with love and happiness! My birthday falls between Christmas and New Year’s so not always celebrated with gusto but on my 18th birthday all the family went on a trip so that one stands out as the best!!!

  28. Susan Stanton

    Happy Birthday! You share a birthday with my youngest daughter today! Memorable birthday celebration was getting a cake shaped just like my little Maltese! It was so cute and a perfect likeness!

  29. Linda Douglas

    Remembering a 6th Birthday, when my parents gifted me a little garnet ring in a silver setting! I was so surprised and wore it lovingly! Thank You for sharing on Your blog+this neat giveaway!

  30. Chris K.

    Our cat adopted us in 2001, and we figured he was about one year old. So we know how old he is by what year it is. He’s 18 and still bossing us around.

  31. Mona Phelps

    Happiest of birthdays to you! Time certainly does fly, doesn’t it?? I remember 16 – being able to get my driver’s license. Getting married when I was 23. Not really celebrating my 30th because I had just had a baby a week before. 40 – did it up big with a huge party. 50 is happening in a couple of months…. Where does the time go. So blessed to still be around and thankful for every birthday I’ve seen! Again – hope you have a wonderful day!

  32. SarahZ

    Happy Birthday, Bernie!!! I also remember getting my ears pierced at 13! This year was a birthday for the books, as both my husband and my youngest son both tagged an antelope that day and I was with them! My husband’s first ever! It was a very big day, and the animals are now tagged “The 56 Bucks”! I have always tried to fill a tag on my birthday and never have, the closest being my very first whitetail, with a bow, the day before. (I hope this isn’t more info than you had bargained for! lol!). Thank you for the generous sale and giveaway! xoxo!

  33. Anne Kirby

    Happy Happy Bernie! There is a picture of me visiting my mom on my birthday around 1984, with a curly perm!! Like a blond afro! What was I thinking?? Don’t make any rashes decisions, lol, but enjoy your day!!

  34. Mindy

    My sister and I both have birthdays on the 25th (March and July), so we say that every 25th is the best day of the month! For my golden birthday (turning 25 on the 25th) my good friend came to visit me from Canada. We went to the beach and to the drive-in and it was wonderful. We’ve now been married for almost 9 years and have two little girls! Birthdays are the best. Hope you enjoy your cake! (Or pie? Or some sort of treat.)

  35. Linda Friedrich

    Happy, happy birthday, Bernie! Fifty eight is nothing! Onward & Upward!
    Cheers for your day from a new friend at your local ASG group.

  36. Christine M

    Happy Birthday! With the new Star is Born movie out (which I saw with my 25 year old daughter) I had to think back of when I saw the one that came out in 1976. I saw it on a first date, at a drive in (!) when I was 17! I’ve just reconnected with the guy I went with on FaceBook!

  37. Laurie Lasala-Tuttle

    Happy Birthday Bernie!! What a wonderful month to be born, I’ll be 59 on the 29th. I agree, I really want life to slow down, as I love it so much. I had our 3 boys at 32, 34 and 40 years old. I was pregnant with our 3rd son while visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico and loved climbing around the cave dwellings. Have a beautiful day!

  38. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B

    So young! (I am also 58). I can remember as a kid thinking some days or weeks would NEVER pass. Now I agree with you – time flies by! Happy Birthday you youngster! And many more.

  39. Barbara

    Happy Birthday! My own age doesn’t seem to “shock” me as much as the ages of my children…can’t help but think where have the years gone?

  40. Emily

    Happy Birthday, Bernie!!! One of my favorite birthday memories is actually from last year, my 40th. I’m a December birthday, so Christmas festivities are usually in full swing. My son was 4. We celebrated my birthday at the holiday lights festival at the zoo and had a great time, Santa was there, it was lovely. Then we had ramen noodle soup and when we returned to our car after the soup, we happened to walk past a cupcake bakery that was still open. As birthdays go, it was a day with my family and it was great.

  41. Carol Elbert

    Happy Birthday and many best wishes!! My birthday memories always include my sister because we are twins and lifelong best friends. Our 67th birthday was extra special because we celebrated on the Queen Mary 2 on the way to France with a group of Road Scholars, a trip of a lifetime.

  42. Rita Calloway

    18 was really an age I remember.Felt so grown up. Started college, went to the courthouse to register to vote.

  43. Torry

    My first time voting, I was 21. But it was also the first time that 18, 19, 20 year olds could vote. I was so bummed! I had served in the Army while too young to vote and now all of these people were getting to vote at the same time! I still vote and remember the first time fondly! How the time has flown!

    I was 24 and 29 when I had my children.

  44. Janet T

    Happy Birthday! When I started working full time, I would buy myself a birthday present. I remember early on, buying a brand new, got to pick out what I wanted, in a cabinet, Golden Touch and Sew, Singer sewing machine! I wore that machine out!

  45. B2

    Happy Birthday, Bernie! Some of my favorite age-related memories are of spending time with you all during our summers there. Those are some of the happiest memories of my life!

    Love B2

    1. Bernie Post author

      Aw, that is so sweet. I was actually thinking about those summers a couple of days ago. Remember Uncle Nat used to bring us huge boxes of veggies from your place? I remember that well – eggplants, tomatoes – yum! I was trying to picture if he checked that box? I can’t imagine he carried it on? Things are so different now. Crazy, right?


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