New Adventures at Needle & Foot

Most of you have read that I have an Etsy shop. I opened it just over two years ago, about the same time I began blogging. I love having a shop and enjoy my customers, several of whom are repeat customers. However, until recently, my shop mainly sold items I had made, which means I am usually selling to customers who are not makers.

About a year ago, I began listing a collection of both vintage and current sewing patterns for garment makers. Also, I listed some cuts of my collection of vintage sheets, including fat quarters, fat quarter bundles, and charm squares. As these items began to sell, I realized that I was very much enjoying the interaction with the makers who were coming to shop my store. These are my people, know what I mean? It has been really satisfying to answer questions, chat back and forth about their projects, and help them find the pattern they are looking for, etc.

After much talking and brainstorming with my husband, I have decided to greatly expand my shop!  To say I am excited about this new adventure doesn’t come close to describing how I feel. My husband, Ray, is very supportive and has many good ideas about the business end of it. I am not sure if you remember but my father owned a couple of fabric stores when I was growing up. This is a business I am very familiar with. I worked in his shop on many Saturdays as well as during the summer as a teenager. My father was almost always self-employed which means I am well aware of what this entails. However, in this time of on-line shops, I have the wonderful opportunity to open a business without having a brick and mortar shop.

I have been working very hard to choose a selection of fabrics that will have something appealing to each of you. Of course, the seed money to get this adventure off the ground isn’t limitless (oh how I wish…) With my start up budget in mind, I made list after list of the manufacturers I wanted to work with and the lines that I wanted to carry. Then I went through an arduous process of culling that list and narrowing it down to what I can afford at this, the very beginning of my adventure!  I have selected some gems. Over the past several weeks, I have received bolts of beauty from designers such as Alison Glass, Maureen Cracknell and Kim Diehl to name a few.  I have fabric from Henry Glass, Andover, Art Gallery Fabric, and PB Textiles to offer you. Over the next two weeks there are some amazing bolts coming from Red Rooster and Windham as well as a few more from Andover.

A sampling of what is available now!

Fabrics began arriving during the first half of January. When I got home from Toronto, things really kicked in. I am slowly but surely listing inventory as it arrives. There is still more to come but I wanted to share with you what I have so far. It is so exciting to see this take shape after weeks and weeks of preparation. I am fortunate to have a large basement level family room. There is one wall with built in shelving. This is where the current fabric lives. As it grows, we will need to add more shelving but for now, this is working well.

Alison Glass’ 76, Fiesta Fun and Maureen Cracknell’s Garden Dreamer!



I plan to hold a Grand Opening of sorts in the beginning of March. I have a blog hop and several giveaways planned- it will be a blast. Waiting until the first of March also allows the craziness that is QuiltCon to subside. But for now, let’s celebrate here! I am really proud of the shop and very excited to show it off to you. I am offering a giveaway of a $25.00 gift certificate to my shop. In an effort to get to know you better and to decide how to best serve you, will you take a look at the questions below?

  1. I shop on-line for fabric – All the time, Sometimes, Rarely, Never?
  2. True or False-When shopping on-line, I am comfortable interacting with the seller (eg asking questions about product, asking for a custom bundle or a specific cut of yardage etc)
  3. Two or three of my favorite designers are: (eg Maureen Cracknell, Tula Pink, Kate Spain, Bari J, Pat Sloan, Joel Dewberry, Bonnie & Camille, Zen Chic, Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, Heather Ross, Kaffe Fassett –  to name a few out of the zillions available!!  Who knows? Maybe your favorite is someone I am not familiar with. Teach me.)
  4. True or False-Modern fabrics are my fave.
  5. True or False-Repro fabrics are the best.
  6. Batiks? Use them all the time or not so much?
  7. Novelty Prints? Yes/No/Sometimes
  8. Precuts?  Love them? Or only when I win them in a Giveaway? Or not so much?
  9. If you do love precuts – tell me your preference?  (eg Charms, Fat Quarters, Fat Eighths, Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls?)
  10. What type of sewing (if any) are you interested in other than quilting? ( eg Garments, bags, totes, zip pouches)

You absolutely DO NOT have to answer all of the questions. But if any of them speak to you and you don’t mind taking a minute to give me some input, I will be forever grateful!  Leaving a comment with your thoughts, on one or more of the questions above, is your entry to the giveaway! If you prefer, you can also send me a quick email, using the “contact me” form. That counts as an entry too. As always, if you are a follower, just tell me how and that is an additional entry. I will leave the giveaway open until the end of the month. A name will be drawn on January 31st with the winner announced in a post on February 1st.

NOTE:  Giveaway is now closed!

Additionally, in appreciation for your loyal following of my blog over the past couple of years, I would love to offer all of you a discount code. To receive 15% off any order of $5.00 or more enter NANDFREADERS15 at checkout. This code will be active for just over two weeks,  through February 12, 2017. Use it now or in a week or two. Use it once, twice, as many times as you like! I love the fabrics that are in stock now and look forward to the pieces that are due next week and the week following. Oh how I love the sound of the UPS truck coming down our drive!

Finally, I will be posting updates on incoming fabric and promotions on Instagram. If you don’t yet follow me, now is a good time to start. There will be a fun promotion over there the first week of February. Don’t miss it!

2017 is definitely going to be an adventurous one – with my son’s wedding,  our first grand baby, and my own fabric shop! I hope you will come along for the ride. Please know how much I appreciate your support of this journey of mine. Blogging wouldn’t be a whole lot of fun without readers – you are what makes this worth doing!

53 thoughts on “New Adventures at Needle & Foot

  1. Kathy in WV

    Let’s see if I can remember your questions….I shop for fabrics more online (ebay and etsy) more than locally…mostly because I have to drive at least an hour to get to a quilt shop. I do communicate with the sellers quite often and have made some wonderful friends over the course of years. I love batiks and reproduction fabrics…not so much modern fabrics…yet…but I’ll probably learn to appreciate them more . I do buy precuts but prefer yardage. In precuts I purchase layer cakes and charm packs. I do buy jelly rolls when they are on sale but not generally. With 3 grandchildren under the age of 6 I do buy novelty fabrics…especially good quality novelty flannels. In addition to quilting, (I used to be a snobby hand-quilter but now own a longarm….lol) I make garments for my self and the grandchildren, I do costumes for the children, I embroider, crochet and am learning smocking. Learning to knit is on my (very large) bucket list. Best of luck with your business expansion!

  2. Kathy in WV

    Ooops…forgot…..favorite designers are Lynette Jensen (I’m a big Thimbleberries fan…especially older lines), Wendy Sheppard, Robyn Pandolph , Kaye England and especially Judie Rothermel.

    1. Wendy

      Hi Kathy, you are a Thimbleberries fan — I have a Thimbleberries Christmas quilt kit that I may be interested in handing off. If you’re interested, let me know. You can email me at [email protected]. (Bernie gave me the ok to reply to your comment about this).

  3. Alice Ronne

    Rarely. True. Kaffe Fassett, Maureen Cracknell, Tula Pink. False. False. Batiks-use a lot. Yes. Not a lot-but do love them in giveaways. N/A. Totes, zipper pouches, small giftables. I am trending towards more modern fabrics and enjoy finding great novelty prints and canvas(can never have too many totes/bags!). Congrats and good luck on your business! Thanks.

  4. Wendy

    I am so excited for you! This is just such great news 🙂 Okay, the questions. I sometimes shop online but I am finding I’m doing it more often lately. It depends on the fabric I’m looking for and its availability locally. I don’t often interact with the seller, but have no qualms about doing so. Favorite designers — so difficult to choose — currently I am crushing on Carolyn Friedlander, Art Gallery, Cotton & Steel, but I have always liked Kim Diehl and Jo Morton. Questions 4 & 5 are true. Batiks – I love batiks; they are really fun to work with. I don’t use many novelty prints, unless it’s for a specific quilt (baby quilt, etc.). My favorite precuts are FQs, but I prefer yardage. I have a weakness for bags and zip pouches. I follow you by email and Instagram.

  5. Kristine Clay

    The very best of luck and success to you in this new venture! I love handling and cutting fabric (probably more than actually sewing or crafting with it) and will check out your shop.

    I prefer modern and precuts are nice but I really like full yardage if I can get a better deal. I don’t mind cutting! Some of my favorite designers are Alison Glass, Kate Spain, and Kona solids (I know that’s not a designer but I use a lot of solids). I rarely buy novelty prints.

    Good luck once again!

  6. Kristine Clay

    I’ve followed the blog for a while and just added you to my instagram feed (@cristinalovescrafts)

  7. Linda

    Oh my gosh Bernie I had no idea!! How excited I am for you – I can just imagine the thrill of seeing those bolts of fabric lined up! I have often wondered how hard it would be to do that. Having the space to store things is really key. Yes you are lucky to have a supportive hubby – they are the best! 🙂 I am looking forward to doing biz with you!!
    OK on to the questions:
    1. I mostly shop online for fabric with a few trips to my LQS and occasionally Hobby Lobby.
    2. True- I am comfortable interacting with the seller.
    3. Favorite designers Basic Grey, Heather Ross, Art Gallery, Cotton + Steel
    4. True – I do mostly like modern fabrics but not large prints or too bold; for instance, I am not a huge Tula Pink fan (sorry, no disrespect!)
    5. False – I like some Repro fabrics but they aren’t my fave. But I do buy them!
    6. Batiks – I think they’re beautiful, but I’m trying to get rid of all I bought when I first started quilting!
    7. Novelty Prints – Sometimes, not often.
    8. Precuts – only when I win them in a Giveaway – I bought way too many when I first started quilting. That being said I just bought a “Jolly Bar” from FQS! 😉
    9. If I buy a precut it is mostly the larger cuts, fat quarters, etc.
    10. Other types of sewing – bags, pouches
    And just FYI, I would say my favorite fabrics are Christmas fabrics! That’s what the Jolly Bar was.
    Good luck!!

  8. Linda

    I will add a suggestion that I would like to make to all fabric shop owners – if possible include a comparison of the size of the pattern on the fabric, such as picturing a quarter on the fabric, or describe it – such as Lily Birds: “bird is X inches high” – does that make sense?

  9. Vicki in Mn

    Congrats on the expansion! I do sometimes shop online. I like Charms and FQ’s. I love all fabrics it seems so it doesn’t matter the designer to me. I too love all fabrics, modern, solid, traditional, batiks. If it makes a quilt I seem to love it, LOL

  10. Melody Srygley

    Congratulations on your “new ” store! I have only one small LQS, so i shop online. matching is difficult. I would like to see fabric weight/drape. Glass, Friedlander, Iro.

    I follow and enjoy your newsletter!

  11. Teresa Palmer

    Hi and best of luck with your new adventure. Here goes for answering your questions:
    Only shop online, yes will ask a question if I need, prefer modern, absolutely no Batiks, I only have a hand full of novelty fabrics, Love precuts, charms, 10″ and the jolly bar. My sewing is 95% quilting, with some minimal craft sewing.
    Excited to see your goodies!

  12. Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl

    Congratulations, Bernie! This is such an exciting new adventure for you and I wish you all the best. You are already doing enough to get me excited, so please pick someone else as the winner if I am somehow randomly selected – but I do want to give you all the answers to your questions that I can! 😉

    I shop on-line for fabric – All the time
    True or False-When shopping on-line, I am comfortable interacting with the seller (eg asking questions about product, asking for a custom bundle or a specific cut of yardage etc) – I never think to ask for custom bundles as I just tend to need / want yardage.
    Two or three of my favorite designers are: (eg Maureen Cracknell, Tula Pink, Kate Spain, Bari J, Pat Sloan, Joel Dewberry, Bonnie & Camille, Zen Chic, Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, Heather Ross, Kaffe Fassett – to name a few out of the zillions available!! Who knows? Maybe your favorite is someone I am not familiar with. Teach me.) – Carolyn Friedlander, Lizzy House, Alison Glass, Joel Dewberry
    True or False-Modern fabrics are my fave. TRUE
    True or False-Repro fabrics are the best. False
    Batiks? Use them all the time or not so much? Not so much
    Novelty Prints? No
    Precuts? Love them? Or only when I win them in a Giveaway? Or not so much? Generally, not so much. But I am trying to write my Quilt Theory patterns to use them.

    I am wishing you nothing but fun and success as this grows. 🙂

  13. Allison

    WOW Awesome that you are selling fabric!! Cool! I love to shop online – I love Art Gallery Fabrics – beautiful, love modern stuff – not such a repro fan but sometimes! I also love batiks and Kaffe fabrics – so I guess I am eclectic in my fabric choices. I love the polka dots you have in your etsy store – never met a dot I didn’t like (the Alexander Henry one is great!) The only problem with buying online is high shipping costs – hate paying $6 for one yard of fabric that I do at some stores… I am not into precuts smaller than a fat quarter – jelly rolls not my thing!

  14. Dawn F

    I don’t mind shopping online for fabric, but usually I will get precut layer cakes or jelly rolls online because then I know they will go together. If I am looking for a specific fabric to add to some I already have, I get it from a local quilt shop so I can make sure I like them together. I don’t really use modern, reproduction, or novelty fabric, I stick to mostly traditional prints or batiks (which I love!!). I mostly make quilts, but do enjoy little bags that can be finished quickly.

  15. Jinger Snapp-Laplace

    Congratulations Bernie, so happy for you! I feel like I’ve been alongside you during the last couple of years and follow you across all the social media platforms. I am looking forward to seeing your progress in your new adventure and joining in along the way!
    I shop on-line for fabric – All the time, Sometimes, Rarely, Never? All the time
    True or False-When shopping on-line, I am comfortable interacting with the seller (eg asking questions about product, asking for a custom bundle or a specific cut of yardage etc) I usually don’t have that option, come to think of it.
    Two or three of my favorite designers are: (eg Maureen Cracknell, Tula Pink, Kate Spain, Bari J, Pat Sloan, Joel Dewberry, Bonnie & Camille, Zen Chic, Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, Heather Ross, Kaffe Fassett – to name a few out of the zillions available!! Who knows? Maybe your favorite is someone I am not familiar with. Teach me.) Love Tula, have a shelf dedicated to her. Maureen Cracknell, Joel Dewberry, Heather Ross – especially her Ginger Snap line go figure ?
    True or False-Modern fabrics are my fave. True
    True or False-Repro fabrics are the best. False
    Batiks? Use them all the time or not so much? No
    Novelty Prints? Yes/No/Sometimes Sometimes
    Precuts? Love them? Or only when I win them in a Giveaway? Or not so much? As a newbie quilter, precuts are fantastic!
    If you do love precuts – tell me your preference? (eg Charms, Fat Quarters, Fat Eighths, Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls?) Fat Quarters, though lately I’ve gravitated to half yard bundles.
    What type of sewing (if any) are you interested in other than quilting? ( eg Garments, bags, totes, zip pouches) Moving toward bag making. Have made several totes.

  16. Lisa Marie

    Best wishes for your expanded shop! I do a fair amount of shopping online. The selections are better than what I can find locally. I like modern fabrics, batiks, novelty prints. I buy precuts sometimes, although I generally prefer yardage. I sew quilts of all sizes and also make bags and pouches. I like lots of different designers like Zen Chic, Kate Spain, and Gina Martin. I like fabrics from an assortment of companies like Benartex, Windham, Kanvas, Moda, Art Gallery, and Michael Miller.

  17. Stephanie @Quilt'n Party

    Congratulations Bernie!!! This is so exciting! Here are my answers to your survey:
    I shop online for fabric all the time.
    True I am comfortable interacting with the seller
    Some of my favorite designers are Maureen Cracknell, Bonnie and Camille, Lori Holt, Anna Maria Horner
    For 4 – 7, I love all the fabrics except Novelty prints
    the only precuts I buy are fat quarter bundles
    I like to make the occasional tote or pouch

    I follow you on bloglovin

  18. Jacklynn Grimm

    Good questions! I always shop for fabric online, and feel very comfortable contacting the seller if needed. Two of my favorite designers you didn’t list are Karen Lewis and Cotton and Steel. I like most kinds of fabrics, modern fabrics are great, but I am also partial to 1930’s pastel reproduction prints, as I started my stash with them 25+ years ago. As for novelty prints, only those with cats! I buy a lot of precuts because I don’t have a lot of space and I sew a lot of small items. I buy fat quarters mostly, with charm packs second. I recently had bariatric surgery and can’t wait to sew some clothing for myself, as a lot of the cool patterns weren’t big enough!! Table runners, mini quilts and pillows are the things I make the most. I follow you on Instagram. Good luck with your new adventure!

  19. Susan

    I often shop on line.
    I do buy pre cuts but then often don’t know what to do with them.
    I like Joel Dewberry, Kaffe Fassett, Ann Maria Horner, Zen chec, moda, cotton and steel.
    I prefer modern fabrics
    I also sew bags, table runners, some children’s clothes or costumes
    I like batiks, have some, never know what to make from them.
    I love novelty prints, especially for kids.

  20. Gail

    I do shop for fabric online since we are sooooo limited to fabric shops where I live.
    I do not buy precuts, but probably will in near future.
    I like Dewberry, Cotton and Steel and many others
    I love vintage fabric
    I like to use batiks for accents or borders on pillowcases.
    I sew doll clothes for grandchildren, pajama bottoms, pillowcases, and trying to do some garnet clothing for myself.

  21. Claudia W

    I shop on-line for fabric – Quite a bit
    True or False-I have never asked for anything other than what is listed.
    Two or three of my favorite designers are: Tula Pink, Bonnie & Camille, Zen Chic, Anna Maria Horner, Kaffe Fassett and others!!!
    True -Modern fabrics are my fave.
    True -Repro fabrics are the best. Some
    Batiks? Love Batiks!!!
    Novelty Prints? No
    Precuts?  Love them
    If you do love precuts – tell me your preference?  (eg Charms, Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls?)
    What type of sewing (if any) are you interested in other than quilting? Zip pouches, bags, aprons, and my new habit…pillow cases.
    I LOVE the light pastel-like fabric with the birds! I am going to you shop to order some!

  22. Crafty Tokyo Mama

    1. Online shopping: Sometimes
    2. Interaction: Definitely, that’s why I love Etsy. The personal connection is so nice.
    3. Designer: Holly Taylor, Sheri Berry
    4. Modern? No
    5. Repro? Yes
    6. Batiks? No
    7. Novelty? Yes
    8. Precuts? Yes!
    9. Charms, Layer cakes, jelly rolls
    10. Tote bags, zippy pouches, purses, stuffies, scrap busting small quick projects like tissue cases and coasters
    Off to check out your Etsy shop now!

  23. tracee

    I shop on-line for fabric – Rarely,
    True . absolutely
    3. ?
    False-Modern fabrics are my fave.
    False-Repro fabrics are the best.
    Batiks? Use them all the time or not so much? judiciously
    Novelty Prints? Sometimes
    Precuts? not usually.
    What type of sewing (if any) are you interested in other than quilting? toys

  24. JanineMarie

    Wow, you’ve really made me think about my fabric buying habits and preferences. That’s a good thing! So here goes:
    1. Online sometimes. I try to shop my LQS first, but I shop online when they don’t have what I’m looking for). I’m probably not a typical online shopper, as in, I don’t shop much (even sales) to generally add to my stash; I buy with a specific purpose/item in mind whether the fabric is on sale or not.
    2. True. I have occasionally asked about products or for advice, with good results.
    3 – 5. I don’t think I have a favorite designer, but I know what I like from various lines. I’m not really comfortable working with large, busy prints (although I love what others do with them). Because I have a hard time matching up fabrics and coordinating sizes of prints, especially from a screen (by the way, I like how you display fabrics that are good coordinates on your site), what I like best are prints (mostly modern motifs) that read primarily as one clear color—tone-on-tones or a simple print on a color– and I love, love, love low volume prints. In fact, I would love bundles (or whole lines) of low volumes. Not a repro fan, but have used them. Oh, but something you didn’t ask: I love solids and almost always have to buy them online to get the range I want.
    6. Batiks, not so much—except in my pictorial quilts. In those, they are indispensable in small amounts.
    7. Not a big fan of novelty prints, but might consider them if I could get a collection of charms that I could use in a polaroid style or I-spy quilt.
    8-9. I love fat quarters, but I have also used charms sometimes (from giveaways).
    10. I’ve made purses/wallets, tissue or notion holders, pillows, and baby things.
    I hope this helps! I wish you all the best with your new venture. Your site is beautiful and so well laid out. I can tell you’ve really done your homework.

  25. Janet T

    I love Kim Diehl, Tula Pink, Kaffe Fassett to name a few. Modern prints are ok, but hard to use sometimes. You have to have the right pattern for the fabric. Like the smaller prints for applique, and piecing.

  26. Maggie Bradshaw

    I shop occasionally online, I like to support our local quilt shop. I like reproduction fabrics and batiks.
    Congratulations on your venture!

  27. Nicole Sender

    1. I shop on-line for fabric: sometimes.
    2. False-When shopping on-line, I am comfortable interacting with the seller.
    3. Two of my favorite designers are Kaffe Fassett and Alison Glass.
    4. True -Modern fabrics are my fave
    5. True -Repro fabrics are the best.
    6. Batiks? I use them not so much.
    7. Novelty Prints? Yes for my grand kids.
    8. Precuts?  Only when I win them in a Giveaway.
    9. The precuts I do like the most are fat quarters.
    10. I like to quilt and make baby items.

  28. Linda Williamson

    Congratulations on expanding your shop. I love to shop online for my fabrics. My local quilt shop fabric selections run towards traditional/reproduction colors. I love Maureen Cracknell, Alison Glass, April Rhodes, Tula Pink. I love modern, bright, bold fabrics. Novelty prints is use for wallets, batiks not so much and I do use precuts if I like the whole collection, fabric quarters and charms mostly. Besides quilting, I love to make totes, bags, pouches, pillows, etc. Not a garment maker. Again, Congrats.

  29. Cindy

    I follow you by e-mail. May just have to sign up for instagram. I do buy online. Not too close to any big lqs. I have never really interacted with anyone when purchasing online. I love Moda, French General, and I too have a collection of Thimbleberry fabrics. I don’t tend to go too modern. I buy fat quarters, charm packs, layer cakes and some jelly rolls. Not so much a fan of batiks, but they’re beautiful. I have a few novelty prints, but not too many. I mainly make quilts, wallhangings, table toppers. Love that you are venturing into something you love. Congratulations!

  30. Lori

    I have never purchased fabric online but I am always looking at it. I need to start because it’d be easier than going to the store with a baby. I love modern and retro styles, bright colors and great prints. I don’t usually buy Batiks. I do buy some novelty prints. Usually I buy whatever is pretty and catches my eye at the moment. I usually buy mine in 1/2 to 2 yard increments because I make clothes for my baby and she’s small still.

  31. Lisa

    Hi! Congratulations on expanding your Etsy shop! Can’t wait to see what you offer!

    Here’s my two cents:
    I shop online for about 50% of my fabric.
    I would LOVE to interact with a fabric seller, but it has never happened (yet!)
    Some fabric designers I love are Heather Bailey, Robert Kaufman, Heather Ross, and Art Gallery knits (to name a few!)
    I don’t particularly care for much that is “modern”, but I’m unsure what you mean by modern fabrics.
    Reproduction fabrics have their place in craft and quilt sewing, but perhaps not so much in garment sewing (which is where I am spending most of my sewing time lately).
    I have never cared for batiks.
    Novelty prints are fun for children’s sewing!

    Thank you so much for offering a gift certificate! I love following your blog!


  32. Pam

    Congratulations on your new fabric shop! I do most about half of my fabric shopping online, and my favorite designers are Anna Maria Horner, Allison Glass, and Kaffe Fassett. I also love batiks from any designer. I occasionally use novelty prints when I sew for my granddaughter and nieces. I wouldn’t call myself modern or retro. Maybe arty. I like yardage more than precuts, but I buy fat quarters when I only need a small amount of something. In addition to quilts, I love to make purses and pouches.

  33. Kristin

    I have found that shopping online is less stressful than in stores – I get overwhelmed in stores because there’s too much stuff in my face. Online I can focus on just what’s on my screen without having dozens and dozens of other fabrics in my view taking my focus away. Squirrel!
    I usually make my quilts out of a collection – so making shopping for different fabrics within a collection makes me love a shop.
    I have rarely interacted with sellers, but have always had good interactions when I did.
    I have enjoyed using the following precuts: jelly rolls, layer cakes, fat quarters. I think it would be great to know what low-volume fabrics would easily blend with precuts; my stash is too small to assume I’m going to have good options for coordinating fabric for binding.

  34. Kristie Cook

    Congratulations! I have a dream of opening a fabric/yarn shop locally with a little coffee cafe next door and classes for crafty goodness. There are no fabric stores within 50 miles of me, so I have to travel if I want to touch the fabric first! Questions:
    1. All the time – No local fabric stores close by! Sometimes I go to physical stores but only if I’m in town for something else.
    2. I ask questions if I have them!
    3. Alison Glass, Anything from Art Gallery, vintage styles – I really just love fabric!
    4. I like modern, but…
    5. I also like Repro! It really depends on the print for me!
    6. Sometimes
    7. Sometimes
    8. Love them!
    9. Charms and fat quarters
    10. I like to sew it all! Garments, bags, slip covers, pillows, etc.

    Best of luck with your new endeavor!

  35. Kristi

    This is so exciting! And so awesome to see you the other day! 🙂

    Here’s some answers: I buy mostly modern/contemporary fabrics. Occasional reproduction for a very special project. I’m not a big batik fan. I do buy modern novelties mostly for kids quilts. I pre-wash all my fabrics, so I don’t tend to buy precuts but ‘cut’ them myself. I cut all my scraps into 2 1/2 inch strips. I don’t know to many designers, but I do like Alison Glass, Amy Butler, and Bonnie and Camille (so sweet!). I typically buy one ‘special fabric’ and lots of geometric blenders for my stash. I’m also always on the lookout for interesting low-volume prints that could be backgrounds.

  36. Helene

    I’m so excited for you to have the opportunity to open your own fabric shop. I think you will enjoy online sales vs brick and morter
    I love to shop for fabric on line. But, I do not like to be overwhelmed by dozens of choices. If I have a fabric color or design in mind I hunt for it till I find something that will fit the bill. I am usually very flexible.
    I enjoy working with bright colors, bold patterns and some batiks.
    Usually, I prefer yardage, because I always find I love to use the leftover or scraps in another project.
    I will garment sew, or make small pouches, but not often.

  37. Cynthia Brunz

    Congratulations Bernie! I am so excited for you. I am not going to be a lot of help because I rarely buy fabric except if I see something that catches my eye. I do like modern and contemporary prints. And low volume geometrics. The only precuts I buy are fat quarters. I like half yard cuts and custom bundles.

    The very best to you!

  38. Sarah Goer

    Such exciting news! Congratulations!

    1. all the time. 2. yes. 3. alison glass, joel dewberry and tula pink. 4. true. 5. false. 6. not so much. 7. sometimes. 8. I generally don’t buy precuts. fat quarters are usable, but my preferred cut is a half yard. 10. in theory, I’d like to make myself a bag, but I haven’t made it a priority.

  39. Patricia Ludwiczak

    You’re in for a real adventure – best of luck. I do not often shop for fabric online, only if I am in need of a specific fabric to match or coordinate with what I have. I love all styles of fabric, but am often drawn to solids for the depth of color, kate Spain and Kaffe Fassett and batiks. There are times when I get on a reproduction kick and always seem to go for the blue and burgundy colors. I make many baby quilts and often look for novelty patterns and bright clear colors, especially polka dots.
    I love batiks for the color rather than the pattern, and generally make the niece and nephew requests in bright, deep batiks. I almost never use precuts of buy all of any one line.
    I generally make quilts – large and tiny for decorating. I’d love to make some pouches and totes, but it;s been many years since I enjoyed sewing with zippers! Hope this is a help to you.

  40. Kate

    I wish you all the luck in the world for your new venture Bernie. Here is my two cents, for what it’s worth.
    I mostly shop local, if I don’t support my local shops I will loose them, saying that I find myself shopping on line more as they are too traditional for me, although in truth it is me who is changing. I don’t ask online shops for anything specific, I find they don’t sell fat quarters by request, only in packs, sad.
    I’m not into designers much, I like Alison Glass but I have to shop online for it, and Art Gallery, and………
    My favourite fabrics are tone on tone and more and more, solids. I love batiks but would never buy novelty fabrics, unless maybe Christmas fabric.
    I have jelly rolls and a layer cake I have had for years, I buy them and don’t use them, that’s why I have resolved not to buy any more, except maybe charm packs, and that would let me see the full range of colours too. I am turning more to fat quarter packs though.
    I don’t do garments, pouches or bags, I like cushions, placemats, and mug rugs though.
    Don’t enter me in your giveaway Bernie, postage to the UK is too expensive, but I wanted to give you my input anyway.

  41. Claudia

    Oh. My. Goodness! I LOVE the fabric I ordered from your shop! It is absolutely love the color and the feel of it. It was everything I had hoped it was! It came so quickly, I was surprised it was in the mail already! Thank you!!! The little bookmark you sent along is just adorable, it has already been put to use!

    1. Bernie Post author

      Thank you Claudia! It makes me happy to hear such sweet feedback. If you have a minute, it would be greatly appreciated if you left this feedback on Etsy – do shoppers who don’t read my blog would hear of your experience.
      Thanks so much☺

  42. Lisa

    Congratulations on your new endeavour Bernie. I am so excited for you! I don’t know if I can remember the questions…I don’t shop a lot on line but I may be doing more of that as my lqs has closed. My favourite designers are Rashida Coleman and Katarina Rocacella (not sure if I’ve got the last name right.) Samara Kjasa is an up and comer who is interesting as well. I don’t mind fat quarters but I usually find that precuts aren’t cut very well and a bit difficult to use. Your new look is very sleek and smart and I love the logo!

  43. Diana @ Red Delicious Life

    Congrats on your new endeavor Bernie! This is so exciting! Personally, If the shipping is reasonable I tend to buy online because I don’t have a quilting store that it that close to me and they don’t tend to stock what I’m looking for. I prefer modern fabrics, things like carolyn friedlander and alison glass, and I’ve learned that it’s easier for me to use yardage than precuts. But who can turn down a precut of any variety in a giveaway.


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