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We have a winner! The $20 gift certificate to my lovely sponsor’s Brewstitched shop was won by Kathy E. I used the Random Number Generator to pick a number between 1 and 62. Kathy was number 1 and she’s the winner.

Here is Kathy’s winning comment:

Here in Iowa, we are just experiencing Spring and it’s finally warming up! This coming weekend, though, temps are supposed to reach into the 90’s. When it gets that warm, I do everything I can to avoid the oven. We use the grill and the crockpot often. Sometimes I even set the crockpot in the garage since that gives off heat too! I am a hanger-outer too, so will be looking up your clothespin tutorial! Oh, and Foxtail Forest is a beauty!

I have to confess something silly.  I know that it is just random to be picked for a giveaway and there is no reason for any number to have greater likelihood of being picked. But here is my confession. If I am reading a blog post and there is a giveaway involved, I never (honestly, NEVER) enter if I am the first entry. My silly brain always tells me – ‘no, you’ll not win if you are the first entry!’  I know that is not based on any sort of fact. So, maybe this will change my mind. Isn’t it funny how the mind works (at least mine anyway!)

Congrats Kathy E – I know you have a tough choice ahead of you because there are sooo many gorgeous fabrics in the Brewstitched shop. In her comment, Kathy mentioned her love of Dear Stella’s  Foxtail Forest  which displays excellent taste!  Have fun shopping Kathy!!

9 thoughts on “Giveaway Winner!

  1. Kathy E.

    Thank you Bernie! I guess if I had realized I was the first commenter, I would have waited! Good thing I didn’t! The only time I like to be first is when giving a speech or getting shots…it’s best to get it over with!
    Thanks so much for this prize. I will enjoy shopping at Brewstitched!

  2. Tami

    Yaaaay! Kathy! I have done a bit of shopping at BrewStitched. Such fun choices. Enjoy!
    Love your giveaways, Bernie! So generous!

  3. Barbara

    I was thinking the same thing yesterday at Jinny Beyer Club. I was number 1. I didn’t win. I know it isn’t logical – all numbers have the same chance of winning.


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