Weekend Fun

How was the weekend??  Mine included almost zero time in the sewing room.  But that is fine – it was a really nice weekend filled with little projects and lots of family time.  We were fortunate to have unseasonably cool weather over the weekend.  As I get older (which in and of itself is a mystery) I have become much less tolerant of the heat.  Anyway, it is going to be up into the low 90’s this week so we chose to spend the weekend outside.

I hung two baskets of flowers (which I purchased – rather than plant myself) in the trees along our front lawn.  They look really pretty and appreciate being in a mostly shaded spot.

As long as I can remember to water them, we will be in good shape!

Our property includes a portion of a large (6 acre) pond.  Technically it is called Pine Lake but it feels more like a pond to me.  😉 Ray and I had coffee out there early Saturday morning and he did a little fishing.  There are a lot of bass in the pond though he tossed them back this time.  It is so peaceful up there in the mornings and we forget to go and use that space.


Now that finals are done and summer is here, Julia spent a lot of time training and working with Olive.  She discovered that walking Olive in the evenings is a frustrating experience because Olive is really ornery.  She does much better in the mornings.  These photos from Friday night are so funny. Olive wasn’t having any of it.


She is a really sweet animal though.  Her personality is just precious.

We were up at my mom and dad’s on Sunday morning and I brought home plants.  They have a gorgeous yard and it is like shopping at a nursery.  There are always starts of something or other and my father digs them up for me to plant.  I came home with Bells of Ireland and a large succulent of some sort.  Julia came home with small succulents to pot for her room.


Our lower patio project is really coming along.  The contractor and his team were here all last week working.  It is a big project and will be another couple of weeks before it is done.


In need of more shelf space for my shop downstairs, I gave a desk to a friend which freed up some room.  Then I tore apart the room and rearranged things and added a long shelf.  I will show you a picture when I get it put back together. My husband was really helpful with this and gave up several hours to work on it with me.  It is going to be more spacious and perfect timing since I have quite a bit of fabric arriving this week.


Finally, I want to share this picture of my sweet grand baby.  She spent the morning “gardening” with her mama and found a strawberry.  She couldn’t believe her good fortune!!  Julia and I are taking off for Vermont at the end of the month and we are giddy at the prospect.

This week I have lots to do!  All fat quarter bundles were on sale over the weekend so I have orders to pack and ship today.  I have a set of Chemex and French Press cozies in process and want to get those finished up and listed in the shop. I am meeting with a rep for Free Spirit on Tuesday afternoon.  I have been debating adding a new manufacturer to my list of accounts and Free Spirit would be great as it would enable me to carry some Tula Pink, Anna Maria Horner and Denyse Schmidt (to name only a few).  Also I have a twin size quilt from our guild’s Community Service group to bind as well as my Twisted quilt to layer and baste.  What are your plans?  Monday is a great day to set a plan for the week. Hope you had a great weekend and this is even a better week than the last.


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12 thoughts on “Weekend Fun

  1. Roseanne

    Hi Bernie,
    OMG – that last picture is the sweetest of all. I can just see the delight on her cute little face. What a sweet thing to spend time with!! Your baskets looks so pretty underneath the trees, and that pig’s face just makes me smile. Not as much as your grandbaby though!
    Happy Monday! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Bernie Post author

      Hi Roseanne, Thanks for the sweet note – I agree about my grand daughter’s delight over finding a strawberry. I am sure it was all smushed in her hands but I love the expression on her face. So sweet!! I can’t wait to see her in just about 3 weeks!!

  2. Linda

    “As I get older (which in and of itself is a mystery)” laughing out loud!! 😀
    Your grandbaby is SO precious!
    I’ve never thought to hang baskets in the trees – what a great idea!
    Isn’t it wonderful to have a supportive hubby in the sewing department? 😀
    Hopefully you guys won’t forget and step out of one of those patio doors. 😉
    I missed your blog-iversary, so Happy 4th! Congratulations – you have done great!
    I’ll look at pics of Julia and Olive any day of the week. So cute.
    Your property is gorgeous!

    1. Bernie Post author

      It was such a funny thing but I had to take the hanging baskets down from the upper deck because we cannot walk on it until everything is back together (they took the main supports off the upper deck so it is sort of propped up for now). I thought I would just stash the hanging plants in the trees for the next couple of weeks but they look so pretty there. I am going to leave them where they are.

      Don’t you agree with me tho? How can it be that we have adult kids and now grandkids? It is hard to wrap my head around it. Time is buzzing by at a crazy speed these days. Happy birthday to you Linda!!

  3. Lisa

    Bernie: Your grand daughter is just so darn cute. it looks like things are going really well with your business and that is wonderful to hear. I also prefer it when it isn’t too hot. It’s been great to spend time outside.

    1. Bernie Post author

      Thanks Lisa. I am really pleased with the progress my shop is making. It is a great part-time job and I enjoy every bit of it. Hope all is well. I talked to my Toronto kids yesterday and they said it is hot and humid right now. Stay cool!!

  4. Rebecca Grace

    Oh man, that little girl is precious with her strawberry treasure!! Olive the Pig is a treat, too. Glad you’re enjoying being outdoors when the weather permits. I really don’t know how people managed in the summers in centuries past, without air conditioning, and women swathed in yards and yards of fabric layers from head to toe!

    1. Bernie Post author

      I agree!! Plus in centuries past – there were so many physical chores – I think doing laundry must have been really hard. We are spoiled for sure! Glad you enjoyed the post. I can’t wait to go see my granddaughter. Just two more weeks and we are off!

    1. Bernie Post author

      Thank you! I can’t remember if you are a Grandma yet? It is the best thing ever. She is just a delight and we are so excited to see her – two more weeks till we go!!

  5. Val

    I too enjoy enjoyed your post. So many great pictures and memories bring made. Thsnks for sharing and congrats on the additions to your shop and sewing room.

    1. Bernie Post author

      Hi Val, Glad you enjoyed it – Life is good. Hope you are getting time with your grandsons too. It is so much fun. I bet you love having summers available for family time. 🙂


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