Fourth Blogiversary Celebration!

Today marks four years since I began this blog. I remember starting it and wondering if anyone would find it, read it, enjoy it.  It was akin to that feeling of having a party and thinking ‘what if no one shows up’.  But people did find it, you guys do read it and it is so much fun!

A bundle of four pretty florals!

I thought about the number four and looked at the significance of it in my life. Turns out it is a pretty cool number.

Florals in pink, orange, and blue. So pretty!

For me personally, I thought of the following:

  • I have four children.
  • I am the fourth daughter out of six.
  • My mother is the fourth daughter in as many children.  She was given the name Bernardine (the Italian feminine for Bernard, her father’s name).  I am the fourth daughter too and she gave me the name Bernardine.

In nature:

  • There are four seasons.
  • There are four cardinal directions or points on a compass.


  • Four mathematical rules; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Wizard of Oz – the foursome including Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion.
  • Commonly used 4:4 time in music.
  • Everyone knows the Fab Four!
  • There are four suits in a deck of cards.
  • How many Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?  Yep, 4!
  • How many houses in Hogwarts??  You got it – 4!
  • The Four Corners in the United States is where four states join at a single point; Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.
  • For those who look for meaning in their dreams four is significant.  Four is important in that it indicates stability and success.  A pattern of fours would say your work and efforts are likely to pay off with success. Whether I believe in dream analysis or not, I like this because I feel like my work to develop my blog and my shop has been really successful and, more importantly, so satisfying!
  • When celebrating wedding anniversaries, the traditional gift for the fourth anniversary is fruits or flowers.

Love this palette of green, tank, coral and pink.

OK, here is where it gets interesting.  This being the fourth anniversary of my blog, I want to give my readers a gift.  It seems rather impractical to send you fruit so I want to give flowers.  In keeping with the theme of four, I have created four fat quarter bundles, containing four pieces each.  The fabrics are all florals. So to mark this fourth blogiversary, I will select four winners, each of whom will win a bundle of four florals!

Soft and feminine florals in pinks, blues and lavender.

To enter to win, tell me what the number four means to you. Does it have any significance?  If not, that’s fine too.  How long does the giveaway remain open?  WellI, four days of course!  I will pull names on the 8th of June!  Thanks to everyone who reads my blog, sews along with me, shops at Needle & Foot, and extends their friendship and community to me.  It’s been a fun four years!!




125 thoughts on “Fourth Blogiversary Celebration!

  1. Lee

    What a beautiful giveaway! I tend to like even numbers, especially ‘2’ and ‘4’. Possibly because I was born on the 14th day of the 2nd month? Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Samantha Linehan

    The number four… Well I come from a family of four. My husband comes from a family of four. We live now as a family of four. Congratulations on four years! I enjoy your blog very much!

  3. Susan Spiers

    That’s a lot of 4s! I also have 4 children, 4 is in my forever address, I had 4 husband’s! Thank you for a wonderful giveaway, Susan

  4. Sandy Allen

    Hmm…nothing significant about the number 4 to me that I can think of.

    Congratulations on your 4th anniversary!

  5. Juanita Colehower

    Happy 4th anniversary of your blog. I love this post. So many 4’s, significant (how many children we both have) and insignificant (how many Ninja turtles) although our sons might disagree on the latter😜
    Really enjoyed this one.

  6. Deb E / Oregon

    Happy 4th Anniversary! I equally enjoy your posts! The number 4 is big in our lives: 4 in our family (hubs & I, and 2 children). They are grown & have since had 1 child each (a ‘mini me’ of each of them!), making 4, hubby & I have 2 dogs (4 in THIS family), my family had 4 siblings (I was eldest) and my husbands family had 4 siblings (he was youngest), when I was an exchange student many years ago, I joined a family for a year, making 4 siblings (and they are STILL my family, every lovely one of them).

  7. Kathie Laposata

    Congratulations on your 4th blogaversary. I’m one of 4 children. I love even numbers, and must admit 2 is my favorite.

  8. Wendy Tuma

    Happy 4th Anniversary, Bernie! I’m certainly glad you began writing four years ago, and equally glad we have gotten to know one another. I have a family of four; 4 begins my address; I have four eyes (eyes and eyeglasses); I also have four ears (is there such at thing? Ears and hearing aids). Have we read 4 books in Fabric & Fiction, or only 3 (seems like 4). What a fun giveaway, and so creative!

  9. Deanna

    Congratulations! Blogging has enriched my life also. I do have four children…I will have to consider more connections.

  10. Tish

    Happy fourth blogiversary! I never realized how many things come in fours before, that’s actually pretty cool. Most significant to me is probably four seasons. I love and need all four of them to be happy and in balance 🙂 It reminds us there is beauty in everything.

  11. Lecluyse Kate

    Happy 4 ° anniversary!
    I’am also one of 4 sisters, and all four loves handwork, two embroidery and two patchwork,
    Thanks for the give away,

  12. Elana

    Bernie congrats on your blogaversary!! I what does 4 mean to me? It’s the number of twins that I have given birth to!! It’s also the number of college kids I will have next year! Thanks for the clever and lovely giveaway prizes.

  13. Danette Stankovich

    I really had not paid much attention to it; however, I am the fourth in my family out of five kids. Also, I enjoy bible study – there are 4 horseman of the apocalypse, animals have 4 paws, and there are 4 wind directions – north, south, east and west. Have a great day on your blogiversary! Thank you.

  14. Laura Adams

    I loved your post! Happy Anniversary! I just celebrated 32 years with my husband ( no fours ☹️), I have 3 children (no fours), but with the addition of my son- in-love, presently I have 4 children (😀)! Most importantly though, I teach Algebra, so I love❤️ any number! Have a wonderful celebration for your fourth!!!

  15. Angela J Short

    Happy Blog- iversary! I really enjoy your blog. Lots of 4’s in your life! My address starts with 4. Have a great day! Enjoy your Blog-iversary!! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  16. Diann Bottrell

    Happy Blog Anniversary – what an interesting post you wrote! I come from a set of four siblings, and my husband and I have two sons which makes us a family of four. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  17. Barb N

    Bernie – what a fun, creative post you’ve come up with the celebrate your blogiversary! Congratulations!!! I guess the number 4 represents to me our family: my husband, son, daughter, and me! Simple and complete.

  18. Helene

    If you ask me how I found your blog, I could not tell you. What I can tell you is how much I look forward to reading the blog, participating in the charity events, the book swap and all the great information you share with your readers. Congrats on your fourth year, please keep em coming!!!!

  19. Lori Smanski

    Happy Fourth Blogaversary. How fun. What a generous give a way. This is so fun about the number four. I have never really thought about it much. But I really like what you found. Especially about stability and fruits and flowers. Thanks for sharing your information.

  20. Louise Hornor

    Happy blog anniversary!

    My favorite quilt block shape is the simple square. I’m always amazed at how I can stitch together crumbs and scraps and strings into a messy jumble, but after cutting into a clean square, it always looks good! Something about that nice, clean symmetry 🙂

  21. Sandra B

    Happy 4th Blog Anniversary to you, Bernie!!
    For me, the first thing that pops in my mind is 4 seasons in the year….love the change in seasons! My favorite is fall, but I enjoy the others as well….
    I love using the 4-patch block in my quilting projects, as well as blocks that have 4 repeats, like the bear’s paw….
    Thanks so much for the great giveaway!!

  22. Barbara Dillingham Moore

    Congrats Bernie! I found your blog when you were sharing the Doll Like Me quilt challenge, and have followed ever since. Four: There are four gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. Our hands have four fingers (two thumbs) and a baseball diamond has four bases, well home plate is really the fourth base. And then there’s the Four Patch, one of my favorite things to sew and next would be the DOUBLE four patch, another fun block.

  23. Roseanne

    Hi Bernie! What a wonderful post. I have never given the number four much thought, as I am a three girl. You have convinced me though to not cast it aside and avoid it like I do the number eight (never anything good if eight is involved for me). I am the fourth child . . . and that’s all I’ve got. HAHA! Congrats on the blog anniversary. I would say your fourth year was a very good one for you with the success of your Etsy shop. May the fifth year be even better. It know it will be so. Happy Monday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  24. shirley bruner

    The number 4 doesn’t have any particular significance to me…my number is 17. it is the number jersey my son always wore in his sports games as a child.

  25. Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl

    Congratulations on your 4 year anniversary, Bernie, and I look forward to many more. I’m so glad you decided to give blogging a try as I wouldn’t have met you otherwise. 🙂

    4 is really a powerful number for you! I have to admit that 3 is my number, but I have always had a knack for finding 4 leaf clovers, so that’s how 4 is significant to me.

  26. Anja @ Anja Quilts

    Congratulations!! That’s a lot of things related to four….very interesting. I can’t think of anything related to four in my life.

  27. Marsha Hilbrands

    I’m pretty new to your blog but really enjoy it. I am one of 4 children. Happy 4th Anniversary!

  28. Sue

    Congrats Bernie! I hadn’t thought of all the 4 connections. But there’s also: Earth, Wind, Fire & Water. And we could stretch a bit and include words that sound like 4, forever, fortunate, etc. Hope to see you at the PTQG meeting.

  29. Rebecca K

    Four is one of my numbers because I was born I. April and also my husband & I were married in April.
    Happy Blogiversary to you! 🎉🎉🎉

  30. Lori

    I love four only because I have four kids 😜 I would, however, love that third bundle you posted. Is it for sale in the shop?

  31. Joan

    What a fun post. I love how the # 4 has so much meaning to you. Oh, and I picked up a little trivia along the way. Didn’t know about Hogwarts houses! LOL!!! To me, it means 4 fabulous years reading your blog and getting to know you. That’s the best of all! Thanks for the peek into your world and all your inspiration. Looking forward to the next 4, and beyond!

  32. Christine M

    Congratulations on your blog anniversary!
    Hmmm…Well in June (this month!) there are four significant birthdays in my immediate family: My father (yesterday), my mother on the 21st, my oldest daughter on the 26th and my other daughter on the 19th!

  33. Sheila

    Hi Bernie, many congratulations on your blog anniversary. I found you through Instagram and enjoy your posts on there and here on your blog. I haven’t been on IG long but have been lucky to enjoy your support. The number 4 has little significance for me apart from the fact that I am blessed with 4 beautiful grandchildren.😀 Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these amazing prizes. Best wishes for many more blogiversaries.

  34. Lindsay Rodems

    I am one of four kids. Four certainly is important number for you, congrats and happy anniversary!

  35. Lynn B

    Four to me is the most important people to me in the world – my husband and three kiddos 💗 Congrats on your fourth anniversary.

  36. Kathy E.

    Happy 4th Blogiversry, Bernie! 4 surely is important in your life, but I hope 5, 6, and 20 are too! There are 4 quarters in every yard and 4 quarts in a gallon. I buy 1/4 fabric cuts often and try to drink 4 quarts of water daily!

  37. Helen G

    I do have 4 children but other than that, don’t think any other 4’s going on. thanks for the chance to win…..would love the 4 fabrics! I do enjoy your blog.

  38. SarahZ

    Oh Bernie! Congratulations! I am ALSO the 4th of 5 daughters! So we totally have that in common!!! There are also 4 of “us”: me, the hubs and 2 boys! Happy Blogiversary!!!! This is such a fun and beautiful giveaway!!! Thank you!!!

  39. Nancy A

    Your four pack bundles are lovely. The number 4 doesn’t really have any special meaning to me, but congratulations on your anniversary.

  40. Cherie

    Congrats on four years of blogging! What does 4 mean to me? Hmm. Four tires on our vehicles that cost a lot to change. Haha.

  41. Debbie Miller

    Happy 4th Anniversary at you blog! Such an interesting post. I can only think of three things where 4 makes a connection to me. My husband and I had 2 children, so we were a family of 4. We now have 4 grandchildren and we also have 4 goats. I truly reading your blog!

  42. Stephanie Kirby

    The number 4 is significant to me because I’ve always wanted 4 children. However, after having 2 children and then getting divorced and becoming a single mother, I don’t know how I’d raise 4 by myself. LOL
    I do love even numbers though, so if I ever get married again, maybe he’ll already have 2 of his own. 😉

  43. Louise Fredieu

    Happy Blogiversity!
    Personally, the number four has great a meaning for me because there a four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, in the New Testament. Also, I am the fourth child up fo I am the fourth child of four ur in my family.

    1. Patty Morris

      Congratulations on your 4 year blog anniversary Bernie! Who knew four has so many use cases both in your life and in general! I was born on August 4th so that’s my first four of significance! It is my favorite number and I don’t know if that is related to it being my birthday or not. U.S. Presidents are elected in for four year terms. There are four years of higher education (high school, college) n general.

      Have a happy Monday. The bundles you put together are so sweet!

  44. Rita Calloway

    our blog is one of my favorites ! no significance with number four. The floral fabric is so summery beautiful, awesome give-away to celebrate your 4 year blogoversary!

  45. val

    Annnndddd today is the fourth!! Happy happy blog-anniversary and thanks for sharing the chance to win such beautiful fabric. (So excited) No significance for me. For some wierd reason 2 has been my very favorite number since I was a little girl LOL (PS: I also read your previous post about your shop. Congrats on your success there and I’m so happy you got that shipping thing figured out. )

  46. Lauren Dalton

    I had to think about it, but four is how many years I dated my husband before we married! Lol

  47. Lisa Marie

    Congrats on your 4 years of blogging! I have 4 sisters, 2 by birth and 2 by marriage. Also, 4 brothers-in-law to go with the aforementioned sisters.

  48. Barbara

    I can’t really say the number four has any special significance for me, but I am happy to enter your giveaway! Keep up the good work. Loved the Doll Like Me challenge!

  49. Kathy in WV

    Hmmmm….I’ve never thought much about the number 4…(5, 8 and 37 are my “luckies”) but I do have 3 children and would have had 4 but I miscarried the first one; and my last baby was born on the 4th 28 years ago….AND I have 4 sewing machines….so yes, 4 is a good number too. Congratulations on your blogiversary. I can’t believe you’d even think for a minute it wouldn’t be read and LOVED! Blessings….

  50. Susan Stanton

    Happy 4th anniversary on your blog! It’s been fun to read and I’ve enjoyed all that you have shared. I am a fourth daughter as well!

  51. M-E

    I always wanted 4 children, settled for 3 that God allowed, better than none, most days.
    Happy fabrics, would love to win a variety of 4.
    I seldom leave the house to go shopping as I am DH’s 24/7 caregiver.
    Good help that one can count on is hard to find.

  52. Michelle Markling

    Most quilts have four sides. All of my quilts do. The number four is comforting to me. It is an even number which is perfect for card or board games. I have four people in my immediate family and I came from a family of four as did both my Mother and Father. Thank you for this post. Until today I did not realize how integral this number is in my life.

  53. Mindy

    I am also the 4th daughter (but the 7th child, of 8).
    I have had 4 pregnancies (but only 2 children).
    I wear glasses, so that means I have four eyes, right?

    Happy anniversary! My sister and I are coming up on 10 years (in September) since she started her (which became our) blog. We rarely ever get any comments on it, so we’re hoping to get at least 10 so we can do a 10 item giveaway then.

  54. Kathleen

    Happy 4th! Florals are my favorite fabric print. I can’t think of any significance to the number 4 for me. But thanks for the opportunity to win!
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  55. Beth Stanfield

    The number 4: We have 4 children, 2 of those have 4 children each which adding to our others equals 12 ( 3×4) grandchildren. My husband was second of 4 boys. My favorite grade was Grade 4– I adored my teacher and she named her daughter after me! Our eldest granddaughter, Nyah, is uniquely blessed to find 4-leaf clovers frequently. When Nyah’s dad, our eldest, and his wife adopted, they called their adoption process Four Leaf Love. The fourth leaf is now 3. Her name is Azaria and they all traveled to Ethiopia to adopt her. 4 is a wonderful number and your flower foursomes are beautiful. I’d be delighted to win one. Thanks Bernie. Congrats and many blessings. Beth

  56. tehachap

    Goodness… I have several numbers that resonate throughout my life — combinations of the number 8 is the first as it’s my husband’s birthday, then along came our first child on the 18th of that same month. Then the youngest son was born 18 days from my birthday, and HIS eldest son’s birthday is the 28th of the same month as his grandfather and uncle. So I guess you could say 8 was my lucky number, which happens to be two times your Blogiversary number. Nice…

  57. Jenni Hunt

    Congratulations, Bernie! I have four children (this side of heaven) – all four are sons. I am so thankful for my boys!

  58. Rebecca

    Congrats to your 4 years.
    I can only think of one 4. There is four in my family, a husband, two children and me.

  59. anna

    Congrats on four years. you have pointed out a lot of fours. I am one of four girls. Thanks for the giveaway.

  60. Nancy Hooper

    Hi, Bernie.
    Congratulations on your four years! That’s quite an amazing milestone!
    The only significance the nunber four has for me is that it’s half of one of my favorite numbers–eight (the other one’s six, for June). Put the two together, and you get my birthday, 6/8, or June 8! What a coincidence!
    I wish you four x four more years (at least) of successful blogging!

  61. Torry

    I smiled at this posting. And I will tell you a sweet story about my (then) little girl, Elizabeth. When she was learning how to make her letters, she would make an “E” that looked like a comb: 1 straight line down and a multitude of lines going out from it. Finally, after trying and trying to get her to make it correctly, I told her that she could only use one line for each person “one line for Daddy, one line for Mama, one line for brother, Jonathan and one line for you!”
    She looked at the “E” I made while telling her this, threw down her marker and said, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this! You let me make it all wrong!”
    Turns out that she thought you could make it any way you wanted and she liked hers better than mine and so didn’t want to change it. If she’s known it was a rule, she would have been doing it right all along!

    Now that she has a child, I will be reminding her of this. Parenthood, is like quilting, there is no way to be perfect, but lots of ways to be wonderful! Oh, and if it is a rule, tell your rule follower that!

    I’d love to use those lovely fabrics in the rug mugs I’m making for Christmas!

  62. lee

    That is a lot of 4 for fun! Mine would be Threes – third oldest, three brothers, three children 🙂 Happy 4 years of blogging !

  63. Rebecca Grace

    Happy Blogaversary, Bernie! I can’t say that the number 4 is especially significant to me. Except that there are FOUR years of high school that go by in a heartbeat… My oldest son just finished up his third year, and every time I realize that WE’LL have a graduate this time next year, I feel a mild panic attack coming on…

  64. Dorian

    Happy Anniversary! I enjoy reading your blog, knowing you live only a few ridges away from me 🙂 You made some interesing points about the number 4, pretty cool stuff. I, too, have 4 kids and am the 3rd of 4 kids. So 4 is pretty significant with me too. Thanks for the great giveaway and I hope you’ll be blogging for many more ‘4s’.

  65. Nancy

    Thanks for sharing the lovely giveaway, and happy Blogoversary! I can’t say that the #4 holds any special meaning for me, but I loved your list of how special it is to you!!

  66. Peggy Gibbs

    The 4th doesn’t really have any personal significance, except we celebrate our country’s independence on the 4th of July. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  67. Donns Jez

    Congrats on your anniversary. Love the “4” post. I’ve always liked the number 4, no special reason.
    Four children in my family while growing up, my birthday is on the 8th so that would be 2…4’s.
    I made four doll quilts for a doll like me, but ended up making 7 more, lol.
    Love that fabrics you’re giving away, I’m sure everyone could find a great use for them.

  68. Donna Jez

    Congrats on your anniversary. Love the “4” post. I’ve always liked the number 4, no special reason.
    Four children in my family while growing up, my birthday is on the 8th so that would be 2…4’s.
    I made four doll quilts for a doll like me, but ended up making 7 more, lol.
    Love that fabrics you’re giving away, I’m sure everyone could find a great use for them.

  69. Jeannette

    Congratulations on your 4th!
    I love all the floral fabrics in the blog!

    I have 4 grand kids (All Boys,) and that is the best life can offer!

  70. Melody Lutz

    Loved reading this post! Congratulations on your Blogaversary…and many more. Always the quilter: There are 4 Fat Quarters to a yard of Fabric!!! I actually heard a woman at my LQS ask the clerk “How many quarters are in a yard?” just last week. We all start somewhere, don’t we?

  71. Pam Beck

    Happy blogiversary!!! I’ve never really thought about the number 4 very much. When I was married there were 4 of us (eventually) and there are 4’s in both of my addresses, but other than that, it’s not so prominent in my life. I am 60, so I guess 15 sets of 4 years at a time could count, lol. Those fat quarter sets are lovely. Thanks so much for having the giveaway. Take care, blessed be, hugs!!!
    pamspretties57 at gmail dot com

  72. Mary D

    Happy Blogiversary to you. I hope you are still enjoying blogging as much as when you first started. Thanks for such a pretty giveaway. We can use some pretty florals in our life.

    The number 4 has not played a significant part in my life other than I can think that my mother was 1 of 4 children and my father was 1 of 4 brothers. 3’s and 5’s play a much more significant role in my like when I think about it.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  73. Pam

    Happy fourth blogaversary Bernie! Thanks for the thoughtful giveaway and your reflections on the number 4. My husband and I have two girls, so we are a family of four.

  74. Danice

    Happy blogoversary! The number four has no specific meaning for me, but it is an even number and I do like even-counts and symmetry. Thank you for the chance in your giveaway.

  75. Roxie Tew

    When I think of the number 4 I think of my most important job and the loves of my life…my family. I have 2 daughters and my husband and myself. So, yes, four is probably the most important number to me…my family of four!

  76. Lori Morton

    Happy Happy 4th Blogiversary Blessings! Loooove your Blog! Number 4 is sooo precious to me, because I have four children..that have grown to be special adults..& have always been the Treasures of my Heart! Thank you for chance to win your Beautiful Give-a-way 🙂

  77. Hannah W

    Lovely flower bundles. Congrats on four years! Four was my favorite number when I had such a thing. Maybe because I was born on the fourth.

  78. Laura Sharp

    Four has always been one of my favorite numbers, though not for any particular reason. Now my daughter was born on the 4th of September, so it holds a little more significance to me!

  79. Christi

    Congratulations, accomplishment for sure. I never gave it much thought really but I love a 4 patch because it’s simple and you can cut it up and do lots with it. When I teach someone to quilt it’s the first block I teach.

  80. Jamie Charmey

    Four, the sweetest and most fun age. Old enough to understand but yet young enough to still be so so cute!

  81. Elizabeth Bolton

    I love you bringing this to our attention -what a cool thing to think about. In my life I’d say that 4 has significance because my mother and two siblings and I formed a foursome that always looked out for each other thru thick and thin. Our mother has died, but she still holds her place in our little quad.

  82. trina c

    You say that the number 4 is indicative of stability. HA! No wonder my life is a wonderland of Crazy! I have no 4’s! I’m the oldest of 8 kids, I have 5 kids of my own, everything in my house is in 2’s and 3’s … I think the only 4 is that one of my kids has her birthday on the 4th.

    Congrats on your successful business, and best wishes for a prosperous future with it! Thanks for the give-away! The selections are beautiful!

  83. Jeannette R.

    Congrats on your 4th blogging anniversary! Nothing significant for me about the number 4, but I did enjoy reading about the trivia! Thanks for the giveaways!

  84. Delaine

    Congratulations on 4 years of blogging! I really enjoy your blog. But to be honest, the number 4 really has no significance for me – I tried to come up with something 4 related, but I couldn’t. Thanks!

  85. ali

    happy Blog-oversary!!! 4 years is awesome!!! When I was little four was our family number…Mum, Dad, Ted and I were the family unit and then my little sister came and unbalanced the lot of us!!! LOL and she is still doing it!!!

  86. JoanG

    wow! Fours really resonate for you. I don’t have any significant fours in my life, I’m afraid. I have enjoyed reading your blog for four years. Thanks for the inspiration.

  87. Deb from Frugal Little Bungalow

    I still remember when I found your blog…it was the Wedding Dresses post and I was just fascinated 🙂 And I’ve enjoyed keeping up with your blog as much as possible ever since then 🙂 Clothes and quilts and PIGS ha ha…have to throw a PIG in there, right? 🙂 Kudos to your daughter and her projects.

    I have four grands ( 3 from my DIL / one from my son…my ‘blood’ grand…but his older sister is always included so that actually makes five.

    AH here’s one haha ! : ) FOUR dogs in my life…my two and then two of my sons have ‘grand dogs’ for me to babysit and play with 😉

  88. Mary Ellen

    I am one of 4 siblings. I have 2 sons, and with my husband, that makes us a family of four. I have owned 4 pets in my life, 1 dog and 3 cats. I have lived at 4 addresses in my life.

  89. Bonnie in Va

    Happy 4 blog years. Hum, how about 4 patches are a great quilt block. Or I’ll repeat what someone else said — I have 4 wonderful grands. Your fabric bundles are wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity to be a winner.

  90. Heather P

    Happy 4th! Our sweet little family, is of 4 and one of my favorite days is 4th of July! I love the churn dash block with 4 triangles pointing out. I am praying for my secret prayer partner at work who will be teaching 4th grade next year. Thanks for the lovely chance to win & congrats on keeping up an amazing blog!

  91. Mary Kolb

    Congratulations on your fourth anniversary!
    I have lived in four places (houses/addresses) in my entire life (67 years)!!!

  92. Christine Sullivan

    I am the oldest of 4 children, born to a mother than was the 4th child of her parents. That’s about the extension of my relationship with the number 4 that comes to mind. Thank you for the chance to win. Congratulations!!

  93. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B

    Congratulations on your blogiversary! I am the fourth of four daughters. Thank you for this beautiful giveaway!

  94. Shauna

    Four really doesn’t have any significance to me or than I think of it as a lucky number. But I have not really reason. 🙂

  95. Deb S

    Four certainly is significant in my world – I have 4 brothers plus 3 sisters making 4 boys and 4 girls in my family. I was also born in the 4th month – April! I never thought of it as significant but I will look at 4 differently now.

  96. Lisa Whittaker

    The number 4 has meant a lot to me. I sing in a chorus of Sweet Adelines International – the Pride of Kentucky Chorus, in Louisville, Kentucky – we are a chorus of women that sing barbershop music – in 4-part harmony. I have sung in quartets before – with 4 people… and this has become a huge part of my life. My mother sang in Sweet Adelines when I was born, so I grew up hearing this 4-part music… and now – I have been a part of my chorus for more than twenty-five years. These women are friends and a whole other family to me.

    Thank you so much for the generous giveaway – and congratulations on 4 years!!!

  97. Shirley Clark

    Happy 4th Anniversary!
    We tend to like the number 4 also in our family. Our daughter was born on 4/21/1974. Her daughter was born on 4/18/2007, and our granddaughter was born on 4/18/2017. So honestly, we like 4’s and 7’s. My son was born on 6/7/1977.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  98. helen

    The number I always felt drawn to is 9. But 4? Well, the 4 seasons. I not only love all 4 seasons of the year, but I also love the Four Seasons chain of hotels!
    Congratulations on your 4th anniversary. I have also enjoyed reading your blog and also following your ig account. – that’s it! 4 is important because it draws quilters and like minded people into online friendships from all 4 corners of the globe!

  99. Angela Bowling

    Wish I had a significant reply for the number 4 but I don’t. I’m happy it is a meaningful number for you. Personally, I like 5 and 8 and my husband like 13. So, there you have it.

  100. Denise Mitchell

    I come from a family of four and so does my husband and there are four in our family! Great giveaway!

  101. Jayne P

    Can’t think of any way that number 4 is significant for me but I do send my congratulations on your 4th anniversary and wish you many more

  102. Tu-Na Quilts

    Happy 4th Blogiversary! Hmmmm, the number 4. I have 4 siblings. I have 4 grandsons. There are 4 letters in my husband’s name. 5-1=4. Those floral bundles are lovely, all four of them. Thanks for a chance.

  103. Lisa Stevens

    I so enjoyed reading your blog today. I can’t believe I haven’t found you until now! So, happy fourth anniversary and 4 is how many beautiful children I have. I can’t think of anything else to top that!!!!

  104. Becky

    hmmmm…I came from a family of 4 and am married with 2 children…so 4 again. Other than that I can’t think of anything of importance to me personally.


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