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Needle and How the name came to be.

Several weeks ago my oldest son and daughter-in-law were here for a weekend visit. They live in Delaware so we don’t see too much of them.  I treasure the times when my kids are at home. Anyway, we were talking about my quilting craze and started discussing the idea of a website to be used to journal my quilting projects.  Andrew is my go-to guy for technical help and he was willing to help me get something going. As we talked, we were trying to think of names for my proposed site.  Andrew was looking up our ideas to see if the domain was available.  My husband joined the conversation and said, “you ought to call it Needle In Foot”, with more than a bit of sarcasm in his voice.

Why is it that if there is a pin or needle on the ground, he is the one to step on it and get that surprising poke in the foot? I am in my sewing room on a daily basis. I have never stepped on a pin.  He comes in now and then to see how I am doing in there.  If a pin is on the floor, he is the one to step on it.  This also happened when I was a teenager sewing at my childhood home.  At that time, the sewing machine was kept in my parents’ bedroom.  I am one of six girls and most of us were interested in sewing.  There was always someone on that machine. Again, sooo many pins on the floor.  It never failed that my father would be the one to step on a pin and get that poke in the foot.

At any rate, I laughed when he suggested the name.  But the more I said it, the more I liked it.  ‘Needle In Foot’ soon became Needle & Foot. I love the reference to the presser foot on the machine as well as my foot that is constantly keeping the needle in motion.  The picture on the banner of the website shows the presser foot and needle on an antique sewing machine that I have.  It belonged to my boys’ great-grandmother, Ada. It is in beautiful shape and still sews a straight seam.  Andrew took the picture for me and I love it.

That’s the history of the site thus far! I am looking forward to journaling the projects I am working on and sharing them with other quilters.